I’m sorry to have been off for so long, but I have been remodelling a bedroom.  While doing so, I had time to think about the two questions I keep hearing more than anything else:  1.  How can I affect the future of our country?  2.  How can I be sure that any politician I elect will remain loyal to the people, and not get back to the “old school” tradition of selling off their power to the highest bidder?  Let me answer the second question first, then discuss your responsibilities:

First of all; any person running for office, whom you might consider, must be someone who knows the true value of keeping their word.  They must understand the necessity of telling the truth to their constituents, and not hiding anything that might affect legislation, one way or another.  Here are some ideas that I believe will change the course of our political history, if our elected politicians will back them, and honor them throughout their time in office:

1.  They must push for Term Limits, to ensure that we no longer have individuals like Senator Byrd in office, a man who is in his nineties, and can barely speak in an understandable voice.  The problems with no term limits begin with the fact that many voters simply vote for the familiar name, and do not give any reasonable thought to capabilities or honesty, just the name that they are used to hearing.  And, the longer an elected official is in office, the more power they build; the more time they spend with other “lifetime” Congressional members, the more dirt they can build against them, which can be used to “blackmail” other Congressional members into voting as they want them to.  A prime example is Barney Frank, who should have been run out of DC in 1984, when he was caught running a gay whorehouse in his home.  But he had pictures and information on other members of Congress, spending time enjoying the boys in his home, so he was “protected”, and wound up running Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, causing our nation to almost go belly up in the Financial Crisis, and now he is responsible for all oversight on all financial transactions in Congress!  It’s like having Al Quiada acting as the police force in New York!  By sending in a large group of new people, with no history on the hill, we will have a voting group that cannot be influenced into voting against their constituents’ wishes.  But those new people need to live clean lives, and vote for term limits, to end the “blackmail” control over Congress.

2.  They must push to end all Special Interest Group influence over every action taken by Congress.  Too much legislation goes through the Hill that takes special care to help out Special Interests, leaving the majority of Americans left out in the cold!

3.  They must end “Influence Peddling”, and keep businesses and individuals from buying influence, through major campaign donations, and other means, so that their interests take priority over the citizens.

4.  They must work to keep all legislation, going before Congress for a vote, down to one issue at a time, with no pork add-ons, or other issues being allowed!  The time of “bills too big to read” must come to an end!  One issue/one bill!

5.  All legislation must be kept to a clearly understandable explanation, with no “legalese”, or tricky phrasing, meant to confuse and mis-direct the attention of the voters.  If a voter with a decent High School education cannot read the bill and understand it, it must be rewritten in a manner to make it more understandable.  The Bill of Rights was written on a couple of pages, and that was the foundation of our rights, and it was written in plainly understandable English, so any future legislation should be kept to the same standards.

6.  Any Congressional Representative who is caught lying, accepting bribes or influence money, or acting in a manner that does not conform to their oath of office should be impeached, immediately.  If they break the law, they should be fired!  They must conform to the same life code as their constituents.

7.  Any, and all, legislation that is to be put before a vote, with the exclusion of legitimate National Security measures, should be placed on the web for all the citizens to read, at least two weeks before any vote is to be held.

8.  Any candidate running for office should allow access to their offices by their constituents, to ensure that their constituents have an opportunity to make their voices heard.  The days of an “unreachable” Congressional member should come to an end.

9.  No Congressional Representative shall ever get another pay raise, unless it goes before a vote of the citizens, and no Representative should ever receive better health care, or other benefits than what their voters get.  If any legislation is ever passed that has a serious effect on the lives of voters, then all members of Congress will have to live by that same legislation.

10.  No bill, of any kind, that requires expenditures, will be allowed to pass until it is proven that it can be paid for with current funds.  Congress will have to balance the budget and keep it balanced!  If that means cuts, then there will have to be cuts!  But the areas within our government that are swollen with funding that is unnecessary will be the ones to be cut first;  Expensive Presidential spending habits, expensive fancy airplanes for Congressional members, the Welfare Administration, which is majorly over-staffed with unnecessary workers, and other wasteful expenditures must come to an end!  If the citizens of this nation are forced to live on a balanced budget, then the government must do exactly the same thing!

These are only 10 ideas out of a group of many, but they are important, and any person running for office should stand up and promise to make an effort to see that these situations are removed from “normal” Congressional actions!  If they work to bring the power down from the National Government, back to the States, and the citizens, then they will be the kind of Congressional Representatives this nation truly needs!

As to “how can I affect the future of our country?”:  Stop sitting around your house, thinking about how bad the world is, and how our futures all look bleak, and get up and volunteer to work with a candidate who is running for office, get out and become involved in political groups in your area that express similar ideas to your own, and get out and vote on election day, and help those who can’t get to the polls on their own, get there!  This nation became the first truly free nation in the world because people got up off their butts and did something!  And, now, with the financial crisis that we are facing, and our children, and grandchildren’s futures looking extremely bad, because of the enormous debt that Congress is building, we need to become responsible citizens of this great nation and take part in the actions necessary to change our direction back to becoming the strong, self-dependent nation we once were!  You’ve got two choices:   Sit at home and whine and watch the future of your children dissolve into a mess of socialistic waste, or stand up and be an American, fight for what you believe is right and stand, with honor, with others like yourself, to work to bring America back where it belongs!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Hi Mike, I just discovered your site. In your paragraph “How can I affect the future of our country?” I suggest you add the link http://theprecinctproject.wordpress.com/
    as a guide on how best to get into the inner circle to make changes. It’s easy!

    Other than the above, I suggest the following:

    Here’s a practical Tea Party type strategy to create a “Citizen Congress”

    A Congress of career politicians will never represent “We the People”, because their highest priority is getting reelected with the help of Big Money.

    But “We the People” have more votes than “Big Money” has, and thus can end Congress as a career for professional politicians by never reelecting incumbents.

    We can impose single terms every two years, by never reelecting Congress.

    Always vote, but only for challengers. Never reelect incumbents.

    Keep this up until Congress is mostly “one-termers”, a citizen Congress.

    Then keep it up every election, to make a citizen Congress a permanent reality.

    Every American’s only intelligent choice is to never reelect anyone in Congress!

    The only infallible, unstoppable, guaranteed way to get a truly new Congress,

    and a cleaned up new politics is


    Nelson Lee Walker of tenurecorrupts.com

  2. Tom 57th AHC says:

    There should also be a term limit for the Supreme Court. No one should be allowed to have a lifetime appointment.

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