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I have been listening to the news and the stories that are being pushed out in front of us, and I began doing what I learned to do while working in DC; don’t listen to what the reporter tells you, to the story put out by Congress or the White House, look beyond the words and see the true meaning of what is going on!  This is what I am talking about:

The Muslim Mosque being built in the Trade Towers shadow:  There are two things that bother me about this one:

1.  Obama has sent the Omam that is pushing to build the Mosque on a trip to the Mid-East to build up “stronger relations” between the Muslim world and the US!  The reporters at FOX are saying that this is no more than a push to gather the necessary funds to build the Mosque, to get the Muslim leaders to fund this “slap in the face” to America!  And they are right, but there is another, darker side to the whole story:  Muslim leaders within the US have stated that Americans should get out of the way of the building of the Mosque, as any efforts to stop it from being constructed will be viewed, by the Muslims already in the US, as a strong anti-Muslim movement, and it will force them into radicalizing their actions against us!  What they are saying is that, if we stand against the Mosque, we will inflame the anger of Muslims and they will begin a Jihad of terror within the US!  I’m sorry, people but, to me, that sounds like a blatant threat!  And, if we allow this Mosque to be built, what other anti-American issue will they come up with, in our own country, that will force us to bow down, or die?  And, at what point will it not take an anger on our part to push them to attack us, as they will simply do it?  Read between the lines, people!

2.  Why is Obama sending this Omam on the trip to the Mid-East?  He is the same man who claimed, after 9/11, that we were partly responsible for the attack!  That is what the Japanese claimed after Pearl Harbor; that it was our policies in our relations with them that caused them to attack us!  The only difference is that we went after the Japanese and kicked their asses all over the Pacific, and didn’t quit until they surrendered!  But now, since we have a “President” who willingly bows down, in a very public situation, to a leader of a Muslim nation, a man who no longer hides his Muslim heritage, now that he has won the election, I think the answer to this question is very simple; he wants to build the Mosque in the US as a symbol to his Muslim brothers that he is behind them, and that he will do whatever is necessary to bring America to her knees!  Read between the lines people!

I am not a person who thinks Charlie Rangel is a good man who is being pushed out, but I can’t help but wonder why he, and three other black Congressional Representatives are being “fed to the wolves” over their illegal actions in Congress!  To be totally honest; there are only a minor few in DC that do not have several things in their political past that would cause them to go to jail for their actions, if the news came out publicly!  So why these four, and why are they all people of color in the first “Black” administration in our nation’s history?  Well, according to the press; they are all crooks!  But, if we are going after the crooks in Congress, why stop with these four, why not empty the whole snake put, as many in Congress, Barney Frank, for example, that have done a whole lot worse!  Let me take you back to the Memorial Day weekend in 1984, when I was walking down around the Vietnam Memorial at 4 am in the morning; I saw this black guy sitting on a bench and thought he was a vet, so I went over and talked with him.  Turned out he wasn’t the vet I thought he was, but was Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes!  We had a long talk, he was a decent, intelligent man and I enjoyed speaking with him about the political issues that kept me going in DC.  Then I asked him about why 60 Minutes hadn’t been doing more on the POW issue, and he told me it was because of two things:  1.  No news agency will work on a political issue that would seriously upset the sitting President, and Administration, unless they had “strong political backing in Congress” because it would mean a serious “end to access” to the White House for that news agency.  And that was in 1984, so you can see it is still working that way now!   2.  He told me, and this is what makes me think there is more going on with this Rangel situation than we are being allowed to know; “Nothing gets out of DC that they don’t want to get out of DC!”  In other words; Rangel is being “pushed out”, not simply being “caught”!  Why?  Personally, I think there is a darker side to this; I don’t care for Rangel, but he is a vet and, crooked politician, or not, he still holds some honor towards his country.  I think that he can see what is going on in  our country, how the Muslims are pushing to gain some control over our nation, and I have heard he has been fighting that!  And I think that our “American” “President”, and his group of goons are removing every roadblock that stands before them in their path to “Muslim-ize” the US!  I know; that sounds like a loony conspiracy theory, and I understand the idea, but look deeper into what is going on!  Why these four Black Representatives of Congress; they are the big names, the power leaders, and they should be celebrating their glory in this time of “Obamanation”!  Read between the lines people!

Finally; Obama, his Administration, and Congress are all working to tax us to death!  And, at the same time, they are paying out Unemployment Benefits that pay more than most lower-level jobs, so no one is looking for a job that will take their benefits away from them!  Why?  To bankrupt our nation!  By removing the taxes that would be paid by people who would have to work at any kind of job they could get, and allowing illegals to come in and take those jobs, we are removing the funding for every program they are pushing through Congress, and limiting the amount of time that those programs will be allowed to exist!  In truth; the Health Care Bill they say will come into effect in a couple of years may not even have the funding to keep it going, before it even starts!  Unless we begin to lower taxes on businesses to a point where they will not find a lower rate anywhere else in the world, and until we begin raising tariffs on foreign goods to a point where it will be more profitable to build everything here in the US, our economy is going to keep falling, and it will collapse, and every social program this country now has, or will want in the future will no longer be feasible, and will cease to exist!  So; why doesn’t the current Administration want to build up our strength as a nation, to become self-dependent once again?  Because they don’t want a United States of America, they want a “Dependent States of America!, dependent upon the entire world, like a group of apes in a cage!  Think I’m wrong?  Read between the lines people!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Gerry in Florissant says:

    What you say here and said earlier should be common knowledge for the knuckleheads who are being duped by Muslims. The mosque in NY is a symbol of Muslim conquest following the 9/11 attacks.

  2. John Ryan says:

    Perhaps to take some of the eyes off of his wife’s trip overseas they have been sacrificed??

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