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I’m sorry I haven’t written anything this past week; as I said in my previous rant: Memorial Day hit me very hard this year.  Two of the guys from my unit in ‘Nam died; one was Pat Hills.  Pat, Bill Little, Sam Moore, Mike Fanning and myself went all the way through Boot Camp, AIT, and ‘Nam together, so there was a very special bond that I lost with Pat!  With his loss, a lot of memories from ‘Nam came flooding back this Memorial Day and, when I am alone, I have to deal with them.  And I have been extremely pissed off ( I know, I shouldn’t cuss on the web)!  Too bad!  I have had to get drunk to sit down and write this rant this evening, and my dear friend, Irish Creme Whiskey, has allowed me to vent my feelings to you.   So “never let a good buzz be wasted”, and I will spell out what has me so upset!

I hear all the whining about the disaster in the Gulf, and I have a great deal of concern, and sympathy, for the people who live down there.  But it was something that happened, as bad as it is, so we need to fix it and get on with our search for our own oil reserves!  If it is too dangerous to drill in that deep an area, then it should be clear to our government that we need to either drill on land, closer to shore, or both!  But, now, Obama is placing a “temporary hold” on our offshore drilling, and we are supposed to believe that will help us out!  The problem is that, if the drilling companies cannot drill off our coast, or on our mainland, they will move all of their gear to other parts of the world, to drill, as that is their business, and they need the profits!  So; in the long run, we will end up buying much more oil from countries that hate us, some that are our enemies, and we will be giving them the money they need to build weapons to attack us with!  Nuclear weapons!  Screw that; let’s drill from our own reserves in areas that are not near population centers, and let’s drill closer to the shore in areas where the states are willing to allow us to do so!  We don’t need to empower our enemies, we need to strengthen ourselves!  And, in the meantime, we can work on alternative sources of power that will not bankrupt the average consumer for using them!

Israel has been our only true ally in the Mid-East, and they have never let us down when we needed them!  There have been many times, in the past, when they should have, and could have, destroyed their neighbors in that area of the world, because they were attacked by those neighbors, but they backed down, simply because we asked them to!  And there have been many, many peace conferences between the Israelis and Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, etc., where the Israelis held back on destroying those nations, because we asked them to sit and “talk” about the problem in the UN!  And, nations like Palestine, have promised the world to Israel then, when they got what they wanted, attacked Israel again, launching rockets into their homeland!  There have been over 10,000 rockets launched into Israel from Palestine, and the Gaza Strip, yet Israel bites its tongue and follows the wishes of the American government!  Now, with the obvious preference and support that Obama has been showing the Muslim countries, Israel has been locked out in the cold, and is obviously losing its support from our government, and is being left to stand on its own!  It’s time for us to back off on the Israeli/Muslim situation, and let Israel handle its own problems in its own way!  Our government is allowing the Muslims to build up too much power in the Mid-East, our own country, and the rest of the world, and it needs to stop, now!

Why the hell are we allowing a known Muslim radical sympathiser to build a Mosque right across the road from the Twin Trade Towers area in New York City?  And why are we allowing them to have their “grand opening” on the anniversary of the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attack?  Is our current Administration full of Muslim sympathisers, or are they just plain idiots!  It is a well-know practice for Muslims to build a new mosque on property won in battle, as a sign of victory, and their domination over their enemy!  All they are doing is bragging on a visual basis, letting the world know that they “kicked our asses” on 9/11/01!  When are the people of this country going to wake up and read the Koran, to see the truth about the Muslim religion?  Muslims are allowed to lie, to deceive, to act as peaceful neighbors to infidels ( us ), as long as they uphold the Muslim religion, but they need to be willing to return to the basis of their religious ideals when the infidels are “defeated”!  Is your neighbor a nice guy?  Is he a true Muslim?  Then you better be damned careful because, like a rattlesnake, just when you think you understand why he does what he does, he will bite you in the ass!   This is America, we are Americans, and we need to end this attempt at a takeover of our religious beliefs by Muslim sympathisers!  Our country was founded on Christian beliefs, and we have been open to other religions in our country but, when one of those religions tries to dominate, and make demands on our nation’s religious rights, they need to be driven out and sent packing back to their home countries!

I am tired of being called a “racist”, just because I believe that I still have rights in my country, and that my rights are just as equal as everyone else’s!  When the Progressives whine on the news, they are “expressing their rights”!  When I stand up for my rights and voice my opinions, I am called a “racist”!  If I am stopped by the police, and my ID is checked out, that is a simple, normal, everyday act of ensuring the safety of our country!  But, if someone else, of another race is stopped, and exactly the same is requested of them, that is “racist”!  If a person of another race expresses their hatred for whites, that is Ok!  But, if I merely question the “special rights” given them, and not shared by us, I am called a “racist”!  I am tired of this!  Our Constitution guarantees that “All men are created equal” and, although we have a past where that may not have included everyone, of all races and sexes, it does now!  So there is absolutely no need for any sort of “special rights” that so many other groups have demanded over the years!  We are either all equal, or we are not!  It’s that simple!  If you have the right to go apply for the same job I do, and we have the same qualifications, it is up to the employer to decide who he wants!  It is not supposed to be a “government directed” decision!  If I have to provide for my own needs, in my own country, than you should too!  American laws apply to every single American, and it should always be in exactly the same way, with no special considerations given to anyone as, once there is special considerations, true equality goes out the window!  We are a nation that has “equal rights” guaranteed to its citizenry, not “human rights” guaranteed to the rest of the world!

So; why am I so angry?  Because out government has, and is now, openly pushing to force the citizens of this great nation into a “One-world government”, where our Constitutional rights will be abandoned, and we will be forced to live under the standards required of us by the rest of the world!  I don’t know about you, but I am not going to stand for that!  I am an American, a citizen of the one nation in this world that is run by the standard of freedom and rights guaranteed us under our Constitution!  I don’t follow “world order”, I follow American law!  And I didn’t fight in a war for my country just so some group of “American-hating” idiots in the UN can stand up and demand that we become their puppets, to control and destroy!  I have a simple question to ask:  Why is it that the veterans of this great nation stand strong to defend its uniqueness and standards, while a group of idiotic individuals who have never done one single thing for anyone other than themselves, feel that they have the only “right answer” to our way of life, and that is to put us under the control of a world-governing body, the UN, that can’t even support itself without major assistance from America?  The UN; the world government that puts Iran in charge of securing the equal rights of the world’s citizens, while they maim, rape, and murder the women in their own country!  What is it that so many people see as “good” about the UN?  It’s an American-hating world body that wants to see us destroyed!  Is it that so hard to understand?  So. my fellow citizens, maybe now you can see why I have had such a difficult week, and why I am so angry!  Now I need to ask you:  Is this what you want?  Or are you going to stand strong as American citizens, and fight to protect the rights of our nation to be a free, independent republic, one that the rest of the world is so jealous of that they want to destroy us?  Are you a true American, or are you a “wanna-be” Progressive?  The time is coming, soon, when you will have to make up your mind!  So figure it out and either stand with the rest of us, or get out of our way!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    The time draws near that the line in the sand is drawn both by Israel and those in our country that are brave enough to defend it from the Fifth column government in power now!

  2. Tom 57th AHC says:

    “Now, with the obvious preference and support that Obama has been showing the Muslim countries, Israel has been locked out in the cold, and is obviously losing its support from our government, and is being left to stand on its own!”

    Addressing your quote, it is my understanding that 78% of the Jewish population voted for Obama. When will those voters wake up! Obama has no use for Israel or the Jews, and has demonstrated so by his comments and lack of visiting Israel. If I were a Jew, I’d be outraged! The November elections is an opportunity for the Jews to expresse their discontent with this empty suit of a leader. For their sake, I hope they do so.

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