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The time has come to quit bypassing the truth about what is happening to our country!  We can no longer afford to endanger our futures, and our children’s futures by ignoring the way Progressives are working to destroy our great nation!  Until they gathered the power they needed, by attacking our veterans back in the late ’60s and early ’70s, we had the most powerful nation in the world!  And we were not a tyrannical nation, seeking dominance over every other country, we simply wanted to be left alone, to live our lives as Americans, citizens of the greatest nation in the world!  And, because we were so powerful, no one attacked us, as they always feared our ability to respond to aggressive actions!   Every American had a job, with a good income, and those who were willing to earn it had homes and cars, and were able to take vacations with their children.  On holidays, such as the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Veteran’s Day, we had hometown parades, people waved American flags, and pride in our country was a normal way of thought with our children!  But the Progressives/Socialists felt that our country was too powerful, that we were to independent, and they needed to destroy us from the inside out, a bit at a time, to bring us down to the level where we would fear other nations, and would be afraid to stand up for ourselves, as we would be called “racists” and “haters”, and would back down from any threat, becoming weak and submissive as a nation!

The Progressives worked their plan in a well thought-out manner, destroying our moral values and pride, first, then they went after our military strength!  They modified our Welfare Program to build initiative with citizens to not seek adequate employment, and gave them a way to live off the government, not their own need to work.   They set up what, basically, amounts to a payment process for women to earn more money by having more babies, and to do it with as little parenting as possible, setting up generations of children who have not had quality guidance in how to live their lives, how to earn a better living for themselves!  They also modified our educational system to push children out of High School, to give them “Attendance Diplomas”, so that they don’t actually have to work to get a decent education, they only have to attend classes to graduate!  So now we have children with no parental guidance, no basic idea of morality or responsibility, and not enough education to even know how to do basic math, or how to speak proper English!  Add to that; they have built a society where valueless “fame” and “popularity”, with no basis but that they are willing to do whatever it takes to make themselves popular, is what now drives our children in how they live their lives!  We no longer have a “success-oriented” society, we have a “popularity-oriented” society, where being on U-Tube means more than earning a degree in college, or living a successful life!  And, even worse; our children have been trained to feel that anything they want, they can have, as they “deserve it”, simply because they feel it is “owed” them!  And, instead of having real heroes in their lives, they have been trained to believe that “gangstas”, “punks”, and “druggies” are cool, and cops, firemen, soldiers and veterans are “wierd”!  And now our schools are teaching them that they need to watch out for their parents, that their parents are not as “smart” as they are, so they need to be ready to report them to the government if they think their parents are not following the political line thrown down from Congress!

Our military is slowly being weakened by being trained to act as “social officers”, not soldiers; they are being taught to give an enemy every single bit of courtesy, while their own lives are held at risk by regulations that do no more than make them open targets!  Our greatest weapons, the nuclear ability we had that made everyone back away from attacking us, are being destroyed, as our enemies are building up their own supplies!  Our military is not being provided with adequate supplies to protect our troops, like quality armor vests, and vehicles, and they are in danger every day when it is totally unnecessary for them not to have the equipment they need to survive!  And, now, we have a Congress and President who has great disrespect for our military, our patriotic symbols, and national pride!  Worst of all; he has a plan set up to allow for him to call in UN troops if Americans stand against him, giving them control over our country through International Law!

Our press has become no more than a “mouthpiece” for our government, spewing Progressive ideals and bowing down and kissing the ass of every Progressive politician in Washington, DC!  Except for FOX News, there is no adequate source of truth for the people, no basis of information that will allow them to understand just how twisted our government is truly becoming!  One of the things that always kept this nation free, with quality rights and freedoms for our citizens is “Freedom of Speech”, but the only “Freedom of Speech” that DC now supports is lies and misleading information that hides the truth about how our politicians are operating!  And the Broadcast news stations, CNN, and MSNBC are marching in lockstep with the ideals of the Progressives who are now in control in DC!

And let’s not forget the Unions; they were, once, a necessary means for protecting the rights of the workers of America, then the Mob stepped in and took control, and the Unions began to be the “Bullys” in business, forcing their ways onto the corporations that built this nation’s manufacturing base, foring many of them to go outside the US, costing us jobs, just to continue to afford to be able to manufacture their goods!  Now the Unions dominate all worker contracts, with most of the money going to the Union Bosses!  And, worst of all, the most powerful union in the US, at the present time, is the SEIU, the Service Employees Union INTERNATIONAL!  Get the word “INTERNATIONAL”?  In other words; the union that is holding the most power in our country is not a American Union, but an “INTERNATIONAL” UNION!  Do you honestly think that they have the best interests of this nation in their hearts?

The greatest weapon that our politicians have used against us, with extremely successful outcomes, is “Political Correctness”!  When whites felt the need to stand up with Martin Luther King, to end the racism in our country, to work to provide true freedom for every American citizen, CITIZEN, they used political correctness to make us feel shame for simply being white, to make us all feel responsible for the actions of a minority in this nation, who owned slaves, over a hundred years ago,  to work to end our pride in our achievements and strengths as Americans!  Now we suffer under “reverse racism”, not from every Black in our country, because most Blacks are not racists, just as most Whites are not racists, but from a violent, angry, vicious group of self-righteous people who feel that they need to control us, to allow them to take over our nation!  You won’t hear any white man stand out on the streets and yell out that we “need to kill Blacks, that we need to kill Black babies”, because that is not the way the majority of Whites think in our country!  But, as we have all heard, the New Black Panthers are standing up and yelling out that “Crackers need to be killed, that Cracker babies need to be killed”, and Eric Holder, the man who is in charge of keeping our nation free from hatred and voter manipulation is not doing anything to stop it, in fact; he is supporting it by not arresting those who spout that racist filth against Whites!  And now we have to share the responsiblity for the greatest successes of our nation, our effort to go into space, to go to the Moon, and back again, with Muslims, people who have done nothing to build our space program, simply because “we need to make them feel important”!  What has happened to the pride of White Americans?  Why are we ashamed of building the greatest nation in the world?

This is what is ruining our great country, this is what has taken our nation away from its dreams and goals, and has torn down our manufacturing and financial bases, to weaken us and make us easy prey for our enemies!  The need of Progressives to bring our nation to its knees is placing us in the greatest danger we have ever seen as a free nation, since our Revolution from the English!  We need to stand up and fight against every single action they take to destroy our Constitutional rights, to take away our freedoms, and work to return America back to the people of this great nation!  I have heard many say that we have done enough to stop the changes the Progressives are making, and they are completely wrong; we can never do enough to stop them until they are gone from our government, gone from our country, and we can go back to becoming the great and powerful nation we once were!  If you know, in your heart, that you are a true American, that you love this nation and want to see her stand strong again, then you need to be willing to work to do whatever is necessary to protect her from her enemies, both foreign, and domestic!  Don’t listen to the crap put out by politicians that enrich themselves because they keep us divided!  We are all Americans, regardless of the color of our skin, or the nationality of our forefathers!  As true citizens of this great nation, we need to stand up and hold our positions  for that which provides us with the greatest freedoms and rights in the world; The Constitution of the United States!  Be an American, be proud of it, and put an end to the Political Correctness that is poisoning our way of life! 


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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