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The past 18 months have been nothing more than pure aggression towards the citizens of this great nation, as our politicians flaunt their power over our lives, showing us they have no concern for the rights and freedoms of Americans!  Obama has been the ringleader, it has been his attitude against the country he is supposed to be leading that has shown us the pure truth of the Progressive movement, the search for power and domination over our people, and our laws and Constitution, that will leave us all in servitude to the government!  I heard something today that proved to me that Obama is not an American; he is a Muslim, pure and simple!

He was speaking at a gathering, and he stated, and I have heard the tape of his words, that “America should get on with life”, that we need to “remember our right for religious freedoms and allow the Mosque to be built near the Trade Tower site in New York”!  He stated that he is backing the planned building, and will work to see that it is built!  Is he out of his freaking mind?  Who does he serve; Americans, or Muslims?  Almost every single American understands the true meaning of the Trade Tower site; the deaths of innocent Americans at the hands of Muslim religious radicals, the deaths of Police and Fire Fighters who ignored their own danger, to sacrifice their lives in an effort to save others, and the family members who see the site as a place of honor and sanctity!  And there is no doubt that, by placing their mosque in that location, the Muslims will be snubbing their noses at the American people, and will use their “trophy” to build up power and righteousness in the maniacs who serve Al Quiada, and all the other terrorist Muslim organizations! 

Obama has broken many legal, and moral grounds in his short time in office:  He took our car companies away from the owners and gave them to the unions and an Italian auto maker!  He closed many Auto Dealerships that were not in danger of going into bankruptcy, CONSERVATIVE-OWNED dealerships, not the Liberal-owned dealerships!  He tried, and is continuing to push to force a Cap and Trade bill on us, even though the people of this country are fully aware that it is not only unnecessary, it is a lie!  He stood up and let the people know that, even though over 75% of the voters did not want a Health Care Bill, he was going to push it through, and he did!  He has failed to control our borders, to keep us safe from illegals, drugs, and murder, then filed a lawsuit against Arizona because they were trying to keep their own state safe by passing an effective immigration law, almost a copy of the Federal law!  He passed a TARP bill that the citizens of this nation felt was totally unnecessary, against the wishes of the people!  When the citizens stood up and fought back, in peaceful gatherings, he attacked us, and even sent some Union goons down to harass the Tea Party people in St. Louis, which resulted in an elderly woman, and an innocent man being beaten and assaulted!  All of these actions are not only wrong, they are impeachable!  Obama, in his “Chicago-Mob” style form of government, has proven to us that he is not standing up to the Oath he swore as President, but is working to tear our nation down, to destroy the lives of every single American citizen!

This man will not go to honor the dead at Arlington, on Memorial Day, he will not attend the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts, he will not place his hand over his heart when the National Anthem is being played, he will not wear a Flag Pin, voluntarily, he wants to change the National Anthem to “something less aggressive”, he travels the world apologizing for America, he won’t stand in front of the American Flag when he gives a speech, but stands in front of gold curtains, in the manner of Muslim leaders, yet he bows down to a Muslim King, he refuses to show proof of his “Natural-born” citizenship and ridicules anyone who makes the point that he has spent over a Million dollars hiding the true facts, and now he wants to support the Muslims who are building a “trophy” mosque at the Twin Towers memorial area!  This man needs to be removed from the Presidency; he needs to be impeached under Federal Charges for failure to uphold his position as the President of the United States!  And he should do time in prison for his violations of our nation’s laws, including his effort to seat his own person in his old Senate Seat, by working to influence the man running for that seat to “step aside”, by offering him a seat in his Administration, which is trying to manipulate an election, which is against Federal Law!

Obama is great at “ducking and diving”; at causing situations that take the focus off of him and his crimes, and locking the Press onto other issues that serve his purposes!  When will we see an effort by our Governmental leaders to begin Impeachment procedures, to make him responsible for all of his actions against the citizens of America, and our great nation!  The time has come for each and every one of you to contact your representatives and let them know that you want to have Obama impeached, that you want to see our great nation stand up and protect itself from the Progressive threat that is breaking our country in half, while we all watch!  The “tipping point” is getting extremely close, so we need to act while we still have options available to us!  This is your country, you have a voice, and you have the right to  ensure that your future, your childrens’ futures, and your grandchildrens’ futures will remain safe and secure!  Do not sit back and hope that things will get better; without your involvement, they won’t!  Be a true American, stand up for the honor and greatness of your nation, and show the courage that every American has, by bringing our nation back to the people, and making it completely independent of other nations’ influences!  We are Americans, this is America, so let’s fight to keep her free!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Gerry in Florissant says:

    Amen to everyting you said. I have been expressing to my friends and family that it seems at every turn Americans are under attack from this corrupt administration. And yes, it operates just like the mob-style politics of Illinois. These SOBs are nothing short of thugs and I wish to God Americans would demand impeachment of this pathetic excuse of a President, undeserving of the respect of the office which he holds. To that end, I am contacting my elected officilas in Washington and demanding removal of BHO.

  2. John Ryan says:

    I have to agree with both writings above and add that the Mosque will be subject to many a confrontation as New York City has more Jews than Israel does and many are not what would be called “Tolerant” or “Pacifist” and if I may say so, “Tough” is more descriptive a word not to mention all of the families of the victims and those against an enemy in general being against it.

    In case anyone does not know, Gerry this is for you mainly, here is an active link towards the impeachment of Barack aka Barry Sotero Obama.


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