I had a rather revealing situation happen to me this afternoon; I was down at “New Hope City”, a tented community allowed by the mayor of St. Louis, down at the river, for homeless people who have been hit by the hard side of this financial crisis in our country.  Many of them are qualified, and willing to work, but there are no jobs available to them, and they have lost their homes and incomes, and have become the 2010 version of the “Great Depression” homeless survivors.  Many are very decent people, individuals who want to find a way out of the community, and will, once they find a job to get them back on their feet!  They are dependent upon the caring of others, people who donate food, clothing, tents, and services to help them survive their current situation.  And, today, there was a group of caring individuals holding a bar-be-que for them in their community, and they got to enjoy the simplistic pleasure of Bratwurst and potato salad. 

Among the group of outsiders down there helping them was a man with a camera, doing interviews with the residents.  He was not a newsman, but an individual who was filming for his own purposes.  I am in regular contact with a resident official of New Hope City, a man called “Wulf”, and he told me he knew this man with a camera, and that I should talk with him, because we have political views in common.  The first thing I noticed about the man was that he seemed very friendly and talkative.  He was wearing a blue denim shirt with a circular badge on it that was about 4 inches in diameter, in great detail, and very hard to read.  It looked like it had some sort of “eagle” emblem on it, and many tiny words.  I could read the ones at the very bottom, that were larger, and they said “return to the Constitution”!  So, naturally, I thought I had met a fellow Constitutionalist.  And I asked him; “Are you a Constitutionalist!”  To which he said “yes”, then told me that we probably had a lot in common.  He told me he was a Vet, and that he was concerned that our nation did not follow the true meaning of our Constitution.  He asked me if I remembered the oath I swore when I joined the Army, and I said “yes”.  He asked me a second time if I remembered it, so I quoted it: ” I swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic!”  He said “Right”, and do you know what that means?  To which I told him that I will fight to uphold the Constitution against the government of our great nation, through the methods spelled out in it!  He asked if I would go further if necessary, to which I told him “Of course”!  Then he said that I must know who the true enemy of our nation really is, and I told him it was the Progressives!  He said “No; it’s not, it’s the Corporations!”

I listened to him as he explained to me how the corporations have been working to destroy our nation since the Reagan Administration, because Reagan “opened the doors to their dominance over us!”  Then he explained how George Bush I, and George Bush II had worked to give the Corporations power over our nation, giving them the right to demand how things were done in the financial end, destroying our manufacturing base and our financial base!  I didn’t think that sounded right, so I asked him what he meant, and he told me that it was because the Corporations are supported by the Conservatives in Congress that they were able to destroy other businesses and end our abilities to manufacture our own goods and services.  That really didn’t sound right, as I know that the taxes charged our corporations grew to be so high, under a Democratic controlled Congress that the Corporations had to move overseas to be able to manufacture on a profitable basis, then the Chinese stole all of their manufacturing procedures and copied the goods they made, then sold them here at a cheaper price, allowing the Chinese to take over our manufacturing base!  He told me that I had the wrong idea on the whole issue, that it was because of the Corporations fouling up our system that the economy almost collapsed in 2008, to which I asked him if he had ever heard of Barney Frank, and how he and his gay lover had controlled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac until 1999, when Barney dumped his lover and took both entities over, himself!  I explained to him how Frank had forced the banks into providing loans to people they knew could not afford them, causing the collapse of our home market when gas prices grew so high in the spring and summer of 2008 that people couldn’t afford to pay the home loans they just barely were able to pay, before the gas prices rose, causing many to go into foreclosure, almost collapsing our economy!  Then this guy told me I didn’t know what I was talking about, to which I asked him how much experience he had in our government, personal, hands-on experience, and he said ” I don’t know what you mean?”  I asked him if he had ever worked in any governmental agency, of any sort, that would allow him to have a first-hand experience in how our government works, and he said “No”. 

I explained my personal experience, and how I worked on the Hill in DC for two and a half years, and I told him I know how crooked our government is, and he didn’t know what he was talking about!  He then asked me if I believed in the Constitution.  I told him “with all my heart!”  He asked me if I understood the phrase “We the people”, and I told him I did.  Then he said “if you believe in that phrase, why do you not accept illegals?”  “Simple”, I said; “They are not legally here!”  Then he told me I was wrong, that the phrase “We the people” includes every human being who wants to be here, in our country, not just the citizens!  I explained to him that the full statement is “We the people of the United States”, and he told me that didn’t matter, because every human being is a “person” in the United States, to which I asked him if he believed that illegals have the right to be here, and he responded “YES!”  That’s when I knew something was up!  I asked him what he did for a living, and he pointed at an 18-wheeler parked in the corner, and he told me he drove that truck.  I can’t remember the name of the company, but it was a Union Drivers’ company, so I knew he was a Union worker!  So I asked him when he was in Vietnam, and he told me “1968”, which was the year I was there, and I asked him what branch of the service he was in, and he told me “the Marines!”  Then I asked him where he served, and my brothers from the 57th AHC will know the problem with his answer; he said “Dak To!”  I flew into Dak To almost every day of 1968, and it was operated fully by the 4th Division, and no Marines I knew of were anywhere within a hundred miles of Dak To!  That’s when I knew this man was a liar!

He is not the first one I have met, wearing that patch, but he is the first one I caught in a blatant lie!  The Unions are dressing their people up as “Tea Party Activists”, giving them things to speak about, manipulating the statements to sound like they are “Tea Partiers”, but burying Progressive ideals in the explanations that, to the untrained eye, look like legitimate “Tea Party” ideals, even though they are spreading information that teaches the uneducated to march in a different direction!  They have invaded our ranks, and are working to make us look exactly like them!  They explain their ideals to match ours, but with a different outcome, so that they draw people in, then turn them against us!  Beware these snakes in the grass, as they seem to be very good people, but they are our enemy, subverting our ideals and values, to destroy our support from the public!  Keep your eyes open, listen to what is being said, and let them know that you know who, and what they are, and that we will not allow their lies to pollute our message to the people!  Stand up against these people, and embarrass them in public!  Run them out of your gatherings, and destroy any legitimacy they may be gaining by standing with the Tea Party in protests and rallies!  This is no more than Hitler’s Fifth Column in a modern day scenario, and we know the trouble that the Fifth Column caused, so let’s take away their lies   before they even get started!  The Tea Party is filled with honest, caring Americans, and we don’t need Progessive stooges fouling up our ideals and our Constitution!  Stand strong against the spies, and deny them any possiblity of spreading their lies under the dome of honesty that is the Tea Party!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Robyn Hamlin says:

    The left will stop at nothing to impose total control. Be aware.

  2. John Ryan says:

    I suppose when something is working the opposition will do such things to derail it.

    It is a good sign that the infiltration has been deemed necessary because the “Tea Party” is getting results though.

    It seems to me it is an admition of defeat by the opposition because they can’t seem to win any ground in debates or by the record so all that is left is to infiltrate and destroy and spread their word to potential voters that just don’t know enough to make the right decision on their own and will listen to someone else they think knows more than they to, in this case a well disguised spy with a weak cover story about his background and veteran status.

    We should expect many and also actual phony members of Conservative groups taking inner information to their higher ups so that rallies and meetings can be infiltrated by others and disrupted.

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