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I have gotten some personal feedback on my opinions about Muslims, and I think it is because we are being bombarded with “nice” images of them in commercials, on TV shows and in appearances before our press, making them look like innocent little victims!  They aren’t victims; they rape, murder, and mutilate their young girls and women, they torture and kill their gays, even though they all have gay sex ( you have to be openly gay to be killed, “closet” is ok ), and they kill each other for simply not agreeing with personal beliefs!  But they don’t have the courage to stand against their own leaders, to work to build a peaceful society, where all have freedom, so they move here and use our existing laws to destroy our rights, and build more for themselves!  It doesn’t take any serious research to see that everything I have said is the truth, look to Europe; Europe opened its doors to Muslims and has had a growing population of them ever since, and that population has become more aggressive and violent!  The first thing they do is come into a country and begin having as many children as humanly possible, because the more children they can grow, the more power they get!   A larger population of any people means more votes, which means more political control!  They have come over here with the same policies they used in Europe; build a large population here, raise it under Muslim beliefs, begin infiltrating the political and legal systems, start infiltrating the legal system with aspects of Sharia Law, then move to control the government!  There are two aspects to their moves to control other societies and, although they are kept separate, they work together:

1.  Dominate by converting the infidels to Muslim beliefs and philosophies.

2.  Dominate by converting the infidels by killing all who won’t convert.

One is peaceful, one is murderous, and we have seen both in our country: the 9/11 attacks, and the peaceful Mosques built to prove to us that we can all co-exist.  As I have said in one of my previous rants; I had a good friend who was a Muslim, and we talked almost every day.  Then, after 9/11, he disappeared, because he had been funding the terrorists!  Nice guy, easy to get along with, discussed religions with an open and intellectual thought, and was planning, all along, to murder American citizens!  The ones we meet in public look at us, when they don’t think we see them, with disgust and intolerance but, when they see we are looking at them, they are very friendly and gentle!  The Koran tells them to “fit in”, to be a part of the society and to make friends of the infidels, and to never let them believe that you are against them.  But, when the battle begins, you are to stand up and strike them down! 

I know that, as Americans, we give people chances, we let them correct their mistakes, and we always try to be good neighbors, because that is what we are!  But don’t let the deceit of the Muslims confuse you; every one of them gives money to their Mosques, to be distributed as the Mullah sees fit.  They know where that  money is going, because they attend services at their Mosques, and their Mullah is just like a Christian Minister, in that they tell their people that they need money for this cause, or that cause, and that they are supposed to dig deep into their pockets and give all they can!  Then that money is given to help others in the Mosque, and is sent overseas to innocent looking organizations that have names that sound like they are out to cure the world, but are actually funneling money into every terrorist organization around to world, even here, where they are building up their forces to attack us once again!  The Mosques and the Terrorists work together, hand in glove, to reach one goal, the goal that is stated in the Koran; for Muslim beliefs to be the one, and only belief in the world!  All others are infidels and will either join, or die!

So; what about this Mosque near the Twin Towers site?  First of all; to build it would be a “Trophy” for the Muslims of the world, their mark of victory over the Americans!  Secondly; it will be a place where “holy money” can be gathered, money which will hold a very important meaning to the terrorists because it came from their religious site of triumph, and because the Americans could not stop it from happening!  Imagine the sense of power in a terrorist’s mind when he knows he is driving a bomb into the heart of an American city, and that bomb was paid for by money from the “Twin Towers Mosque”!  Suddenly, every action of terror could hold an extreme religious meaning, and the volunteers would come out of the woodwork to attack us!  Think I’m wrong?  Then you know little about the deep meaning, on both sides, from attack sites; look at the number of Americans who volunteered into the military after 9/11!  Look at how the forces of Al Quiada grew after 9/11!  This Mosque, if built, would be the new Mecca in the Muslim world, and it would be their foothold of hatred and death to the American people! 

I know that there are many out there that will call me a “hater”, just because of what I have said, but I was in Vietnam; Vietnam was a country that was being attacked by the Communist North Vietnamese, and they used the VC, their local infiltrators as their control over the local populations.  I saw local “Mayors”, teachers, police officers, and local citizens carved up, raped, and murdered, simply to gain control over their villages!  We are a civilized society, and we believe in voting and laws; our enemies believe in violence and domination!  And that violence and domination is headed our way, and it will be much worse this time, and many more Americans will die!  Don’t belive it?  Well, Homeland Security sure as hell does!  And they know the truth!  And allowing Muslims to build a Mosque in the Twin Tower site area will only make it much, much worse!  If you don’t believe this, then you are ready to become a convert to Muslim philosophy!   I hope you can hold your head high, as your daughter, or granddaughter has her clitoris removed, then is married to a man who will rape her, beat her, and kill her, if he simply feels it is right for him!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


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