This whole “Trade Center Mosque” thing is beginning to make the entire process that Muslims have been using to control our lives, come out into the open!  They are playing a game with this  Mosque plan; if they get it through, they will have a “Trophy Mosque” that they can use to show their dominance over us, and it will allow them to build up strength in their forces because it will make us look like “weaklings”, people who won’t stand up for what they believe in!  If we do stand up against them, and win, it will make us look like “racists” against the muslim people, and that can be used as a tool to build up strength in their forces, because we will be the enemy against their control over the world!  We can’t win!  But we must win, we must keep that mosque out of the area, because we need to show them just how sacred the Twin Towers area is to the American people!

This morning, I was going to go downtown, then stop for gas on my return in the afternoon, because gas was going for $2.39 a gallon.  This was at 10 am.  When I left, to go home at 11am, gas had risen to $2.65 gallon!  In the old days, there were “gas wars”, where different brands of gas would compete for consumers by keeping the prices low, to bring in customers.  But, today proved something very important to me; at 11 am, every chain gas station in St. Louis had exactly the same price, with no variation at all!  Different chains, like BP, QT, and Chevron, all had exactly the same price, at exactly the same time!  How could that happen, if all of the chains are own by different corporations?  Easy; our government, in its “wisdom”, provided “special, low-cost loans” to every Muslim that entered the United States back in the late ’80s, and ’90s, and helped them buy up every gas station in the US, except for a small few owned by Indians, and some American private owners!  They gave the Muslims total control over the cost of gas in our country!  Not only do they control the price of oil, because our leaders will not allow for American drilling on American land,  they also control the retail price of gasoline, because the Muslims can keep a steady price on all brands at the same time!  And they proved this to me today when every brand of gas jumped to exactly the same price, at exactly the same time!  And, by controlling the cost of gasoline, they can control our nation, because when the price of gas is raised to an outrageous high, as before the elections of 2008, people lose jobs, homes, and our economy goes down the drain!  And, by ruining our economy, they push the people to look for “hope and change”, and politicians like Obama step in and take control!

Then there is the problem of CAIR,  the Council on American Islamic Relations, the organization that is funded by Al Quiada and Saudi Arabia, that uses our laws against us, to force Islamic philosophies and religious rights on the American people!  They are the ones that attack Christmas trees in public buildings!  They are the ones that attack Christian symbols in public buildings and colleges, yet force us to provide “foot baths” in those same areas, so that they can practice their religion without any restrictions!  They are the organization that blocks city streets in NYC, to allow for all muslims to bow to Mecca, in full public view, while attacking any Christian who would say a prayer in public!  They manipulate our laws and Constitutional rights to allow them special privileges, while denying American religions the same, equal opportunity for public worship!  Yet Christians step back and remain quiet on this because they do not want to cause trouble; and it is that lack of drive to fight for their own religious freedom that is giving muslims control over our country!

We need to end this “special dominance” over Americans by a group of people who are separated from the muslim extremists by only the denial of that fact by our own politicians!  Even Obama has ended his efforts to not look like a muslim,  and has begun showing “special respect”, “special privileges”, and “special powers” to the muslim people, while denigrating any American group, like the Tea Party, that stands against him on this!  This is America!  This is our land!  And it is still so special in the world that every individual who does not have the courage to stand against their own government to fight for rights that we have here, moves here to take advantage of our laws and freedoms, and makes efforts to change them to fit their own needs!  How far are the American people truly willing to go on this path to change that will only give more power over our nation by the muslims, and the Chinese!  When do we stand up, as the people that we used to be, to say “ENOUGH!”?  Do you really agree with the direction our nation is headed in?  Down a road to domination over America by the Chinese and muslims?  Or do you think that “enough is enough”, and that we need to stand united, as one people, black, white, red, yellow, and brown, to end the control that the muslims have gained over our lives, to bring back the America that once stood as the strong world symbol of freedom and rights, for the people of our country?  The tipping point is coming close and, if we are not willing to stand now, to show our disgust with our government for turning against the people of America, for the money from the Muslim world, we will fall without a battle, and disintegrate into the dust of history!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


    • Jim Campbell says:

      Michael, To offer defense against an enemy such as Islam, should in no way be constriued as a racest jesture. Islam has members of all races in their ranks. To them this is a Jihad and we Infidels are marked for death by religious decree, not race. Praise God and pass the ammunition.

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