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We have all been listening, and talking about Obama, Pelosi, Reed, Obama, Dowd, Congress, and the entire Progressive movement for quite some time now, but we are not talking seriously about the one force in this country that has been acting as a “representative of the people”, while it has done more damage to our Constitution and the rights of the average American than any other institution in this country.  It started out as a group of law students and lawyers who worked to help rid our country of the problem of Blacks being held in lower esteem than whites, of a racism that was brought about by slavery, and the initial efforts they made were absolutely necessary, and they helped to  make a change that led to our nation voting in the first black man as President, a sign that White racism had become a very minor part of our nation’s ideals!

But, since their initial efforts, this organization has done nothing but attack every standard of “Americanism” in our nation, from our churches, to simply saying the Pledge of Allegiance in social gatherings!  Whites are no longer the “racist” force in this nation; through the efforts of this organization, blacks have become the “privileged” group, with laws being passed by this organization’s efforts that allow them a long list of “special rights” that dominate over the daily lives of White American citizens.  Once again; I am not saying that all blacks are racists, that would be like saying that all whites used to be racists, and both comments are completely untrue!  But the force that leads the Black movement, the force that dominates black communities, is a racist group of individuals in the New Black Panther Party, that leads by intimidation, much like the Mob in the Twentieth Century, and groups like the NAACP, that lead by creating fear of “White Dominance” in the hearts of the black people!  The NAACP, and people like Al Sharpeton, Jesse Jackson, and others, know that, if blacks realize that they are just as equal as whites, they will no longer have the power they now have, as their careers are based on maintaining the belief, in the Black community, that whites are “keeping them down”!  So the organization works with these people, finding loopholes in our laws, and use them to destroy the true rights of all Americans!

Who is this organization?  Well, we all know the name; the “ACLU”, the mis-named “American” Civil Liberties Union!  This is the arm of the Progressives that has, over the past 50 years, slowly chewed away at our Constitution, changing the entire face of it, giving our National Congress the ability to take control away from the States, slowly working to destroy the Republic that is the United States!  They have gotten laws passed that deny communities the right to say prayers in public places, in governmental buildings, they have taken Christmas trees and ornaments out of every governmental agency, and they have removed prayers from schools and sporting events!  The entire list is way too long to attempt to place on this page but they have, over the years, destroyed the rights of White Americans, and all religious Americans, to live their lives as free citizens in our great nation!  Now they have taken on the rights of Muslims to have “free religious expression” in our governmental buildings, our colleges, and in public places, and they have created laws that give them special rights over all Whites and Blacks in our country!  And they have jumped on the bandwagon of the illegals and have worked to create “Sanctuary Cities”, and special rights and laws that will protect any person who crosses our border and enters our country illegally!  This is no “American” group working for American freedoms, it is a Progressive group bent on the destruction of the United States of America!

Now they are going after a small school, filing lawsuits and taking other legal actions to end the right of the citizens of that small town to keep a religious document up on the wall of their building, something that is not only supported by the majority of the citizens of that town, but by their children as well!  Why are they going after this small town?  Because it is too small to be able to afford to fight the ACLU in court, so they will end up taking down the one religious symbol that is important to the families of that community!  This organization that is supposed to be “protecting” the rights of all Americans, only protects the rights of minorities, forcing a majority to follow their wishes, instead of allowing the minority to move to a community that is more acceptable of their needs!  The ACLU is no more than a legal terroristic organization, one that disregards the rights and freedoms of all Americans, and forces us to change to fit the needs of only a few individuals who demand control!  The time has come to go after the ACLU, to let it know that its existence is in danger and that, we the American citizens of this great country, will not stand for their dominance any longer!  If you hear of any actions in your community by the ACLU, get out on the streets and protest against them!  Make your voices be heard!  And I will guarantee you that, if we stand against them they, the organization that claims to be the “protector” of American rights, will file an action in court to make us stop expressing our rights to free speech!  Let’s put an end to the Progressive dominance of this self-righteous organization and bring back true equality to the country we all love!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    The words “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” might have to come back to a people that originally formed this country breaking away from a Mother Nation that sought to control much of what was stated above.

    Their Blood still runs in our veins and both ability and means are still ours to command so when the point comes when people are ready to do something final to aleviate these problems I will stand with them.

    Many of us have been ready for years and more so now.

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