When the movie “One Million Years BC” came out, I was extremely upset with the way Hollywood made it a “fantasy” film, one that would draw the viewers into its ideals, yet it was a very strongly Muslim-biased movie that showed whites as the reason for everything bad in the world!  There were no caucasian actors in the film, with the main characters obviously of Muslim or East Indian descent, and the supporting actors were Black and Asian.  However; in the end, when they killed one of the dominating species, the beings that ruled with an iron fist, they showed him laying on the ground, covered in his hooded robe, then the wind blew back a part of the hood and you could see he was a White man!  All the while, the victors chanted that they would no longer stand for the cruelty and hatred of the “dominators”!  While watching, as the movie developed, I was drawn into the bravery and honor of the people making their way through the dangers and cruelty of the film, and I felt drawn to them, and their battles, as heroic!  However; when I saw the final moments, and that blatant assault against the Whites in the world, I grew angry, and I wrote about it and told everyone I knew about it!  Later on; I heard that it was a very popular film in the non-White countries that have always shown a hatred and jealousy towards America, and Americans!

Today, I went and saw “The Last Airbender”, and I expected to see a similar type of movie, but I was quite surprised to see how this one developed!  There were four groups of people:  1.  The Waterbenders: They lived in the north and they were white, similar to the Nordic people of Northern Europe.  There were the Earthbenders, and they were Asian.  3.  There were the Airbenders, and they looked to be a cross between Whites and East Indians, and they were all dead except for the primary character in the movie, a kid, who was the last Airbender.  4.  Then there were the Firebenders, and they were obviously Mid-Eastern, Muslim looking, and they dominated the world with their power and beliefs, and they were cruel and murderous!  At one time, when the “Avatar”, the last Airbender, had been part of the world, there was peace and all of the people coexisted.  But he disappeared for 100 years, and the Firebenders began to populate the other countries and dominate them, finally forcing their control over them, with anyone who practiced their own “bending” beliefs forced into prison camps, or murdered!  To me; it may not have been meant to mirror the tactics and beliefs of the Muslims, but it sure was an excellent copy of their plan for the world!

The Airbender joined forces with the Waterbenders, and they took on the Firebenders!  And I was extremely surprised to see a movie in which the Muslims were “terrorists”, and the Whites were the heroes, fighting for their freedom and safety!  Granted; they weren’t Muslims, they were “Firebenders”, and they weren’t Whites, they were “Waterbenders”, but the attitudes, the nationalities, and they dominance of beliefs were dead-on accurate!  I kept expecting, since it was “Hollywood”, to see the Waterbenders do something evil, while the poor Firebenders fought to “protect” themselves, but it never happened!  I felt like cheering, several times during the movie, and it was an excellent film about how a young child finds his powers, then finds friends to fight with, to end the dominance of an evil “Empire”!  It reminded me a lot of one of my favorite films of all times; “Star Wars”!  But the best part of the whole film, once they set the idea that the Firebenders were trying to destroy everything good in the world, was when one of the characters said, about the Firebenders (excuse me if this isn’t and exact quote ): “They ( the Firebenders) need to be shown that we can stand for our beliefs, just as hard as they do for theirs!”  Just as there was a hidden message about the evil White, at the end of “One Million Years BC”, this was a  hidden message to people that no other group of people in the world can dominate us, unless we let them, because we are Americans, and we will stand and fight for what is right, for what we believe in, and for our freedoms!

I really enjoyed this film, it was great to see that Whites can star as heroes in a movie like this again, and I only hope that everyone else who sees it will see the hidden messages of the film!  Maybe there is some change going on in Hollywood, it would be about time, maybe it was an “accidental” message; I don’t care, it was a good one!  If you have the time to see a movie, go see “The Last Airbender” and, if you got the same read of the movie that I did, write about it here!  Maybe our children and grandchildren finally have a movie that will show the truth about Muslims to them, and to show that bravery is a good thing, and fighting for freedom is a great thing!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    I liked the “One Million Years B.C.” that had Raquel Welch in it, have not seen this recent version with air benders and the like but wanted to mention my “favoritism” just the same.. We can’t always be ultra serious on this BLOG!!

  2. Tom 57th AHC says:

    Sorry,unable to comment. Have not been to a movie in many years. Too many years to even remember what I saw. I think it was Serpico with Al Pacino.

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