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All I have heard for the past few months is “Racial Profiling”!  When America used to suffer under racism, racial profiling was something that needed to be stopped because, back then, it had nothing to do with the possibility of a Black having committed a crime, it was a way to pressure and assault all Blacks.  But we ended that practice and have moved on, except for those who continue to work to build a divide between Whites and Blacks in this country!  Those who need to build their power bases, build anger in the Black community by yelling out “Racial Profiling” whenever someone is stopped for legitimate reasons by the police, and do so in order to make themselves look like they are “standing up for the people” when, in reality, they are only causing trouble for their own profit!

We have suffered with this useless name calling for decades and, now; it has grown completely out of control, and is placing the safety, and security of every American citizen in grave danger!  Look at what happened after 9/11:  Muslims openly attacked our nation and bragged about it, stating that they used our own weaknesses against us, weakness that is caused by Political Correctness in our laws, allowing those who commit crimes and attack our nation, to walk around freely, until after they kill somebody!  We weren’t attacked by little old ladies, children,  Whites, Blacks, Orientals, Hispanics, or Native Americans, we were attacked by Muslims!  If this had been World War II, our government would have seen the SECURITY THREAT and limited access to our country by any Muslim, and would have searched them, and examined their baggage, clothing, and bodies when they entered our country, to ensure the safety of the citizens!  Background checks would have been mandatory, and anyone who was found to be a threat would have been imprisoned for life!  But, now; little old ladies, children, and everyone else has to submit to searches and has to pass the “Watchlist” in order to board a plane, yet Muslims can walk freely into our country, as long as they have no proof against them!  How damned idiotic does our government has to get before they realize that they are killing the safety of our country!  And, even worse; Obama brought 40,000 Hamas members into the United States!  Hamas, the terrorist organization from the Middle East, has taken over Detroit, and its members have been given homes, and everything necessary to provide for their needs!  If our members of Congress won’t take the time to READ THE BILL on Healthcare, how can we even begin to believe that they did serious background checks on all of those Hamas members?  But, Political Correctness states that we have to be “open and fair” to everyone, including enemies of our country, who openly state that they hate us and want to destroy our country and kill the citizens!

And it has gotten even worse; we do not have the authority, under our Congress, to stand up for our safety and security, by stopping people who look like illegals, to simply ask them for proof that they are in our country legally!  If you, or I, are stopped by the police, try to cash a check, want to use our credit and debit cards, need governmental assistance on anything, and many other situations where we are asked for our identification, we have to show it, and we do, with no complaints!   But, according to a Federal Judge today; the Arizona police do not have the right to ask any Hispanic for their proof that they are here legally, as in a Driver’s License, Immigration ID, or paperwork, or any other form of proof of legitimacy in regard to being in our country in a legal manner!  Not only that but, if an employer illegally hires Illegals, he cannot be punished for doing so, even though he is committing a Federal crime, and the Illegals are breaking our laws by simply being here!  Why?  Because the world thinks we are being cruel to foreigners, because we need them to prove they are legally here!  But go to Mexico, cross the border without going through the Check Points, and they will not only force you to prove you are there legally, they will put you in prison for doing so!  It’s Ok for Mexico to force Americans to show papers, and to imprison them for not crossing over in a legitimate manner, but it’s cruelty on our part for doing the same to Mexicans, and OTMs who flood across our borders to take advantage of our jobs and benefits!  And what happens to our country when these people swarm across our borders?  Look at 2008; our economy collapses because our government has given home loans to Illegals, our banks have given credit cards to illegals, and our government has opened up our Welfare system to allow them to take advantage of the system!  And they take jobs away from Americans, so we have to extend Unemployment Benefits just to ensure that Americans can take care of themselves!  States are going bankrupt because of the expense of caring for Illegals, and our entire system is at threat because our government wants to, once again, legalize them all!

As I have said before; we need to rid our nation of the curse of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!  And we need to end the hatred between groups and races that is built up by our politicians, in order to allow them to build power off of the anger!  We are all Americans, we are all legal citizens, and we deserve to be protected under our rights and freedoms guaranteed under our Constitution!  When is this country going to wake up and see the truth, that it is the greed and power hunger of our own politicians that is destroying our country?  Any veteran who has served in a war, White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, or Native American, knows that, when all hell breaks loose, we are much more likely to survive when we learn that we are all the same, that we are all AMERICANS!  Wake up Americans, and drop the dependency on Political Correctness, Racism, Religious differences, Social differences, and any other variations between the people; if we cannot stand together, as one people, we will fall!  Do you like owning your own home?  Do you like being able to sit with your family and not feel like you have to SUBMIT TO A GOVERNMENT’s domination over your lives!  Do you like being able to eat what you want, watch the TV channel you want to watch, use your cellphone and computer?  Do you enjoy the freedoms of being an American?  Then you better stand up and fight against all of this crap that has been thrown down on us over the years, or you will become no more than a GOVERNMENTAL MONKEY, taught to walk and talk only along governmental lines!  And the time has come to end all of this “RACIAL PROFILING” crap, or we will lose our freedom to a Muslim Hierarchy, because they simply walked in and took things over!  Don’t think that’s possible?  Take a good look at Europe, and how the Muslims are dominating their laws and freedom!  It’s time to stop being an American, and start being AN AMERICAN!  THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, THESE ARE OUR FREEDOMS, AND IF WE SURRENDER THEM TO FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS AND INDIVIDUALS, WE ARE DEAD AS A NATION!  IT’S UP TO YOU; STAND UP AND BE FREE, OR LAY DOWN AND BE ENSLAVED! 


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    Divide and Conquer is working well in this country and most of us are helping in one way or another. We allow everything we know is not right to take place and we speak about it and try to get elected officials to act upon it and nothing gets done, mulitiplied by thousands of wrongs we have what is known as today’s society, which we take for granted will only get worse and take in stride.

    We have become numb to what it is that is fragmenting our country and soon a unifying incident might take place again as a result, another 911 type emergency so ask ourselves why does it have to be that way and when it does unify us why does it only last a month or so?

    It’s us, we don’t gel like we should and only when tragic events take place do we resemble a unified nation.

    I worked in a prison for years, it contained all kinds of criminals of all kinds of backgrounds, ages, races and of course different crimes so none of us are perfect by race, that is well proven there so why do we have a problem if one member of our race is caught doing something illegal??

    Before any of us even knew the others existed on different parts of the planet, we all had some kind of jails or prison or sentencing for crimes committed, penalties for all the basic crimes pretty much covered by the 10 commandments, the only difference was all the people were the same in all the areas the crimes were committed so no one race or color was favored over another in the eyes of the people around, everyone was the same except for the criminal actor..

    Now why can’t that be realized by all the races in the USA being that we are a mixture of so many different types of people now?? It is certainly possible for a black cop to pull over a white drunk driver or visa versa but many would see that as some kind of profiling.. Well it was in a way, law enforcement pulling over a threat to society and its citizens…the profile of a drunk driver.

    Some times abuse of power and racial prejudice enter the picture but over all it works both ways with cops of all colors so with that said until we all see each other as just Americans and nothing else it will continue.

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