I hear the talk about how we, as Americans, are beginning to become prejudiced against Muslims, and how we are looking at them as a threat to our society, when they are really peaceful people!  Right; “Peaceful People”!  Men who rape girls in their fourth, or fifth year of life, by marrying them and using them as “wives”!  Men who murder the female members of their family, then walk away, with no threat of legal recourse, because it was a murder for their religious beliefs!  Men who beat their women, who cut of their clitoris because they don’t want them to actually enjoy sex with their husbands!  Men who force their women to wear “Burkhas”, totally covering their bodies, hiding their faces, and making them hide from the rest of the world!  And a religion that threatens the peace, and sanctity of every individual who is not a Muslim!  Let’s look at the true Muslim plan for domination of every inch of land in the world

1. Immigrate:  Muslims are taught to move from their own countries, to populate the nations of their enemies, to slowly build up a population to a level that allows them to dominate the citizens of those nations, to force their religious and social beliefs upon the citizens of the nations they have invaded!

2.  Assimilation: Muslims are taught to act as though they understand the beliefs and social morals of the countries they invade, to say they are not “traditional” Muslims, that they see the truth of the lifestyles  of the citizens, and that they agree with the way they live their lives!  The Koran tells them to “Assimilate” into the social values of those nations, to earn their trust, to allow them to infiltrate the government and to wait until Muslims dominate the religious, and political views of the nation, then they come out strongly for Muslim law, Muslim rights, and the submission of all the “Infidels”!  They are taught to study the laws and practices of the people, to find “weaknesses” in their legal system that can be used against them, to take it over and dominate their lives with Muslim beliefs!  They work to destroy the nation from within, to allow for “Allah” to simply walk in and take control!

3.  Domination:  Once they have convinced the Infidels that they are not a threat, once they have “proven” that they are not “true Muslims” and the people of that nation allow them access that will permit them to build a domination over their lives, the Muslims will “revert” back to the basic premise of their religion, and will force their beliefs upon the people of the nation they are occupying!  And, if you do not wish to live as a Muslim, they will cut off your head in a public ceremony, to show the errors of your ways, and to push others to revert to the Muslim way of life!  They have one true belief in their religion, whether they will admit to it, or not, and that is to take over the entire world, to dominate every individual living on it,  and to make their religion the only religion on the face of the earth, and to kill everyone who does not agree with their faith, or their value system.

If you do not believe what I have just stated, then read the “Koran” and you will see the truth laid out in front of you, in plain language, and no doubts as to where they wish to take the population of the world!  Even though they might stand in front of you and tell you that they do not believe in the “radical” aspects of the Muslim religion, do not believe them as, once they have taken control of the land in which they live, they will follow the basic teachings of the Koran and will either force you to be a Muslim, or will kill you for not doing so!  How do I know this?  Because a good friend of mine, who was a Muslim, ran the Texaco gas station on the east end of Silver Springs, Florida, and I felt him to be a good friend, an honest Muslim, and I talked with him about many things concerning the religion.  He explained to me, many times, that he was not a “traditional” Muslim, that he did not agree with Sharia law, and that he felt that America was the best nation in the world, because it gave freedom and rights to its citizens!  Then 9/11 hit, and I wanted to talk with him about how it could have happened.  I went to his station and found two stretch vans parked in front, with guys in suits walking around, holding the earpieces in their ears; I knew they were “spooks”, and I knew something was going on, so I went inside to talk to my “friend”!  When I got in, I asked his employee where he was, and he told me he had no idea, that my friend had simply “disappeared”, and that the guys wandering around were Feds, and that they were trying to find him, as he had been “funneling” money to the terrorists who took over the planes and flew them into the Twin Towers!

I learned, the hard way, that no Muslim can be trusted!  I learned that they hold their religious beliefs over everything else, and that they are allowed to lie, to protect those beliefs!  And I learned that anyone who trusts a Muslim is a fool because, if their religion takes over, they will force you to follow their religious beliefs, or kill you!  There is no third option in their beliefs structure!  Don’t fall victim to the lies and misleading efforts of any Muslim; use your common sense, and your ability to stand up for what you believe in, and push them back, make their lives in this country so uncomfortable that they will want to leave, rather than be forced to follow Christianity!  We don’t need the lies and manipulations they spread throughout our nation, we don’t need their attempts to dominate our people!  We need to get them out of our country, to force them to return back to where they came from, and to protect our country from their threats of their “Global Domination”!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    I would have to pose one question here,”Did we have any of these problems prior to allowing them into our country”???

    It seems our main problems come from those we allow here for reasons unknown to me so wouldn’t common sense tell us to stop??

    Who is in charge of Immigration Regulations? That is the first place we need to control because obviously they cannot themselves.

    The USA has done more than its fair share of sanctuary for the worlds down trodden and apparently not much gratitude paid back to it as those coming here want to recreate the policies and society they left behind. Makes no sense, them doing that as well as U.S.A. citizens allowing them to.

    • You are absolutely right. It was the lack of the public monitoring the actions of those they put in office to represent them. We trusted them to be good, honest Americans, and they fell under the veil of greed and power, and ignored the needs of the very people who elected them, and followed the path of the money given to their campaigns. We will change this situation; it will hurt our economy, our lives, and will force us to lower our standards of living, but it will be worth it in the end. And we must end this “lifetime” of membership by Congressional representatives, to break the pattern of greed and power, to bring control of this great nation back to the people. And anyone who feels that America is not a good country, that they do not like the nation that has provided them with a better life than they would have had in any other nation, then we will ensure that they will have choice in which nation we will send them to, when we throw them out!

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