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I went downtown last night, to watch the fireworks display by the Arch; I was a little too close in the beginning, and the explosions brought back the nervousness I felt when the rockets roared down on Kontum, Vietnam, on a nightly, and daily basis back in 1968!  But, now, I was able to move far enough away to remove myself from the fear of the explosions in the air!  I looked around and I saw fellow vets, from Vietnam, and Iraq and Afghanistan, flinch, every time a rocket exploded in fiery brilliance!  It’s a feeling you never get over, but the beauty and the majesty of it all took away my fear, and I looked up in awe at the fiery magnificence that appeared before me!  You never forget the dangers that came at you, when you put your life on the line to keep your brothers safe and sound, and to keep your country away from the dangers and death of warfare!  And it is that sense of service that makes things like our Constitution, and our nation, so important to every veteran that was able to come home, while his brothers died in service to their country!

As I looked up at the beauty in the skies over St. Louis, my mind went to the reason behind the fireworks displays; the “Rocket’s Red Glare, Bombs Bursting In Air, Gave Proof Through The Night, That Our Flag Was Still There!”  That night in war, when one man looked up and saw the explosions around him, and saw the beauty of the American Flag, the symbol of freedom for the entire world, waving bravely through the night, giving a sense of strength and courage to the men who fought under it, for freedom and independence, then sat down and wrote our National Anthem, the song that Obama said was “too complicated” for Americans to appreciate!  Well, I spent the night of January 31st, 1968, fighting against “overwhelming” odds, along with 167 other brave men of the 57th Assault Helicopter Company, and we won the battle, fighting back more enemy soldiers than any of us could count, and when we looked up, we could see our nation’s flag whipping in the wind, and we knew that we had won a victory for ourselves, and our families back home!  It’s amazing how you can fight against seemingly insurmountable odds and win, then notice the one symbol of freedom, with no marks or holes in it, waving freely in the night air,  and you know that you did the right thing!

But Obama, Pelosi, Reed, Dodd, Frank, and so many others in Congress never see the true value of a symbol as touchable as the American Flag with the importance that American veterans do!  But, why should they?  When we saw our brothers return home in boxes, covered in American Flags, to be buried in front of their family and friends, we understood the meaning of that colorful piece of cloth, but they only remember the war protests they attended, where hippies pee’d on it, where they draped it over their shoulders and did little “whoopie” dances with it, or when they burned it as a display of their anger against our nation!  When Obama refuses to wear a “flag pin”, when he puts his hand over his right chest, when he bows down and pays homage to Muslim leaders, he craps on the honor of every soldier who died in combat, of every veteran who lives with the memories of his brothers exploding, right before his eyes!  Honor is earned, not given, and it is amazing that, in this great nation, the men who deserve honor never ask for it, and the ones who spit on the memories of those who actually earned the freedoms that they disgrace, claim honor simply because they hold a job in DC, that they are supposed to be the “leaders” of our great country!  But the true leaders never expect anything, nor do they ever ask for any special recognition, they simply live their lives, as best as they can!

While the Obama Administration used gangster tactics by Black Panther leaders, and forgave them for threatening voters, trying to force them to vote with Panther beliefs, the courage of American sons and daughters who fought against the enemies of our nation was ignored and forgotten!  When the President of the United States was supposed to be in Arlington, on Memorial Day, to honor the courage of those still fighting our wars, and those who died in service to our great nation, Obama was up in Chicago buddying up with old friends!  I don’t know about you, but Memorial Day, and the 4th, filled me with honor and pride for those kids who are putting their lives on the line for the country they love!  No one needs to ask them to wear a “flag pin”, no on needs to explain to them that they need to place their hand over their heart when saying the Pledge of Alliegence, or listening to the Star Spangled Banner when not in uniform, they do it because they feel, deep inside themselves, exactly what our Forefathers felt when they did the same!  I don’t know about you, but I have grown very tired of this man who claims to be our President, yet he has so little honor that he refuses to show documents, like his legitimate Birth Certificate, to prove that he has the right to stand as the President of these United States!  Does it really surprise you that he is willing to allow illegals to travel, freely, around our nation, and is granting them the right to do so with no worry of being required to show “proof of citizenship”?  It is so simple; if you’re legitimate, simply show the document; I do it every time I am asked to!  And, this week, on a tabloid, the entire front page is about his failure to prove his citizenship!  So; I have but one question for our “America-hating” President, and his wife:  Why are you so afraid to show your documentation, the documentation required by law, to prove you are a “natural-born” citizen of America?  Obama; put up, or get out!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Great job mike. You are right on. I believe that our president lied every step of the way to become our president and is showing now his inability to do the job.Every eligiable voter must vote in the nov el;ection or by the next election eligible voters will be bribed with our money to continue the decline of our great country.
    I have been using the same thing you do .Wake up America Ted Kearns
    Gladiator 006 1969

  2. Brian says:

    These people (Obama, Pelosi, Reid ,Dodd and Frank) will NEVER have the understanding and compassion we have for what we and our brothers have gone through to ensure this nation remains free. It is through our efforts and sacrifice that they are able to believe as they want. And they can’t even acknowledge that! I cannot understand why they are so willing to destroy the way of life that has allowed them to rise above others in being leaders in this country.
    When Obama did not go to Arlington on Memorial Day and instead went to Chicago to pal around with Louis Farakhan, that spoke volumes as to his true agenda. In my opinion, Obama is a clear and present danger to the United States and should be dealt with accordingly.

  3. John Ryan says:

    I agree and think it is time to clean house of all that stand against us there!!

    Vote them all out in November especially the ones we know are against us, we are fools if we allow them to win new terms, the shame will be on us!!

    If you don’t vote you have nothing to complain about, period!!

    • Tom 57th AHC says:

      I second Ryans comments. November is the time to take our country back from our present administration.

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