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“We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves, and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

To those who may not remember American History; that is the “Preamble to the United States Constitution”, a document that has changed the history of the world, the document that put in force a basis for freedom that has stood, since its creation, as the model of fair government, to a free people!  It is the reason that so many have come over here, legally, from other nations, and have taken the legitimate path to earn citizenship in our country, to allow them to live free in America!  The other day, I ran into a gentleman who claimed to be a “Constitutionalist”, and he tried to dictate to me what the Preamble really meant, how it stated that anyone who entered this country, legally, or illegally, had the right to live in America, to take advantage of the rights and privileges accorded to American citizens only, regardless of their status as legal citizens!  He told me that the beginning of the Preamble, “We the people”, meant anyone who is physically in the United States, regardless of their status of citizenship!  So; just to clear things up, I thought I would explain the Preamble, to let individuals like him learn the truth:

1.  “We the people of the United States”:  “We the people” means “We, the citizens of this great country!”  It does not mean “We the downtrodden from other nations”, or “We the citizens of nations that we fear so greatly that we cower, and do not fight for our own rights and freedoms within our own nations, but simply run to America to hide”!  It means that you are an American because this is your home, the place where you were born, and it was our ancestors, our parents and grandparents who fought many wars to maintain our freedom, and many of us who have fought, ourselves, “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”, to keep our nation strong, and free!  We are the people whose hearts are in the truth of the Constitution and people of this great nation!  No one is part of “We the people” until they legally become a citizen of America!  And “of the United States” does not mean “of America”, or they would have said that; it means a union of the states, a central collection of the needs, and the will of the individual states, to provide for the safety and protection of the States, as a whole, not a “Central Power” that dictates to the States!

2. ” In order to form a more perfect union”:  This means that the States joined, and built the Republic to work as a central agency to allow the individual states to work together to keep and maintain the strength of the Union.

3.  “Establish Justice”:  As there would be a great deal of interaction between the States, this would allow the protection, and equality of individuals and businesses that interacted between the States.  It was never meant to be the dominant source of law within States, only to safeguard what happened between States.

4.  “Insure Domestic Tranquility”:  To provide a central Congress, to allow for any state that had a grievance against another state a source of guidance to allow for mutual satisfaction to be achieved, without any military force being necessary to resolve that grievance.

5.  “Provide for the common defense”:  To make sure that the States were protected from any possible dangers from other nations, by providing a collective security force, or military, to keep our borders safe from invasion, or any type of attempt of dominance by outside forces or nations.  It was never meant to mean the ability of a National Government to dominate States through military force.

6.  “Promote general welfare”:  To have a unity between the States that would allow for any State undergoing hardships to know that the other States would be there to assist it in its time of need.  All of the States would work together, to make sure that all stood strongly together, as one.

7.  “And secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves, our Posterity”:  To make sure that the States would band together, as one, to make sure that the United States stood strong, as one interest, to maintain the liberties and freedoms of the Constitution to themselves, and their family lines, forever.

8.  “Do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States of America”:  They gave blessing, and credibility to the Constitution, setting it up as the ruling document for our great nation, the States that united together, to build a free land, called “America”. the “Republic for which it stands!”

If any person wishes to become a citizen of this great nation, to take advantage of its freedoms and rights, then that person must prove to America that he, or she, will end all loyalties to a foreign government, or entity and will, with the greatest depth of one’s heart, bond their loyalty to the United States of America!  And, to do that, they must be willing to follow the legal path to citizenship that our forefathers followed, to work to prove their willingness to become a true American citizen!  Yes, it takes time, and it is a hard path to follow but, if one wishes to be a real part of the American creed, then that is but a small hardship to overcome!  And, as a combat veteran who served my country in war, I can only say; “If you don’t want to work to become a legal citizen, if you are here only to provide money to your home country, and cannot prove your loyalty to the United States, then GET YOUR ASS OUT!”


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    Well said and I would like to note that if someone comes to the USA to get away from poverty or any reasons one would leave one place to go to another what is the sense in trying to make it like the place you left in the first place? Leave your problems and your customs and methods of dressing back where they are the norm and don’t expect the host country to adapt to you and your ways, become an American, become one of us and be accepted as such, remain as you were in a foreign land and you will remain just that with us, a “Foreigner”.

    If you don’t understand simply reverse the process in your mind with Americans coming to the country you left and see how much catering takes place to accomodate Americans, a lot less than Americans allow for you here so take it for what it is worth and take your time adapting but do adapt!

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