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The Oath of Office of the President of the United States is very simple, yet very meaningful:  “I do solemnly swear ( or affirm ) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  It is meant to be kept within the heart of the President, to guide him on his daily path, to ensure that the people of the United States are being cared for in a manner that will protect both their rights and freedoms, and their safety and security!  The President of this country is the symbol of pride in our nation, of honor in our actions, and of dignity in being American!  When he stands before other world leaders, he is standing for the American people, not his own arrogance or pride.  He stands for what is good in our nation, for the people who work to build our economy, for the States that bond together to support him, and for the men and women in our military, who risk their lives to keep our nation free!  Any less is a slap in the face of every proud American citizen!

Our President is supposed to take every possible step to ensure that we are kept safe, that our families have no worries that our general welfare is being destroyed, yet Obama is now ordering a suit against the State of Arizona, because Arizona stepped up and strengthened the safety of the people who depend upon it to protect them from the dangers of illegals; people who are invading our nation, bringing in crime, drugs, terroristic threats, and a financial burden that is bankrupting states because they cannot afford the upkeep of illegals who are flooding our welfare system!  It’s not just Arizona that is being destroyed under the burden of illegals, but it is Arizona that is the first to stand up and force the issue!  If our government was protecting the rights of the people of the United States, Arizona would never have had to take action on its own!  But, we the people, are being sold out by a government that cares more for its own power and control, than it does for the rights of safety and security of the citizens it is supposed to represent!  This is just one of many un-Constitutional actions that have been carried out by our Congress, and endorsed by our President, and here are some of the others:

1.  Obama took over General  Motors and Chrysler, taking control of those corporations away from the owners and management that, under our Constitution, had the right to own their corporation, and enter bankruptcy, if necessary, to allow them to re-organize and rebuild to work to regain success in their industry!  And he GAVE control of GM to the Unions, and managemental ownership of Chrysler to Fiat, a foreign-owned company in Italy, not in the US!  Nowhere in our Constitution does it give the President the power to do so!

2.  Obama and Congress removed the rights of the citizens of this nation to find their own method of Health Care, and assumed control themselves!  Once again; nowhere in our Constitution does it give them the right to do so!  If, at any time, this was to be done in a legal manner, it would have had to be put before the citizens of this great nation for a vote, for a “Constitutional amendment”.  It can only be done by the people, not the government.  But our leadership is personally involved, on a financial level, so their profits mandated their decision, not the will of the people!

3.  They will be forcing a “Cap and Trade” bill upon us, to manage how we can use energy, what kind of energy we can use, and when we can use it!  They say it is for the “protection of our planet”, but that is a lie, as we are no longer a “Polluting Nation”; we have laws to control pollution in the United States, and we work to keep our atmosphere clean!  It is China and India that are polluting the planet, and any effort to force controls upon the American people will not heal the problem, it will only throw a heavy burden upon the citizens of this country, one that will destroy our way of life!  So; why are they doing it?  Because of the Chicago Carbon-credit Exchange, a corporation built by Obama and many of his cabinet, Al Gore, and many others who have invested money so that they can profit by forcing equipment and higher energy prices on the American people!  Once again; money, not actual facts, or the good of the people, is what is influencing our governmental leaders!

4.  Obama is pushing Congress to give him the ability to shut off our internet “for security reasons”, which is not true, as our internet can be shut down by our government now, if it is attacked by forces from outside of our nation.  This new power is being sought to shut down communications between the people of our country, to keep us from gathering, and using the information we need to stand up, as the Tea Party is doing, to monitor and work to change any corruption and power-hunger abuses that our political leaders are working to achieve!  In other words; it is being sought as a solution to ending our right to “Freedom of speech!”

5.  Obama and Congress are working to manipulate our laws to allow them to remove guns from the ownership of citizens, to destroy our Second amendment rights, to weaken the strength of the citizens, so that the government can dominate and control us, without any fear of retaliation on our part!

There are many more actions, taken over the past year and a half, by Obama and Congress  that are in violation of our Constitutional Law, and every day they grow more, and more careless as to what they are doing to destroy our rights and freedoms, and they ignore the wishes and anger of the citizens!  They are allowing an invasion of our nation, and refuse to protect and defend our borders, and work to remove the illegals that have flooded across them!  Instead of ending the threat of illegals, they are working to find ways to legalize them, to give them voting power, to allow them to push the citizens of America out-of-the-way, so that they can take control of our country!  And this is all being done in violation of our Constitution, yet no legal group has stood up to file an Order of Impeachment against Obama, or the members of Congress that are working to destroy our country!  This has to end, their actions are impeachable, and something has to be done before they can destroy any more of our rights!  Someone out there has to be willing to bring an action to halt any more legislation until this situation can be brought before the Supreme Court!  Make your voices be heard on this issue, make the sound of your anger echo across our nation!  We need to get together a team of legal experts to stand up and fight for our rights, to force an end to this effort to destroy the United States of America. before we cross a line we can’t go back over, without an uprising of the people!  We need to make our Constitution work as it was meant to, to push out these traitors within our own government before they have the time to destroy the very rights and freedoms that so many have died to protect!  The time to end this is now, the time to stand up as American citizens, with great pride, is now!  Go out on the streets and repeat last year’s efforts of the Tea Party rallies!  Go out and show them that we will not stand silently to the side and allow them to crap on our Constitution!  Be a citizen, or be a servant; it’s now up to you!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. cruisinvet says:

    I hear you loud and clear on the above brother. Like to vent here a bit on another problem, that be passing judgement on the Vietnam veteran.
    Have a good friend who is a Vietnam combat veteran and tried to get into the R.I. Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association but was denied membership by another veteran who was the state rep of this assn. This VNam combat vet met every condition in order to get into this veteran organization on two wheels but would not be prospected. The CVMA claims it does not prospect but the R.I. chapter 9-1 makes one wait for membership in order to judge who wears their COOL patch as the arrogant state rep puts it. The National CVMA was notified of this problem and did nothing to rectify it. The Vietnam vet was awarded the CIB and other awards, plus he has a honorable discharge. What is the CVMA afraid of by letting a real combat vet in their ranks?
    Thought the days of judging Vietam veterans were over but guess not.

    • Gladiator 059 says:

      I understand your frustration on the lack of serious interest in your buddy. I have been riding iron for over 40 years, and I have always wanted a fellow vet beside me. I was once asked to join the VVMC but refused when they told me I would have to be a “proby”; I was in Kontum, for the Tet offensive in ’68, and flew 262 combat missions as a Crewchief on a Huey, and the guys that wanted to test me weren’t even in ‘Nam, but were active duty in Europe and the States. If a man has proven himself in combat, he never has to prove anything again! I guess that’s why so many of us are loners.

      • Tom 57th AHC says:

        It can all change in November, lets hope it does. As for Arizona, they are doing the federal governments job. What is it that people don’t understand? If the politicians in the white house don’t agree with what Arizona is doing, then lets encourage them to take vacations and buy homes along the border.

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