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In his weekly address to the nation, today, Obama took on the Supreme Court in their decision to allow for “unlimited” campaign donations; he is fighting the rights of corporations to donate as much as they wish to a candidate, even though Democrats garnered record donations from corporations in the last election and Obama, himself, was the highest recipient of donations from BP!  He stated that he wants openness on money given to candidates and, in a way, I agree with him; I want him to tell the people of America just how much he took in from overseas donors, and how large a percentage of that money came from Muslim countries, including the hidden funds passed through in online donations!  If he truly wants openness and fairness in campaign donations, then he needs to start with his own campaign first!

Now, on with how he agrees with me; I have taken some heat from liberals because I asked one simple question of Obama: “Why won’t you end the uproar over your legitimacy in taking the office  of President by simply showing your proof, instead of hiding behind millions of dollars spent to keep it out of the press?”  I did not state that I felt he was illegally holding the office, or legally holding the office, I simple said “prove it”!  As the people in my small home town in Michigan would say; “No big whoop; just do it!  If you’re legal, there’s no problem, show the paperwork and get it over with!”  But he won’t!  And every liberal who contacted me gave me long, complicated explanations as to why he has already proved his validity, and why we should simple accept it as the truth!  Well, I have seen even better response from those who don’t believe he is a valid President, so I would like the proof from him, to put this all to rest!  And, you know what?  He agrees with me!  In his statement about the “Unlimited Corporate Donations”, this morning, this was his response to those who “hide things”, and this is on tape, on Fox News radio: “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth, are those who have something to hide!”  I don’t think I need to state anything else, he has done a great job for me!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    As much as I like to think everyone will abide by rules and regulations applied to campaign contributions it just won’t happen, it will always be the way it has been in the past.

    There are always ways to support a candidate you want in office, all that is necessary is to learn the rules of engagement and draw up a plan, that simple.

    Kind of late to want the rules scrutinized and changed too, what is the fear of our illustrious president at this hour anyway?

    Can he hear the thunder of the storm of voters now as they home in on November 2010 first and then November 2012 next?

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