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I have been watching the actions of Obama, and his Administration during the past year, and the actions they have taken since the Oil Spill Crisis began, and I have seen a serious detachment between their ideas of what is important, and what the citizens of this country think is important.  The Oil Spill Crisis is an excellent example of why our leadership is foul, why it has no true connection with the citizens of America, and why they all seem to want to lead with lies and promises, not honesty and true leadership!  It all has to do with character and experience, and both are seriously lacking in the Halls of Congress and the White House!  There is a big difference between a President who has experience in real leadership, especially one with military experience, and one who’s only experience is in “Community Organizing”, which is no more than an effort at building one’s own power and reputation!   Let me explain this in a way that I understand, that all of my ‘Nam brothers understand, as we know the true meaning of “Honor”!

Honor has two definitions, both involve “Dignity” and “Pride”, although both have different meanings for those values, and only one has the value of “Integrity”.  Let me break it down in this manner:

1.  Every soldier is trained to show dignity, pride, and integrity, and is expected to serve his, or her time with full honor for his country, the service, and the men and women he served with.  But, when a soldier has been in combat, those qualities become a natural, heartfelt system of values that guide him through the rest of his life, as he has seen the deaths of his friends for the survival of the country he loves, the home of his family and friends, and he fully understands the value of living in a free country, one where the citizens have the right to speak as they wish, to work to build good lives for themselves, and to build a secure future for his children and grandchildren!  He knows that nothing comes without cost, that there is no such thing as a free life, that it takes deep, personal effort to gain the education and experience necessary to achieve the lifestyle that he wishes to provide for his family!

To him; the meanings of Honor, Dignity, Pride, and Integrity are as follows:

Honor:  A principled uprightness of Character; personal integrity.  A code of integrity, dignity and pride. 

Dignity:  The quality, or state of being worthy of esteem, or self-respect.  Every Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Airman, Guardsman, or Reservist stands proud as a protector of the values of our great country, and they will fight and die, if necessary, to protect the freedoms and rights of every American citizen!  They will, willingly, sacrifice their own lives so that others may live free!  And they do it without seeking honor, popularity, or self-importance; they see it as only doing their job.

Pride:  A sense of one’s own proper dignity, or value.  To the members of our military, that means that they understand that they are in the military, that they serve with the very best our nation has to offer, they are proud, and show great pride in being able to serve our country with every other man and woman who gives their time to keep our nation free!

Integrity:  The adherence to moral values; honesty.  This means following through their lives with the above definitions of Honor, Dignity, and Pride, without ever losing the true meaning of those values, and displaying them to the world in their own actions.  They never forget the bravery of the men and women they served with, and they keep their own moral compasses aligned with the Code of Honor of the service.

2.  Obama, his Administration, and many other politicians in our country live their lives on a basis of how they can build their own importance, how they can gain everything they want and need, then they look to how they can do things for the citizens they serve, in a manner that will enrich themselves, and build their own political power!  Their needs come first, sometimes over the needs of their own families, and always over the needs of the people.  Their definitions of the values above are as follows:

Honor:  “Glory or recognition.  Distinction”.  In other words; our politicians drive their lives by seeking glory and recognition, and they feel that they are “Distinct”, that they stand above all others, due to “who” they are!

Dignity:  Dignity is “a sense of self-importance”.   There is no “value of character” for them, they reap dignity as a “Mark of Honor” for being elected, or appointed to office.  They don’t earn it, they take it!

Pride:  The definition of their “Pride” is “arrogant or disdainful conduct, or treatment.  Haughtiness.”  In other words: knowing that everything they do is exactly right, because they do it!  A sense of feeling superior to everyone else in this country, especially the citizens who vote for them.  As said to me when I worked on the Hill; ” They ( the citizens ) know what they want, we know what they need!”  And it is that lack of being in touch with the citizens, and what they need, that is destroying our country and wasting our freedoms!

And, as we have all learned; there is no integrity in Washington, DC, or in many State and local governments!  They will lie, cheat, steal from you, and ruin your lives, if it will get them what they want!

The above differences have been shown lately in Obama’s neglect of the Oil Crisis when it happened, by going to Chicago to party with friends on the weekend that celebrates the honor of those who sacrificed their lives defending our nation, neglecting both them, in a time of crisis for our nation, and by neglecting the necessity of gaining control over the oil spill!  It was shown when he refused to become involved in the Crisis until it threatened his credibility as the “President”!  It also showed by his failure to act in a responsive manner to begin cleaning up the oil spill when it began destroying the futures of the people who work in the Gulf, and by shutting down oil drilling on our own territory, making us even more dependent upon nations that hate us, building their financial strengths against us!  He didn’t care about what was happening to our country, he cared about how it made him look!  And his Administration took vacations, following his lead, instead of working to end the crisis before it got out of control!  A true leader, a military leader, would have examined the situation immediately, explored various options in solving the problem, then would have begun working on fixing the situation while he still had an opportunity to keep it from growing out of control!  A “Community Organizer” is not used to doing the work himself, he is used to having underlings do all of the research, examination, and repair work, while he stands, high on a hill, accepting glory for “his actions” in “improving the situation”!  America is a nation, not a community, and we are a nation under crisis, both the oil spill, and the destruction of our economy, and we need a true “LEADER”, not a “COMMUNITY ORGANIZER”!  If this recent crisis has proven anything, it is that Obama is not only not qualified to be the President of our great nation, it has proven that his sense of responsibility is not to the citizens of this nation, but to the world and his own ego!  Keep this situation in your mind, take note of what is happening, and remember it in November; we need everyone to stand up, as true Americans, and vote to remove every trace of “normal” politics from our government, to take away Obama’s power, and return it to the true holders of America’s honor; the citizens of this great nation!  


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    This Fifth Column Regime does not even contain the standard within its ranks “Honor Amongst Thieves”. It will soon self destruct as it is made up of the dishonest, the greedy and anarchists. Incompetent they are but willing to defy any previous law to gain their ground against us.

    No matter the time of the battle it will surely be fought by those with “Honor” against those without. Choose your side wisely because those who choose middle ground will surely be “shot” at by both sides.

    The first skirmishes are the primaries and local.state elections with the first battle in November. What follows depends on victories or defeats in these elections.

    Don’t waste your vote by not casting it!! Remember, for every 1 honest vote Acorn will be casting at least 2.

  2. Tom 57th AHC says:

    A very long read Mike, but an important one. I just hope voters don’t fizzle out come November. This will be our last chance to hopefully get this country back on the right track.

  3. Peter Reynolds says:


    This is how he’s seen from the UK. Despite everything, for now, I still believe in him.

    • Gladiator 059 says:

      It’s easy to see the leader of another country from a point of view that is not recognized by the citizens of his country. You don’t see the daily disdain he shows the decent people, the people who have watched him show disrespect towards our flag, our military, our Constitutional rights, and the veterans, who served their country with honor and courage! All you see are the pro-Obama press releases that make every disdainful act he commits appear to be a “God-like” kindness upon the people. There is a greater truth here that needs to be felt, from the point of view of Americans who love their country!

      • Peter Reynolds says:

        Well I salute the bravery of the man who yesterday, under attack from all sides, still had the courage to point out the hard facts to America that you cannot go on consuming this planet and polluting it like you are. It’s time you realised you are not the only people or nation there is and you need to rein in your rampant greed.

        You are a fortunate nation indeed to have a man like Obama come along just before it was all too late.

      • Gladiator 059 says:

        It seems to be the popular thing, these days, to attack the United States, and those attacks come from nations that feel the arrogance of safety in their lives, safety to speak and act as they wish, but they seem to forget that millions of Americans sacrificed their lives to defend those nations from their own true enemies, which would have removed all rights from those who speak with so much hatred against us now. Our nation is one of the cleanest nations in the world, we have clean energy and we make every effort to improve world conditions. My first thought is; why are you not making these statements about the Chinese, or the Indians? The pollution they spill out into our atmosphere is flooding over every nation, and they are the cause of any real carbon gas threat to the world. But that would mean that you would have to want to attack your only real sources of your daily needs, and you wouldn’t want to risk that danger, now, would you?

        America does not harm Europe, we don’t force our will on you, we only seem to have a past of having to become involved in wars that threaten your very existence, simply because it is easier for you to complain, than to protect yourself from your enemies, such as the Muslims who mob together and scream out insults at your courageous soldiers, returning from the hell of war. Would you like me to go back into your history, and complain about the wrongs committed by your nation? There is a great deal about Britain that can be drudged up. Obama is our leader, he is pushing a progressive form of government upon our people, we don’t like it, and that is our opinion. The difference between us, and you, is we will work to make the correct changes to our nation’s leadership, and govenmental practices, to avoid becoming a part of any “one world government”, which will make us responsible for the problems of every other nation when they whine to the leadership, because they can’t handle their own troubles. We are responsible for the United States, this is a Republic, and we are a free people, free by our own hands, and we will decide who we want running our nation, and how. When you can straighten out all of your own problems, when your nation can stand as a beacon of “perfection”, then I will understand your need to comment about Obama, and expect me to accept your explanations as logical. Until then; we Americans will handle America, we will solve our own problems, and you can handle yours.

        Oh; and Obama was “under attack by all sides” because, instead of becoming involved in this “Oil Spill” issue when he should have, he went out and partied. Instead of accepting assistance from other nations, and other individuals and corporations to work to prevent this disaster, he ignored the issue, until we, the people of this great nation, stood up and showed him our anger over his inaction! His speech, yesterday, was not one of a man “of courage”, it was from a panicked indvidual who was covering his own ass! And, from studying Brittish history, I am quite sure you are greatly experienced in leaders in that situation.

  4. Peter Reynolds says:

    Gladiator, you misunderstand me. I am one of America’s biggest fans. You are a beacon of hope and freedom in the world. I have no hatred for you at all.

    America and Britain are the nations of great principle and responsibility in the world. Neither of us is perfect. Britain has much in its history to be ashamed of but also much that sets us apart and achievememnt and leadership that belies our small size. I believe we are still much closer to you than we will ever be to Europe.

    So I speak to you as a friend, conscious of the help and support we give to each other every day. You cannot change the fact that as the biggest economy in the world you have enormous influence over Britain and the rest of the world. When Obama speaks to America as he did last night (it was last night in my time zone!)he also speaks to the world. Like it or not, he is a world leader not just the leader of America. I am entitled to my views and opinions and I believe his progressive agenda is good for us all.

    You cannot deny that America is one of the world’s biggest polluters. Bush was, effectively, an environmental terrorist with his denial of reality and his refusal to lead you away from a gaz guzzling habit that does not afflict the rest of the world. The way that your motor industry has continued to produce vehicles with such extravagant, unnecessarily high fuel consumption is very, very wrong. Thank God that is changing.

    You cannot separate the nations of the world as you seek to do. We are all interdependent, now more than ever.

    I think you owe your leader more support. He has only been in office 18 months. The oil spill crisis is unprecedented. We are all learning as we go along.

    With respect and friendship.

    • John Ryan says:

      Welcome to our comments Mr. Reynolds.

      Myself not being the fan of Obama that you seem to be I cannot be as supportive in my opinion, which is not exactly narrowed down to just myself, shared by many here in the “Colonies”.

      We as a nation have been great as during the times of world war 2 and the aftermath up until the 90’s when it began to appear that we would follow the same path the once World Dominating Great Britain had taken before us.

      A saying prevailed many years ago that said,”The Sun never sets on the British Empire” and I think you know the significance of that statement at the time, colonies and territories world wide..

      “Our” nation began to follow a different set of values which had been eroding slowly but surely since before the 90’s and the result of doing so began to show with factories closing, unemployment and civil disorder.

      One thing we have always had up until this last election was a “Qualified” president no matter the party or belief politically, experienced leader whether military or state level government but some experience to lead the country.

      The president now is not experienced to lead and his staff is made up of a lot of people that do not have our best interest at heart but rather contempt for the way of life we “had” in the past and are determined to “Change” us from a free society to one laden with taxes and social programs keeping it short and to the point.

      Your perception of Obama might be from chosen news clips or maybe just what you have read but seeing in person what is going to take place under his regime might change that opinion you hold once it was going to affect you directly.

      As you said the USA does affect the world economy and Mr. Obama will be in charge of that for a while so keep an eye on things and let us know if you agree with us or maintain that same opinion in about a year or so or even when he gets done shaking down British Petroleum and perhaps lay offs take place “at home” remembering these “Lawyers” know one thing as the solution to all problems, paper documents, fines, settlements and regulation, much of which we did not have when we built this great nation fashioned very much after your Great Britain.

      Let me add that I think China and India are the major polluters of the planet right now, we may have been in our glory days but have been phased out of much of the manufacturing as your nation as.

      In closing I thank you for you participation on this BLOG and allowing your thoughts and opinion to be known.

    • John Ryan says:

      Here is a little something for you to examine Mr. Reynolds.

      Good one to distribute widely, IMO. People need to know all of these details of what the big “O” hath wrought.

      Make your own judgments based on your values, the ONLY reason I’m sending this is to warn you to analyze your financial situation and adjust your withholding accordingly.

      Should you want to verify this, go to http://www.thomas.gov/, enter “HR 3590” in the search box and look for “CRS Summaries.” This is what you’ll find.

      Title IX Revenue Provisions—Subtitle A: Revenue Offset
      “(Sec. 9002) Requires employers to include in the W-2 form of each employee the aggregate cost of applicable employer-sponsored group health coverage that is excludable from the employee’s gross income (excluding the value of contributions to flexible spending arrangements).”

      Starting in 2011—next year—the W-2 tax form sent by your employer will be increased to show the value of whatever health insurance you are provided. It doesn’t matter if you’re retired. Your gross income WILL go up by the amount of insurance your employer paid for. So you’ll be required to pay taxes on a larger sum of money that you actually received. Take the tax form you just finished for 2009 and see what $15,000.00 or $20,000.00 additional gross income does to your tax debt. That’s what you’ll pay next year. For many it puts you into a much higher bracket. This is how the government is going to buy insurance for fifteen (15) percent that don’t have insurance and it’s only part of the tax increases, but it’s not really a “tax increase” as such, it a redefinition of your taxable income.

      Also, go to Kiplinger’s and read about the thirteen (13) tax changes for 2010 that could affect you.

      Why am I sending you this? The same reason I hope you forward this to every single person in your address book. People have the right to know the truth because an election is coming in November. So vote intelligently, based on your values. But also adjust your tax withholding, or increase your savings, so that you aren’t surprised and put in a jam when your federal income taxes are due on April 15, 2012.

      Fight organized crime! Re-elect no one.

  5. Robyn Hamlin says:

    With all due respect Mr. Reynolds, if you think that Obama is such a good leader maybe the next time around you would like to have him as yours. I actually live in the heartland and he has been very conniving while conceiving our uneducated voters who turned out to vote for the first time in the last election. Every since the “New Deal” our country has been traveling down a path of destruction.

  6. Peter Reynolds says:

    Thank you for your gentlemanly comment.

    I detect a little hostility towards Britain. I’m not sure why. We have a lot of history. Please tell me what concerns you?

    I share your cynicism at the pervasiveness of lawyers.

    Like all of us Obama is not perfect. His handling of the oil spill crisis has been poor but at least he has stood up against Israel’s bullying, at least he is dealing with Iran with strength and integrity, at least he has at last brought your healthcare system into the 21st century.

    The idea that he is a socialist, as many right wing Americans suggest is crazy. Socialism is about the state owning all the nation’s resources and the means of production and supply. You can’t accuse him of promoting that!

    As for a lack of experience or qualifications, I see taht as rathera good thing. Who wants the sort of corrupt leaders that come from a lifetime of playing political games. A little naivete might be a very good thing.

    • John Ryan says:

      Mr. Reynolds, no hostility for Great Britain exists, we are allies and always will be, we are kindred people despite the revolution that separated us in the 1700’s..

      The health care will be worse “Old Chap” we already have hundreds if not thousands from your country alone visiting our hospitals in this country.

      Socialized medicine is a failure, we have people coming to the the USA from Canada and other European and even Arabic countries and even India to benefit by our system the way it has been and will be for another year or so or maybe for good if we remove those voting for “Obamacare” in our next elections as we plan to do.

      On socialism, just take a look at how General Motors was divided and taken control of, the health care system is on that same takeover list as well, so does that answer satisfy your assumption that we are crazy for thinking that way?

      Experience is essential in any job and learning on the job is ok too, but not when it concerns 300 million people and the rest of the world though.

      Ex military, generals or any rank for example and if a politician does not have military experience, some sort of experience in government dealings is important, what Obama has is connections to “Left Wingers” and their doctrines plus a short time as a senator and “Community Organizer”..

      The Russians would not even shake his had, acknowedge him as the leader of one of the worlds super powers, this has never happened, not even with Jimmy Carter so experience and what you have done and where you have been make all the difference in the world if you are going to be involved in the world and its leaders and problems.

      To protect your privacy set up a generic e mail address and mailbox and I or we can forward you information you can read, research, debate or agree on but at least form an opinion based on truth and fact and not edited news broadcasts.

      “Cheerio” Mr. Reynolds

  7. Fran says:

    Well, Mr. Reynolds, I find your diatribe offensive. You criticize America, Americans, American industry and seem to believe that we are a totally irresponsible nation. I have no hostility toward Great Britain, but you, sir, are yet another story.

    You seem to view George Bush as a villain and Barack Obama as a hero. You are wrong on both counts! You’re speaking to a woman who has lived with both presidents. George Bush was a long way from being perfect, but under the current administration, I see the United States of America being taken down — and taken down intentionally — by Obama. I’m not quite certain who the puppet master is, but rest assured there is one (or more).

    To quote you: “Socialism is about the state owning all the nation’s resources and the means of production and supply. You can’t accuse him of promoting that!” Again, you’re absolutely wrong. Under Obama, the government has taken over two of our three major automobile manufacturers, Wall Street, will and control the health insurance industry as a result of his Health Control Bill. That, in my mind’s eye is the beginning of Socialism in this Republic!

    Health Control is what is being forced on the country with the greatest health care in the world and you have the unmitigated gall to refer to that as bringing it into the 21st century. I’m not remotely interested in the rationed health care you “enjoy” in Great Britain!

  8. Peter Reynolds says:

    It’s a pity that you think a friend expressing his views is “offensive”. Believe me, if I didn’t think America was a great nation and a great people I wouldn’t bother spending my time arguing about it!

    Yes, I definitely view George Bush as a villain. It was always going to be a mistake to make a coke-head, alcoholic gambler President! Don’t you think so? Just a little bit of an utterly stupid move and didn’t he exactly live down to all the expectations of him?


    As I said in this article, Bush was “to my knowledge, the worst President ever”.

    The President of the USA is such a powerful individual that he affects the life of everyone on the planet even though most of us can’t vote either for or against him. I’m sure Obama isn’t perfect but he offers hope. I think some of the opposition that you put up against him is beyond what I would have regarded as sensibel abnd is almost seditious. I thought there was a respect for the office of President which would have tempered some of your accusations. Having been elected he is entitled to be given a reasonable chance to enact his policies.

    I don’t suggest you should be quiet but your and Mr Ryan’s condemnation of him is extraordinary.

    Thank you for debating with me.

    • Gladiator 059 says:

      What I think is that the United States has been suckered into supporting other nations and ideas. We are the major supporter of the UN, yet we are hated and abused by almost every nation member there. We do not need to be an “open nation”, we need to be responsible for our own needs, and for our own actions. The people of this country are tired of being the “world defender”, and we want to let the rest of the world make its own mistakes. If people in another country want to find security and safety, let them do as many of us have and fight for their freedoms! We need to close our borders, remove all non-citizens, rebuild our own economy and build up our strengths, to be able to defend ourselves against all who wish to do us harm. Placing our military on our borders, to defend our nation, makes a great deal more sense than letting our men die in nations who don’t have the inner courage to defend themselves.

      I don’t contact people in other countries and tell them what I think of their governments because that is their business and my opinions don’t matter. And I expect the same in return. I don’t think that Britain is a bad nation, I think of you as a friend nation. But you are allowing your nation to be overrun by Muslims and are placing yourself in a great danger. When the Muslims stand up and try to enforce Sharia law, and you fight them on the streets, I will be behind you 100%, but I will not support sending American troops over, to correct your mistake. You bought it, you deal with it. We will return our nation back to the people, exactly the way it should be, and we will remove the idea that our national government controls the States, as our nation is a Republic of the people. What you do in your homeland is your business, and I will not stick my nose into it. And, if you really feel the necessity of a man like Obama as a leader, well, you’re welcome to him! Maybe he’ll be the kind of Prime Minister you really want.

  9. Peter Reynolds says:

    I’m sorry if you feel that I shouldn’t “contact people in other countries and tell them what I think of their governments”. With respect, there are open comments invited on this site and all I did was take up your invitation.

    The idea that Muslims are overrunning this country I can tell you is nonsense and there is no prospect whatsoever of Sharia law taking hold here. That is not to say that there haven’t been mistakes here. See my article from the very beginning of this year.


    Personally I’m very happy with our new Prime Minister. I am a Tory but I think the influence of the LibDems in the coalition is a positive one. I would describe myself as a right wing libertarian. I would have thought there were more people with my sort of views on your side of the pond than here.

    • Gladiator 059 says:

      I thought that, by coming back at you with that type of comment, you might understand how I feel when you make some of your comments to me. It is one thing to make comments that people don’t agree with, then accept arguements in opposition, and another to state those same comments, then complain when you receive oppostition. You, voluntarilly offered your views, and they are not accepted as “legitimate” by many on here, so you can accept that opposition, or you should not make comments here. It appears that the form of my statement worked, as your response showed some irritability. But you should understand that what I said is exactly what a majority of Americans are feeling at the present time; regardless of what our government says, or does, Americans are fed up with trying to help everyone out, as they all seem to run to us first, when they need help, then they turn on us and badmouth us once they get back up to an even standing in the world community again. We don’t need the rest of the world, we can do well on our own. Are we aware that we will go through some hard times until we get back to our old style of economy? Yes. And we are willing to do so. It is our government that has turned on us, the citizens of this nation, and they did it to gain power in a world community and, by doing so, they have empowered nations to build weapons that can destroy entire countries. It’s ridiculous, and we need to end our part in it. America is for Americans, people who hold pride in their home nation, not for the enemies that sneak in and wish to destroy it.

      As to the Muslims; the reports on TV must be wrong, as they show Muslim leaders standing in the streets of London, announcing that they are going to destroy British law and replace it with Sharia law and, if they have to, they will destroy the British government and replace it with a Muslim government. I’m sorry, but to me, that is an act of traitorism, and a threat to the citizens of England. And, if they are announcing that on the street, they must be planning something in the background.

  10. John Ryan says:

    For you Mr. Reynolds.

  11. Peter Reynolds says:


    I’m obliged to you for that CNN clip from YouTube. Yes it’s diabolical isn’t it? It’s good that such ativities are revealed and although I don’t routinely watch CNN, I can tell you that the BBC and other UK media have done plenty to expose Anjem Choudary and his Islamist traitors. Islam4UK is now a proscribed organisation but Choudary has a history of setting up under new names again and again. Each time he does so he is eventually banned.

    This is about Britain treading that fine line between permitting freedom of speech and permitting sedition. I think we do quite a good job really. Choudary is a nutter and universally regarded as such. I’m actually quite proud that I live in a country where these idiots can make fools of themselves in public. That is the best way to defeat them.

    You are looking at the very extreme end of insanity here. It compares, probably, with those murderers your side who killed that abortion doctor recently. Whatever your views on the subject all reasonable people can agree that is wrong.

    These nutters are a tiny minority who will never gain any significant support. They do come very close to crossing the line sometimes. When they do we either lock ’em up, deport them or both. That’s the way it should be!

  12. John Ryan says:

    Peter, the Muslim extremists are in Europe and the USA with the same plan in the works, in the news or not so that is not the important part of the “Clip” I sent, the important part was to support statements I read from others in the BLOG. It is a fact!

    If you were a U.S.A. citizen you would be more aware of the president’s leanings towards Muslims, he is one.

    Since you are not and only spoon fed whatever the news media has for you the opinion is based on censorship which leaves out the negative in the case of Obama. We know that for fact here in the states it is the same way on 90% of the sources at least.

    Cruise the inter net for yourself and “Sniff” around a bit and see what you find for yourself, then come back and voice your opinion with all the details known to you at that point.

    Obama for one thing won’t stand with Great Britain like Mr. Reagan did in the Falklands and takes a like stand in any of our past alliances, is not well received in your country either from what I read here from reliable and “Politically Neutral” news sources..

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