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Tonight, I went to bed at 10:30 pm, expecting to go straight to sleep, as I have been painting the exterior of my home and I am very tired.  I slept until about 11 pm, then woke up with something in my mind that I just had to write down.  So I wrote some notes, took a sleeping pill, but just could not go back to sleep, as this idea would not rest, so here it is, 1:30 am, and I am sitting here putting these words down for you to read.  “Lunacy”?  Maybe, but I am only driven to write something this hard when it is something I feel is necessary to get out into words while I still have a full understanding of it, so you be the judge; am I a “crazy vet”, or does this make sense to you?  This may sound strange, but I am not taking sides on this, it is an open topic, I am just putting down in words an idea that won’t go away.

A lot of people are talking about “The End of Times” coming in our near future; they say there are many religious signs and symbols to point the way to this idea, and I think there may be another that no one is looking at.   Many people see Obama as the “Anti-Christ”, some see him as a “False Christ” (Matthew 24:5) but I, as a non-Christian, look at all religious ideals with an open, “more adaptive to modern times” understanding of the words.  I am not saying that I change the words, I am saying that I see a “False Christ” as a person who is in a position of major leadership and responsibility, one who claims to be leading the world in the right direction, but is intentionally leading it towards destruction.  I am not sure how someone such as Obama would fit within the claims of the “Anti-Christ”, or “False Christ”, but I do see him lead in a dominating way, with an arrogance of what he believes to be right, standing against the will of the people of this nation, saying whatever he feels the people need to hear, pouring out lies like candy to children!  And this, along with his latest anti-Israel actions, seem to place him well within the requirements of the “Anti-Christ” symbolism of the Christian religion! 

In the Islamic tradition, the “Anti-Christ” is a Jew with one eye, and he will have the word “Kafir” on his forehead.  “In Islam, the word “Kafir” means “unbeliever”, “disbeliever”, or “infidel”.  This man will be the most hated enemy of the Muslim people, the “Dajjal”, the “imposter”, and he will lead the enemies of the Muslims, the Jews, against the people of Islam.  Now, I doubt very much that a one-eyed man will walk around with the word “Kafir” on his forehead, unless he were a tortured individual who had that mark put on him by someone who hates Jews.  But I could see someone pointed out to the people of Islam as the “Anti-Christ” by having it printed on his forehead in pictures or digitally placed on his forehead in their news releases.  Another option is that someone such as Obama could be opening the door for the world to look for such a Kafir, to allow a situation where Israel is attacked by a Muslim nation, such as Iran, and when the Israelis retaliate, they will do it with a vengeance, and it will look like the End Times, and it will allow for a Muslim leader to stand up as the “Final Imam”, to take the battle to a horrific, bloody end!

In the Christian accounts of the “End Times”, there will be two evil leaders; the Political Leader ( again, under what I have read, Obama could fit this ), and a Religious Leader, who will manipulate the belief of the people to fit his need to control the world!  In the Muslim belief, the leader is called the “Mahdi”, or the “Divinely Guided One”; ” a messianic deliverer who will fill the Earth with justice and equity, restore true religion, and usher in a short golden age lasting seven, eight, or nine years before the end of the world”.  To me; this is a man who is a leader in the Islamic religion who will stand up and claim to guided by Muhammad, and will build a religious domination as “the one” who leads with true guidance and ideals, and will be revered as a “peace maker” amongst all of the people of the world, in the name of Muhammad!  This is the part, if this is all coming to pass, that I think everyone is overlooking, as we are building this man, this position of a “Mahdi” right now, in New York City!

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is being cast out into the world as the “one man who seeks a joint understanding of peace between Americans and Muslims”!  He stands strong against all who oppose the building of a trophy mosque near the site of the 9/11 attacks and, as he continues to fight to build the Mosque, his religious power grows, and the Muslim people see him as their “Grand Leader” in the fight to bring Islamic religious dominance over the American people!  And the longer he fights, the more powerful he gets!  And, to top it all off, the Obama Administration has sent him around the Muslim world to “build peace and understanding between the Muslim and Christian people”!  But, if you hear what he says in English, in front of American cameras, and what he says in Arabic, in front of Muslim cameras, there is a big difference in the meaning of the words!  In English, it is “Peace”, in Arabic it is “Domination”!  And, by our leaders sending him on this mission, it gives him even more credibility that would make him appear to be the “Mahdi” of the Islamic End Times!  And, under Islamic End Times, the Christians join with the Muslims to fight against Israel, to defeat them, and destroy every Jew on the planet!  With his travels, he is enforcing the idea that the Muslims will turn the Christians, and that we will join power, and will stand united, under Muslim law, to fight the “mutual” enemy of Israel!  But the one thing the Muslims do not tell the Christians is that, once Israel is destroyed by the Muslims and Christians, the Muslims will attack and kill every Christian left standing, as stated in the Quran, as that will cement their path to peace under an Islamic dominated world! 

Once again; I don’t know if everything is going according to the “plan” for the End Times, or if this is all simply coincidence, but it fits.  And, if it is a sign of the End Times, perhaps we can modify the outcome by learning to stand against those who are leading us down their “pre-destined” path to the destruction of the people of the world, by holding strong to our values as American citizens; our rights to freedoms to being a Christian Nation, and to stand with our Constitution to fight against the manipulations of organizations like the ACLU and CAIR to remove all Christian influence within our country, to replace it with Muslim dominance over our laws!  This is America, not the Mid-East, and we got where we are because we stand up for what we believe in, and now is the time to stand strong and unforgiving, to let the rest of the world know that we will not lie down like dogs to lick their heels as they use our legal system to change the structure of our great nation!  And now is the time for all good Christians to stand up and defend their rights as Christians, to maintain the religious structure that built this great nation, and to end the push for Muslim domination over their lives, and their familie’s futures, and to stand up to defend their religious rights as true American citizens!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Gerry in Florissant says:

    Gladiator, in the last presidential election cycle, we were presented with pathetic political party candidate choices. I voted for Palin, not McCain. When the next cycle comes around, I surely hope there will be quality choices with distinct differences. Consensus builing and reaching across the aisle and appeasing the independents and competing for the middle ground will not save this country.
    That’s my humble opinion and story and I’m sticking to it.

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