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There are three groups of people in America:

1.  Progressives:  They don’t like America; all they do is try to change the country that they grew up in, that provided them with lives of freedom and choice, instead of a dominating government that dictates the actions of every citizen.  They all feel self-righteous in their efforts to change things, as they feel that everyone else is “too stupid” to realize their “truths”, that they know more than everyone else, that they “deserve” to have things change to fit their needs and goals!  The leadership and hierarchy of the movement are individuals who have greatly prospered under the American system of government; they are lawyers, politicians, educators, Union leaders, political group leaders and wealthy individuals who use their wealth to buy changes in our governmental system.  They feel, deep inside themselves, that they are the “royalty” of America, that they should be running things, that they have “the right” to rule over the citizens of this country, because they are the “elitists”, the “supreme beings” that can pick and choose how our government is run!  They are expert manipulators who use hatred, created by them, to turn the citizens of our country against each other, to keep us from seeing the truth about them and their movement.  They know how to make the citizens fully dependent upon the government, thereby taking away the true freedom of their lives, making them minions to the ideals of Progressive leadership.  Progressive women support Muslims, even though Muslims beat, maim and kill their women!  Progressive gays support Muslims, even though a true gay man in a Muslim country will be murdered for being gay!  Progressives hold men like Mao, Che Guevara, and Pol Pot as great leaders, and seem to forget that they killed hundreds of millions of their people, because they didn’t want them living in their countries!  But no Progressive ever thinks that they could be the victims of any of this, because they are “Progressives”!  But, when a powerful leader takes full control, one of the first things he does is filter out some of his own people, because he does not need their anger when they see he is not like they felt he should be, and he kills them!  The Progressive movement is nothing but a bunch of empty promises, meant to sucker in followers, to allow the leadership to change current governmental standards, then those promises are broken, and they could care less about what their own people think, once they have the power to control their lives!  Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and others followed the same path to leadership, then they ruled through totalitarian domination of the people! 

2. Minions:  Minions are followers; individuals who have no personal sense of values that makes them stand up and work to provide the rights and freedoms of themselves, or others, and simply follow whomever tells them what they want to hear!  They don’t want to take the time to actually learn about government, rights, freedoms, values, or political views; all they want to do is live their lives, and simply wake up in the morning, do what they do, then go to bed at night!  They don’t care about standards of education, as long as their kids go to school and move on through the grades!  They don’t care about the political legislation that goes through Congress, as long as it doesn’t affect them personally!  And they could care less about who actually runs this country, or if it is along the standards of our Constitutional Law, as long as they don’t feel any change in their lives!  And, if one President tears down our country, and its freedoms and rights, they don’t care if the blame is put on a past President,  as long as they can live their lives in total blindness to current affairs!  Leave their lives alone, and you can destroy every value, right and freedom in this great nation, making them suckers for the hell that comes later, when they no longer have the right to stand up and fight the government!  Most minions would prefer living a “drug addict-like” life, one where nothing bothers them, as long as they get what the want, until they lose everything, then they get angry and protest against anyone the government blames for their problems!  Minions are political “puppet people” and, if left in their hands, the future of our great nation will dissolve into a dust of waste and loss of rights, while they chant their support for the leaders who are ruining their lives!

3.  Conservatives:  Conservatives are people who truly understand the power held by our Constitution, the true value of our rights and freedoms as Americans, and the necessity to monitor the actions of our leaders, to make them responsible to the people, to protect our lives as American citizens!  They know the importance of a good education, as the better the education, the better the futures for themselves, and their children!  They know the necessity of supporting our Constitution, as it was written to guide our nation through both good times, and bad, and gives us the means to pick ourselves up and rebuild our lives, when necessary!  Conservatives know that it takes personal committment to protect our Constitution, our government, and the people of this great nation, and that is why there are so many who are veterans of our military; men and women who have risked their lives in wars, to maintain our standards of freedom and independence!  When our nation, or our Constitution is attacked, both by enemies from abroad, and enemies from within our own borders, and government, true Conservatives stand to defend both, and will fight, if necessary, to maintain them, even if it means sacrificing their own lives!  Conservatives believe in honor, dignity, pride, courage, love for family, love for country, and equality for all!  They know that, the less governmental control over our economy, the better the possibility for our citizens to live safe, happy, productive lives!  They know that the less power the government has over them, the more freedom they will have to live their lives as they see fit!  Conservatives love America, they believe in the Constitution, and they think of others, before they think of themselves!

Now, I know that some out there will say “I am an Independent, not a Conservative, and I feel the same that they do, but I’m not one of them!”  Yes, you are, but don’t let the name “Conservative” mislead you; it’s only a name, and it has been adopted by “RINOs” ( Republican In Name Only ) as their “value system”!  They all claim to be “Conservatives”, but they aren’t!  “Conservative” is not the name of a party, it’s the name of a movement of the people, a movement to “conserve” our rights and freedoms under the Republic of the United States, the “Republic of the people”!  True Conservatives want to maintain the truth of our Constitution, to rid ourselves of those who want to destroy it, to “conserve” our standards as the greatest nation in the world!  Don’t let RINO Progressives steal the standard that has kept our nation strong for almost two and a half centuries; stand up, don’t be afraid to announce your love for your country and your willingness to defend it!  Call yourself a “Conservative American” with pride, whether you are a traditional Democrat, or Republican, and teach your neighbors the truth about the name “Conservative”, and the honest values that true Conservatives hold deep in their hearts!  We have let Progressives manipulate our Constitution, our values, our lives, and the names that were once held close to every American’s heart, and it has to end, NOW!  This is America, it is our country, and we don’t need idiots who hate it, either abroad, or here at home, dictating to us how we are supposed to love our country!  We choose our own standards, we choose our own lifestyles, and we choose how our country will be run!  Stand up for America, Americans, because she has stood for you and your families for her entire life!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Artie says:

    Thanks Mike, you said it all!.
    God Bless America

    Welcome Home.
    Brother Artie.

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