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We have seen a sudden increase in the racist attitudes of the New Black Panther Party, the NAACP, CAIR, La Raza, and many other anti-white groups in this country that practice reverse-racism on a level as strong as the Klu Klux Klan practiced it against blacks!  La Raza saying that they will be “taking back their country”, CAIR working to open up a Mosque on 9/11 territory, the day after 9/11 next year, and the New Black Panther Party leader saying he “hates every iota of a cracker”, that black men need to go out and kill “every cracker”, and “every cracker baby”!  Now we have a black USDA worker who admitted proudly, to cheers of “Yes!”, and laughter, at the NAACP District meeting that she refused to give a broke white farmer all of his benefits, because he was white!  Granted, this woman has changed her attitude over the years, but the people at the NAACP convention showed their true attitudes towards white Americans by their laughter and the “churchly” “Yes!” shouted out by many in the audience!  I think the time has come for every pacifistic white person to wake up, to stop ignoring the threats against us, around the world, and here at home!  It’s not every person of color who wants us all dead, just the ones who have the ability, and drive to make an effort to have that happen!  And they stand up, publically, and admit it!  If one of us did the same thing we would be run out-of-town on a rail! 

Glenn Beck is a good man, with a good heart, and he is doing more to wake up Americans to the Progressive threat that is tearing down our nation than anyone else, and I hold a deep respect for him for what he has done, and is doing!  It takes people who are not afraid to stand up and voice their opinions, in times like these, to end the dominance of the “Kings to be”, and to return our nation to its base of freedom and honor!  And I think that his latest get-together is going to be the biggest, most patriotic rally this nation has ever seen, bringing citizens to DC from around the country to voice their pride in their country, and to show their support for those who are working to bring back the America we all knew!  This is going to be a “turning point” in our history, one that will be looked back upon as the binding strength of the “Silent Majority” in not being silent anymore!  But there should be a warning, a request for great care in going to DC, to make sure that all remain safe, and can return home in good health.

I hate to be the one to bring this up, but I have a feeling, and I have said this before, that this summer something will happen that will allow Obama to declare Marshall Law, which will allow him to suspend the coming elections and to enforce troop movements within our country in a “Hitler-like” attempt to remove our weapons from us and to take control over our rights and lives!  And I believe that the upcoming rally would be the perfect opportunity to allow for those types of actions to begin; if members of the above organizations bring opposing groups to the rally, to incite trouble, to cause riot-style actions, and to bring violence to the “Mall” in DC, then Obama can claim that he is “being forced” to take action, because the Tea Party movement has gotten out-of-hand, and needs to be stopped!  Do I know this will happen for a fact?  No, I don’t, and I hope it doesn’t; but I don’t trust Obama, and he does not want to lose control of Congress next year, and we are the most severe threat to his maintaining his power, so he will look for a reason to put off the elections!  And, as his flake once said; “Never let a good crisis pass you by”!

To those who intend to go to DC; please be very careful and watch for anyone who does not appear to be “valid”, or a real Tea Party person!  They could implant their own into your ranks, only to have them attack their members of the opposition, maybe sacrificing one of their own to make the threat look extremely violent, or deadly, which would call for the need to have police come in and arrest Tea Party members!  Stay away from anyone who appears to be “too radical” to be a Tea Party member.  And, if you are attacked; defend yourself, then get out of the area; don’t stick around expecting the police to come out on your side!  If things get really violent, get in your car and get out of there!  Don’t fall for the trap of someone on the opposition trying to get you into an open argument; simply walk away and ignore them.  Recognize everyone on the opposition as a “threat”, and treat them that way by staying away from them.  Don’t be goaded into any type of confrontation!

To the rest of us; if this gets out of hand, if the police begin arresting Tea Party members and the press begins to identify all of the troublemakers as Tea Party members, blaming them for everything that happened, then that is the call many have been waiting for, as it will be the first step in attempting to destroy our rights and freedoms as Americans!  It will be at that point that we will know they will be coming after us, and we need to prepare ourselves to stand up for the Constitution that we believe in and follow our Forefather’s path to bringing the Constitution, and honest politics for the citizens back to the control of our great nation!  The reason Hitler was able to take control over the German people was because they kept saying “this is bad, but it won’t get worse, we have rights!”  If this goes bad in DC, or at some other location this summer, look back into history and see the hell that the world went through, because the German people did not stand up for those rights, and let their government take them away from them!  Remember one thing, my fellow patriots; it takes true, honest, loyal Americans to defend the Constitution and our rights and freedoms under it!  So; if you are a patriot, if you are a true, honest, loyal American, the time for you to prove those qualities may be coming soon!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    Many have been armed since the so called Y-2-K days and have rearmed and supplied themselves with what is needed after the Obama Regime took power and threatened their rights to own firearms, so regardless of how this powder keg is ignited it is bound to affect many who are no part of any of the problem at hand. “Innocent bystanders” “Collateral Damage” often “Casualties of War”

    Rightfully it should be decided by votes in November but with the Tea Party gains noted by the opposition the best defense they have now is to infiltrate the Tea Party rallies and act the way it is necessary to make the Tea Party look bad no matter what it takes.

    At that point the Tea Party, passive as it is will break up into factions that still believe votes are the way and those that believe in all out self defense, already division in the Tea Party along the lines of how Right Wing they should appear or act with the recent split over bill boards and statements by now former members.

    I believe the Military will side with the constitution and that will place them on the side of the people, not the government whom they are not bound to obey if the orders are “Unlawful” and no soldier is bound to follow an “Unlawful Order” and never was.

    I know the regime in power now must fall and hope it can be done “Lawfully” but also know when the time comes there will be no middle ground to take refuge.

  2. Tom 57th AHC says:

    Everyone already knows what side they are on and it’s objectives. No need to gather and protest in DC or any other place for that matter. It only gives the present administration and it’s cronies the opportunity to bad mouth the tea party and put insurgents in to disrupt a peaceful protest and turn it into turmoil. JUST GET OUT THERE IN NOVEMBER AND VOTE! That’s what will really count, not protests.

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