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I remember, when I was a kid, one of the families in my hometown lost their income for a couple of months, because their father became seriously ill.  They weren’t that well-off to begin with, and their lives got much harder when he went to the hospital, but they didn’t have to worry about food, utilities, or any of the necessities of life, because the whole town chipped in and helped them out.  My hometown was like that; whenever a farmer became ill, and couldn’t care for his stock, or tend his fields, the neighbors all helped out.  America used to be like that; everyone worked for a living, they did what was necessary to care for their families and, when they had problems, the neighbors got together and helped them through their hard times!  But, now, we have welfare that pays more than wages, unemployment that pays more than wages, and we have lost the need to work.  We have also lost our drive to help each other, as we have become a “Me” society, with our individual needs holding more importance than anything else!  And this is where the “Share the Wealth” idea has begun to destroy our lives, as people are looking to others to support them, simply because they don’t want to put the effort into being successful on their own!  And this new idea that “no one is a loser” is teaching our children that it is not necessary to strive for success, because we all have the same value in life!  We are becoming a nation of “Nobodies” with “no direction”!

Most of America believes that the “Share the Wealth” idea is a new one, but they are so wrong; our initial welfare system was no more than one of the first steps in sharing the wealth of our nation.  But no one paid attention because we had plenty of jobs, and only a small portion of our wages were going to social programs, so it just didn’t matter.  But, now, we are being robbed by foreign assistance  “Wealth Sharing” programs, many that most don’t see for what they truly are!  One of the largest “Wealth Sharing” programs located in the US is the UN!  We cover almost 80% of the UN budget with American taxes, paid for by American workers!  And what about all of the “Assistance Programs” within the UN, that send financial and food assistance to “poor” nations?  Almost 80% of that money comes from the pockets of US taxpayers!  Then add to that the “special” funding sent by the United States government to other nations, where most of the money goes into the pockets of dictators, and all of that money comes from the pockets of American taxpayers!  Look at Haiti; during the ’90s, we sent almost 90 billion dollars to Haiti, to “assist the people”, but it all wound up in the bank accounts of Haiti’s leaders!  There were no improvements made for the people of Haiti, they never saw any of that money!  And, when the earthquake hit, Obama shared our wealth and sent an enormous amount of American tax dollars down to help them, yet they have seen little assistance, because that money is going to the leaders, not the people!  And our famous “rock stars”, people who whine about how badly we treat the rest of the world, while they keep all of their money in their own pockets, got the citizens of America to feel guilty, getting them to donate hundreds of millions of dollars to Haiti, yet have you seen any real major change down their yet?  The last I heard, they were still begging for money, while we have so many unemployed Americans whose benefits are running out, and they are losing their homes!

For all of the bitching and complaining by other nations, about how “bad” America is, they all lean on us for the money they want to provide what they want in their own countries!  And we also “Share the Wealth” by refusing to use our own resources, for our own nation, and we fund the nuclear ambitions of nations like Iran and China, giving them the money they need to build up their own power, to allow them to threaten our safety!  10 years ago, we were the richest, most powerful nation in the world, now, we’re lucky if we can afford to feed our own families, because we let our government destroy our nation from within, allowing them to ruin our financial base, and move our manufacturing base overseas!  ARE YOU AWAKE NOW!  How much longer do we need to walk down this path of “assisting” other nations, and letting our own nation fail from within?  At what point do you, a true American citizen, pay attention and stand up to your government and make them return to the true Constitutional law that our nation was built on?

The time has come to say “NO!” to all of the other nations that are bleeding our economy dry, and ignore their problems and solve our own!  If they want to dominate and kill each other, so be it!  If they want to leech off of each other, so be it!  Let’s bring our troops back home and put them on America’s borders and block any, and all access to our nation by illegal means!  Let’s put any employer who gives a job to an illegal, or non-American, into prison for six months for their first “mistake”, then forbid them from ever holding a business license again, and a mandatory 5 years in prison, for a second offense!  Then we should authorize State governments to rid their state of illegals by any means necessary!  We should begin using our own natural resources, rebuild our manufacturing base, end all mandatory Union membership, and fuel American-made cars with American-made gasoline, while we use American skill to design, and build workable, and affordable alternative fuel vehicles, that Americans will want to buy!    The time has come to end this “American-guilt”, forced upon us by other nations, and to begin rebuilding American pride, and honor!  The time has come to quit bowing down to foreign leaders within the UN, and force that agency off of American land, and let them pay for their own problems, while we work on ours!  Finally; we get robbed by foreign nations that we ship their necessities to, with no special pricing or import taxes, while they rob us by inflating prices and raising extremely high import taxes on American goods that enter their nations!  From now on, whenever some nation raises their prices to us, we double their raise on goods shipped to them!  And, if they have import taxes that they use against us, we simply stop shipping to them!  This world was a whole lot better off when we were in charge, and many nations grew into rich countries, and everyone felt much safer than they do now!  So, the time has come to end this “self-hatred” by American citizens, to end the useless “guilt” that the world has place on us, and for all American citizens to begin to re-learn just how great our nation truly is, and for all Americans to hold their hand over their hearts and understand the true meaning of our Flag, our Pledge, and our National Anthem, deep within their hearts once more!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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