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I remember when I was a teenager, and John Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas; there was so much guilt and sorrow in our nation and no one knew what to do to make things better!  Then Martin Luther King was shot and killed, and Kennedy’s brother Bobby was shot and killed, and we were all in a confusion as to what was going on in our country, so we were looking for a way to make things right, to bring back some kind of balance to our lives.  All three were working on civil rights, with Martin Luther King leading the charge to bring true equality to our nation for blacks, with the assistance of a great many whites who were working with him, as we felt that the prejudice shown blacks was cruel and unfair, so Americans voted for the Equal Rights amendment, and we began changing our laws to fit the truth of our Constitution.

Black leaders saw an opportunity to attack our Constitution and, along with the Progressive leadership, they began to build “special” rights for blacks and other minorities, using the guilt that our grandparents, and parents had for the racism that had caused so much misery for blacks, with slavery and racist attitudes towards them.  And it was time to change things, but to bring true equality to our country, not “special” rights to minorities!  Instead of establishing true equality under our Constitution, the Progressives developed a monstrous welfare system that rewarded black mothers, who had several children, with a good living, a decent home, and no work was necessary to gain that benefit!  In fact; if they had more children, they got more money!  Our school systems began to degrade because we made them interracial, but did not require the same efforts by blacks that we did for whites, so white children began slacking off and degrading their own educations!  And, if any white made any claim against the system, he would be immediately declared a “racist” and would be treated as a terrible person.  If a black did anything to a white, and the white man acted against it, he would be called a racist!  If blacks did not like a law, a person, or a situation that required them to act in the same manner as whites, it would be referred to as racism!  Racism became a word of dominance, as we did not want to cross that line, to have that name used against us, because we all wanted to be fair!  Our grandparents and parents had been guilty of racist actions in their pasts, and they wanted to forget it, so they told us to be quiet and not make a problem out of being  referred to as a racist!  The Black Panthers, a group that would walk our streets armed and dangerous, generally were ignored and allowed to act as they wished, because no one wanted any trouble!  The NAACP was the “nicer” side of the situation but, whenever they were unhappy with how whites acted, they yelled out “racism”, and we tried to be quiet and go along with them!

Over the years, our society has become immune to the word “racism”, as it has been used so much that it became boring.  But, now that Obama has run up against white opposition against the legislation he is trying to pass, that will destroy our nation’s independence, the word “Racism” is coming back, hard!  When the Tea Parties stood against him, he called us racists, and did everything he could to build black anger against us!  But there are many blacks in this country that realize that failure in efforts to seek out success in life is the fault of the person, not the community!  Many look at life exactly as whites do, that we need to work to build a strong country, that we need to get good jobs and work hard to provide for our families and our futures!  So, instead of making an honest effort to work with the Tea Party, to work on legislation that would improve our nation, not destroy it, he began a movement to rebuild the anger of the late ’60s, and early ’70s, between the blacks and whites!  When the Tea Party showed up in DC, he got Congressional members to walk through the crowds, to show their denial of the rights of the citizens of this country to voice their anger at the government!  They were hoping to make the Tea Party members so angry that they would get violent and attack Pelosi when she strutted through the crowd, and attack black Members of Congress when they did the same!  But the Tea Party is full of normal Americans, and they were not violent, they did not attack them, they simply expressed their anger at the legislation, and Congress for passing it!  So, Obama’s people claimed that they were attacked, and called racist names!  But there was not one single situation that could be found on any of the news footage, or private footage taken that day, that showed anything racist, mean, or violent!  It is extremely obvious that Congress and Obama wanted violence because, if they did not want any confrontation, they could have simply taken the underground shuttle train that goes from each Congressional Office Building directly to the Capitol!  So they wanted it, but the Tea Party people acted like good adults, and avoided it, and our Congressional Member lied in order to get the news they wanted blacks to hear!

Now we have heard the New Black Panther Party leader say that he hates “crackers”. that every responsible black man needs to kill “crackers”, and to kill “all of the cracker babies”, yet he faces no jail time for his efforts in voter fraud, because Obama’s black Attorney General doesn’t feel it is necessary!  And the NAACP leadership, at their national convention, has stated that the Tea Parties are racist, that the members of the Tea Parties are racist, and they claim, once again, that Tea Party members spit on Members of Congress, called them racist names, and were violent to them at the rally in DC!  Once again: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO VIDEO PROOF OF ANY SUCH ACTIONS BY TEA PARTY MEMBERS!  This is just a repeat of the ” ’60s and ’70s racist attacks” on whites and we are all supposed to simply roll over and play dead about it!  WELL, IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK THIS TIME!

In my own personal history; my adopted father’s family came from Norway in the early 1900′s, and they had just as much hatred shown against them as blacks did.  My father was raised  in a black neighborhood in Battle Creek, Michigan, and he taught me to respect people, regardless of race or color!  My adopted mother’s family came from England at about the same time, and they never showed any contempt or anger towards blacks.  My natural mother’s family came to the US at the same time as my adopted families, and they moved to Battle Creek, from Germany, and they kept to themselves.  My great, great Grandfather, on my father’s side, joined the Union forces in the Civil War when Lincoln let the people know that they were fighting to free the Southern slaves.  In fact; he was shot in the neck on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee, while saving a black man from being killed!  He lived with a musket ball hole in his neck for the rest of his life!  And a great many whites have the same history!  Slave owners were a very  small minority in the South, and they are long dead!  There are no more living slaves, or slave owners left in our country!  And many of the people who were members of the Klu Klux Klan, and other individuals and groups who were active racists, are  long dead!  So the majority of whites in our country had nothing to do with the racism, or violence towards blacks in our past!  Are there still some individuals with a racist attitude?  Yes, and on both sides of the color spectrum!  And never forget that the Irish that came to America, my ancestors, were brought in as “indentured servants”, or “slaves”, who were treated exactly as black slaves in the South!  Blacks were used as slaves in the South because their color made them stand out, so runaways could be caught!

We are tired of the words “Racist” and “Racism”, and we have reached a point in our lives where we will no longer lie down and let the bulldozer of “racism” run us over!  In fact; we are growing very tired and angry of those individuals who blame us for all of their own problems!  We will not stand for this kind of treatment any longer!  We are not angry with blacks; many of us have close relationships with our black friends, and we live as good neighbors to each other!  We are tired of the troublemakers who blame us for all of their ills, and threatened us with statements like “you have to kill all of the crackers!”  All they are trying to do is stir up anger and violence in the black communities, to cause black violence on whites!  BUT WE ARE NOT GOING TO STAND FOR THIS ANYMORE!  If you want to have true equality, with all Americans treated exactly the same by our government, with no “special” regulations, we will work with you to cause that to happen!  But, if you attack us, if you come at us with violence in your heart, if you “hate all crackers”,  and want to “kill all crackers, and all cracker babies”, you better be ready for a personal hell!  We do not want trouble, but we will no longer sit back and let you threaten our families and their rights and freedoms!  We will have true equality in this nation, with all of the men and women citizens being equal, or we will stand and protect our rights to do so!  We are all Americans, it is our government, and its leadership that is building all this hate, so let’s get them out and bring back the free nation we all fought to protect!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Bud says:

    You are exactly right! Nobody is promised anything but an opportunity to try and become successful. If you don’t want to work you should go hungry. If you have children you should be made to support them. If you commit crimes you should be punished under the laws of the land. If you are in our country illegally you should be caught and sent home–in a manner that you will remember. Those who don’t like the country as established under God and the constitution should leave and find a country they do like.

  2. Tom 57th AHC says:

    As long as you have organizations like the Black Panthers and the NAACP, it will be very difficult to eradicate racism. The Panthers have openly expressed their hate for whites, and instead of concentrating their energy on helping black people, the NAACP is trying to accuse the Tea Party of being racist. It’s all a scheme to prepare for the November elections. The democrats feel the threat.

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