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We have seen Muslim attacks on our country, our ships, our embassies, and even the death of Robert Kennedy, all bringing great grief and sorrow to the American people, yet we always tend to look to the “extremists” as the problem, not the “Religion”, or the everyday people of Islam.  Why?  Because Americans do not live in the past, but in the future; we are a forward-looking people, working to improve our future, to move the world to a comfortable, hope-driven society that seeks the best for all who live on the planet!  Muslims don’t, at least not for non-Muslims; they are still fighting over wars and anger from thousands of years ago!  They claim that Caucasians, Europeans, and non-Muslim Blacks are the cause of all of their troubles, and there is an inbred hatred for any race that is not of the Islamic religion!  But they hide that hatred and act like “all is well” between all of the religions and races, and that Muslims, through  their religion of Islam, seek only peace and friendship in the world!  And they are instructed to act that way, as it says in the Koran that it is ok to mislead an infidel, to make them believe that there is no anger between the religions, so that they can gain their confidence and wait for the right moment to dominate, then kill them!  And this is the true weapon of Islam; MANIPULATION AND DECEIT!

They attack us in two ways:  The first is the most obvious; they send in human bombs, they fly planes into buildings, they sneak nuclear material across our southern border, they kill Americans, and all who stand in their way!  These are the extremists, the “terrorists”, whom the everyday Muslim Clerics state they have no contact with, that they don’t believe in that type of action, that it is “not part of real Islam”!  Yet they fund the terrorists, they pray with them, and for them, and they privately celebrate every attack as a victory, while publicly denouncing it!  And, as in many of the “legitimate” Mosques in the US, they train their people to hate America, and Americans, and teach them how to fight us!  The second form of attack is “acting like victims”; when there is an attack on Americans, they claim that Americans are not being “fair” to them and are “racists” against them, because we judge them all by the actions of a “minor few”!  By the way; that “minor few”, that are active radicals, is over 10% of the Muslim population, or over 10,000,000!  I can personally remember many times when Israel was forced into Peace Talks with the Arabs, and they always came out with glowing promises but, as soon as the Arabs had regained their strengths, and weapons, they would attack Israel again!  When they would see that they were losing, they would go to the UN and beg for talks once more, and the whole cycle would repeat itself, and has, over and over again!  And, during the attacks, the Muslims would attack from within homes of children and families, so that when Israel would respond, children would die!  Yet no one ever questions the fact that the Muslims, themselves, use their people for protection, causing their deaths!  How many times have we seen that same “newscast” of that same little pink sandal, as “proof” that more children died at the hands of the “evil” Israelis, even though it was the Muslims that started the whole thing?  They know how to use our laws and our media against their enemies, and they are using them now to build this Trophy Mosque!

Just go to the web and look at what happens in the true world of Islam; the smiling, peaceful people we see on TV, in the news, or in the shows that our media is producing to make us see Muslims as “just another friendly face in the neighborhood”, are not the truth of Islam!  Last night I saw real footage of a young girl being stoned to death because she would not marry the old man who her father gave her to!  Under Sharia Law, she was condemned to death, just because she didn’t want to marry the man, so she was dragged out into the streets, then stoned, kicked, and beaten so badly that her face had lost any semblance of human!  Then one of the men picked up a concrete block and slammed it down on her head!  Then another did the same, and another, and another!  And this is not an unusual situation; the women of Islam either live according to a very strict doctrine of law, basically as slaves to their family and husband, or they die!  And they die under huge physical, painful torture!  Also; go see the true story about this huge group of Muslim men who are at their wedding, all at the same time, then look to see the pictures of their wives, all under 10 years old, all who will spend the night in bed with their new husbands, ready to be trained to be servants to them!  And this is not even a minor drop in the bucket of what happens in Muslim families and communities; and women are not the only ones that are abused and tortured!  Yet we are supposed to see this as a “religion of peace”, when they butcher their own children, wives, and neighbors!

As I have said in the past, many times, I am not religious, yet I see the necessity of the Christian religion in the United States, as its values are directed to the people, for the people, and it preaches peace and understanding!  And almost every other religion in the world teaches the same, but it is the Cults that twist religious belief and make it a source of domination by its leaders over the faithful!  Any time a religion tells its people that it is OK to kill family members, that it is OK to kill women because they don’t do exactly as they are told, any time it teaches that anyone who does not follow its belief system must die, it is not a religion, but a cult!  And Islam is a cult!  Tell me of one incident in the past 100 years, in America, where a father killed his daughter for not marrying someone he, basically, sold her to, and he  had the full blessing of the Church to do so?  Do not fall into the trap of Muslims calling Americans who don’t like their belief system “racists”!  For it is the “pot calling the kettle black”!  If we bend down to the manipulations of our “Muslim-bought” politicians, if we fall prey to our “Muslim-bought” media, and believe their programming that there are “peaceful” Muslims,  then we will all be bowing to Mecca one day!  Do you really want your daughter, or your granddaughter being stoned to death in a street, simply because she wants to choose her own husband?  If Hollywood were truly and American institution, and it had the balls to stand up  and tell the truth, movies would be made that would be the key to waking Americans up to the Muslim “threat of peace”, peace in their way, only!  This is America, it is a Christian nation, and the Muslims want to destroy it!  Christians; stand up and fight for what you believe in, or bow down to a cult!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    I saw that very same film taken from a phone camera and saw many others taking moving pictures of the entire event as well.

    I am glad at least one took a chance on his life to send this around to the world so they could see the “True” religion for what it really is.

    Well written piece too, hits home in a huge way….Many of us have children and grand children we don’t want to leave in a world run by Muslims!

    I am glad you see the link between Christianity and freedom as well, many don’t and didn’t know when they were well off taking alot for granted as “Just the way it was” when they grew up, but history shows us the way it was alright, Chritianity was the standard and how we achieved the greatness we did in this country, different religions tolerant of one another and pulling together in times of need kept us United States of America..

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