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Prophets are people who have knowledge of things, situations that might get, or are involved in, and they can see the direction our actions are pushing us into, so they speak to us of our future, to allow us to re-examine our actions, to give us a chance to find the best way around, or through coming events.  They are very wise people, individuals who care about our futures, and they speak with knowledge about their concerns.  False prophets are those who recognize themselves as “prophets”, who feel an inner self-importance, who see the world as “their oyster”, so they speak from emotion and self-need, and try to steer the people to follow their line of what is right, or wrong!  They do not know how to examine a situation; most times they simply open their mouths and let out arrogance!

People who have talent for certain skills are popular; actors, media personalities, sports players, political activists, social leaders, etc., and they have the ability to draw the people in close to them, because the people wish they could be them!  They wish they had the popularity, the money, the social power, the “likeability” that their idols have, so they will do anything they can to follow them, to be like them.  And it is that “fan” mentality that makes the actors, etc., feel that they are important in the world, not just for their skills, but for their ideas and ideals.  Look at Rock Musicians; women and girls will drop their pants in a heartbeat, just so they can know that they slept with a famous band member; and when there are so many around you like that, it is not impossible to feel like some kind of “God” when you are in public!  With the media pushing you to talk with them, with fans lined up to get your autograph, when you sell millions of albums, it brings about more than a feeling of success, it brings about a sense of self-importance that grows to dominate your daily life!  And, if you let that self-importance take control,  the next step is the sense of being a wise prophet, so you hand out your words with a “glow” of wisdom about them, with no regard for how they might cause harm to others!

When I was a kid, I had a few idols, men who were actors, but they were unlike the majority of today’s actors; I liked Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, and others, but they were not only actors, they were combat veterans of WWII, and that means that they knew what the dark side of life was truly like, and when they spoke of patriotic things, they spoke from experience and love for the country that they sacrificed for!  The majority of today’s actors have never done anything of serious importance for anyone but themselves; yes, they do volunteer work, they speak on situations and issues that they feel are important, but they speak with knowledge gained by watching TV, or by listening to another “Idol” that they all follow, because it is the “norm” in places like Hollywood, which is deeply detached from the rest of the country!  And, in most cases, they do it because it makes them even more “important” to their followers!  And their followers, their fans, bow down and listen to every word, then go out and spread their “wisdom” to everyone they know and, the next thing you know, a good issue has a bad solution, and things only get worse!

My heroes today are veterans and, the men and women in our military and, yes I am one; but like my fellow veterans, we don’t see ourselves as “heroes”, we see ourselves as only having done our jobs!  And it doesn’t matter if you are a Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman, Coasty, or Reservist, what you are doing is serving your country, with no push for popularity or money, you just want to do your job, to keep your family and friends safe!  And, while the rest of the country sits back and looks for the best of everything for their own lives, you live with the basic needs, and are willing to put your life on the line to protect the rights of those who think they are owed everything, simply because they were born in America!  Veterans who have served in a war zone know exactly the truth about politics and manipulation, as we have seen the results, first hand, of the dangers of not keeping an eye on the people who lie to you and tell you they will “protect you and your rights”!  I know from personal experience what Communism and Socialism is, and how it is used to control the people in a country, because I served in Vietnam, in 1968.  Yes, South Vietnam was not a communistic nation, but the VC, the North Vietnamese controlled rebels in South Vietnam were!  They would go into a village and act like they wanted to support the locals, promise them anything they wanted, if only they would stand on the communistic side!  But, if the people did not stand with them, they would butcher their leaders, rape their women, murder their children, then burn their village!  Communists, Socialists and, yes, even Progressives, control through fear; fear of death, fear of personal mutilation, and fear of the ruination of the people’s’ lifestyles, if they don’t fall in line with the party’s requirements!  When you see a little six year-old girl who’s been carved in half, to make the villagers understand that they could be next if they don’t fall in line, it’s not hard to see the lies used to make communism look good!  So; when you see a combat military veteran telling you about the dangers of Communism, he knows exactly what he is talking about!  On the other hand, when someone like Sean Penn stands on the side of a South American dictator, and tells you he is a good person, it is probably because he spent a holiday in that dictator’s home, and was provided  the best of everything for his personal comforts!  Whenever he went into a village, or town, he was allowed to speak only with people who the dictator wanted him to speak to, and he saw the “best” of everything, minus the torture, pain, and death!

It’s time to wake up and see the truth about the world!  You have idols running around, getting in trouble and being arrested and imprisoned for having cocaine on them, and they  are the heroes!  On the other side, you see brave young men and women standing up and risking their lives, and dying, to make sure that our biggest enemy does not come over here and kill everyone, yet those heroic young men and women are never seen in public asking for anything that they don’t feel they deserve!  They don’t have agents arguing with the government to get them “Million Dollar” deals when they enlist, they don’t have fan clubs following their every move, they simply fight the war that the average American would never do because they would fear dying!  And, if “Stars” become drug addicts, or alcoholics, because they can “afford to be”, then get in trouble and need and excuse to get out, the press will make a big “whiney baby” story about them and everyone joins hands and helps them “get better”!  But, if the same thing happens to a combat vet, because he can’t live with the memories of the war, he will be called a “Home-grown terrorist”, a “useless human being”, and will probably wind up dying on the street, because no one cares!  Wake up, Americans!  These are our brave young men and women, these are the people that deserve to be “stars” to our children, and they deserve the full care and comfort of the American people because they risked everything for each, and every one of us, with no questions asked, just a dedication to duty, full respect for our Constitution, and a deep love for the country they were born in!  Stop listening to Hollywood insiders tout their “brilliance”, when 99% of the time they are only saying what they are expected to say!  Listen to our returning veterans, hold your respect for their courage deep within your hearts, and let their personal experiences guide your decisions when it comes to “Change”!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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