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I’m 60 years old.  I was in Vietnam in 1968.  That means that I have been through 41 years of Memorial Day weekends, and this will be the 42nd.  Just simple facts, right?  Not really; this year hurts, I mean really hurts!  I find myself wiping a tear from my eye whenever I see one of our troops on TV, whenever I see a TV program that has a veteran in it, having some sort of difficulty, or a family that has just been told that their father, husband, or son has died.  I’ve been through this for 41 years; why now?  Part of it is because I have a friend, Zac Buzick, who is serving in Afghanistan, and I worry about him every day, but there is more, much more!

I will always remember the bodies we flew out of hot LZs in ‘Nam, and the guys who were dying, as we flew as fast as we could to get them to a hospital, to try to save their lives!  The fear in their eyes, the sadness in their voices and, finally, the resolution in their last words as they accepted the fact that they wouldn’t make it, that death was inevitable!  But one guy will always be burned into my mind; he was as young as I was, 18, and he had a big hole in his gut!  He was covered in blood-soaked bandages, his intestines were in his lap, and he was scared, scared so bad that he was shaking and crying, and all I could do was hold him!  I kept trying to tell him that everything was alright, that if he would just “hang on”, he would make it, so he needed to look into my eyes, like I had some kind of “magical” vision that would heal him!  But his eyes changed, and I saw that look, that sudden sense of calm that always came when they realized they weren’t going to make it!  With tears in his eyes, he said; “Promise me, man, promise me!  Make sure they keep my family safe!  Take care of things, don’t give up on our country, we have to keep them safe!”  Then he looked deep into my eyes, squeezed my hand tightly, then relaxed, and his eyes went blank as he died!  I have never forgotten that flight!  I have never forgotten that soldier’s last words!  But it never bothered me as much as it does now!  Why?

Because, back in the late ’60s, the Progressive movement began its work to tear our country apart, by attacking us, the returning veterans, for simply doing our jobs in protecting our country!  And they ruined a great many lives, forced many suicides, and built psychological blockades in veteran’s souls that would keep a great many of us from ever achieving our goals in life, diminishing our value of our own lives, forcing us to live as “second-class” citizens!  But we fought back and, in 1983, we began working to rebuild our status in this country!  In the end, however, there are less than 35% of us that are actual combat veterans of the Vietnam War that are still alive, one of the smallest percentages of surviving vets of a war, in this young an age group, ever!  Yet, whenever there is a parade, like a Memorial Day Parade, no one places their hand over their heart when the flag passes before them, no one recognizes the true meaning of the one symbol of our nation that stands for the courage of every man and woman who has sacrificed their life for their nation, to protect the rights and freedoms, under our Constitution, that Progressives tear apart like a savage bear attacking a deer!  How many of you have had to watch your brother, or sister Soldier, Sailor, Marine, or Airman being carried to their grave, covered, in the greatest honor ever, by the flag that stands as the greatest symbol of freedom in the entire world?  Do you realize that, when you honor that flag, you are honoring the souls of those departed heroes, not just cloth and colors?

And, now, the one man who should be standing as the primary symbol of honor of this country, Obama, is doing exactly the same as the people who ignore the symbolism of the flag; he is “passing up” the job of standing at Arlington, to give a speech to honor the dead of every war our country has fought in!  He’s sorry he has to miss it, but he has a party to go to in Chicago!  What he’s really doing is spitting in the face of every veteran, and every member of our Armed Forces that has, and is serving their country with honor, bravery, and heartfelt patriotism!  Obama is the one who won’t wear a flag pin, unless forced to!  He won’t place his hand over his heart when the flag passes by, or when the National Anthem is being played!  He doesn’t like the National Anthem, because it is “too complicated”!  Why?  Because he doesn’t want to “offend” other countries ( Muslims )!  He is the one who is crippling our troops by restricting their abilities to defend themselves, by making them obey things like the “Miranda Rights”, using criminal law in warfare!  His Administration is calling veterans “home-grown terrorists”, yet they publically refuse to call terrorists “Terrorists”!  They are attacking our troops with criminal charges for defending themselves, and have placed a rule upon  them that requires them to be fired upon first, before they can fire at a known terrorist!  And, if a terrorist shoots at them, then drops his weapon, they can’t shoot back!  This man has never done anything for his country, anything for anyone but himself, yet he insults and endangers our troops, and runs off to Chicago for a bar-be-que!  Maybe he’ll take the time to apologize and bow to the Muslim world again, on this sacred holiday!  No wonder this is the first time his wife has ever been proud of the country that has allowed her to live as a queen!

Finally, just a short add-on; isn’t it strange that he has been implicated in a scheme to get a potential candidate for a Senate Seat to drop from the campaign, which is highly illegal, in the same manner as the Blagoyavich “Senate Seat Sale” that happened as soon as his Illinois Senate seat was vacated by him?  How come no one has linked these two situations?  One is an exact mirror situation of the other!  Are we blind?

This man is ruining our country, with full assistance from Pelosi, Reed, Dodd, Frank, and many, many others, and we need to stop this before it tears our nation apart at the seams!  And you, the non-veteran members of this country need to wake up and realize the extreme value of the men and women who are fighting and dying in the Mid-East to keep you safe, and free, to live your lives as you see fit!   THIS IS MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND, DAMN IT!  AND YOU NEED TO REALIZE THAT EVERYTHING YOU HAVE, EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO HAVE IN THE FUTURE IS ALLOWED YOU BECAUSE OF THE SACRIFICE OF OTHERS WHO HOLD SOMETHING MORE IMPORTANT TO THEM THAN THEIR OWN SELF-INTERESTS!  So; while you are complaining because your steak is “not cooked right”, or you’re “too hot” and uncomfortable, remember the men and women in the Mid-Eastern countries, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and others, that are eating out of a box, who sleep in the sand, and who shed blood just so you can sit back here, comfortably, and enjoy your cold beer this weekend!  They don’t whine because they don’t have the luxury of a “warm beer”, they shed tears because they see their brothers, and sisters, die!  They shed tears because they see them covered in our flag when they are shipped home to be buried!  They shed tears when they see their flag folded up and handed to a family member, just as the casket is lowered into the grave!  They shed a tear when they raise their hand in a salute to that same flag, the symbol of freedom, the symbol of all who died to keep this nation free!  So tell me, my fellow citizens; how can a man who is supposed to be the President of this great land, ignore the value of those sacrifices by taking a trip to Chicago, instead of standing for their honor, in Arlington? 


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    I hope that we can return this country to the way we were introduced to it as children growing up here before it turns into something we only used to read about in books.

    If we don’t do it in the next 2 elections we won’t have much longer to get the job done!

    The following poem was sent to me by a fellow veteran, I don’t know the author of it, here it is as it was received by me.

    Today millions will talk about who went so fast

    Around and around no one wants to be last

    Fires burn hot inside of the grills

    Burgers, brats and yard game thrills

    Friends and family wish the day could last

    Most of them forgetting what was in the past

    Today is for listening to our heroes voices cast

    Honor and glory as we hear the solemn taps

    Go with your children where their saviors lay

    That gave them their freedom to celebrate this way

    Teach them that it is not how fast the pace

    Not the money or the trophy and the winners face

    Not the food not the family or the day off from school

    Not the trips or the rides or a day at the pool

    But of Flanders Field and our Forefathers fight

    Of the soldiers sacrifice that give us peace in the night

    That keeps them in freedom and protected their God given rights

    Talk to the veteran and hear their stories untold

    Visit the widows and mothers with stars of gold

    Missing sons and daughters now in their hearts they hold

    Before you go eat, have fun with your playing

    Take time in your day and thank those that are praying


    May in freedom and bravery her colors be unfurled

    GOD BLESS AMERICA the light of the world

  2. Fran says:

    Thank you Michael for a wonderful, honest essay, and thanks to John, for submitting the uncredited poem. Each of you brought tears to these old eyes.

    I’ll be at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery Monday morning; my husband is buried there.

    God bless!

  3. Tom 57th AHC says:

    As always Mike, an excellent rant. Having chewed the same dirt as you did over the “Big Pond” with our hands and fatigues drenched in blood, some ours and some of our fellow combatants, my sentiments are the same. Obama is destroying our country and all that it stands for. Enough is enough. Like an animal, you can only back people into a corner so much, until it feels despiration and leaps out in it’s last attempt to survive. November is the time to leap, and leap big!

  4. Mr. Facts says:

    I would like to point out that in 2007 George W. Bush, Commander in Chief of this great nation didn’t speak at Arlington National Cemetery either, instead he had Dick Chaney go there in his place. Why was he not there? He was in Texas, maybe clearing the brush.

    Barack Obama is not appearing at Arlington however he is honoring the veterans who gave their lives at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Ill. Are the veterans buried there not as important as those at Arlington cemetery?

    I respect you sir and I don’t mean to offend you, I’m happy you served this great nation and I believe that every veteran deserves a great amount of recognition. I just hope that through the course of this blog you will honor the facts, instead of repeating the rhetoric of Rush Limbaugh.

    • Gladiator 059 says:

      I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh, so I have no idea as to what he has been saying. You’re right, George Bush did not show up, once out of seven years, but he showed great respect for the military and the veterans of this nation. Mr. Obama does not want to wear an American Flag pin, does not like the National Anthem, and does not salute the flag as is practiced, if for no other reason than patriotic tradition, because he does not want to upset the Muslim world. This is not speculation, this is from his own recorded statements, and it offends veterans and the military alike, as we know the true reasons for showing respect in those three ways, but a man who has never sacrificed anything, for anyone but himself, will never understand why a veteran’s eyes tear up when the National Anthem is played. A President is supposed to lead a country through the hard times by showing patriotism and honor for the values of the country, yet Mr. Obama goes out of his way to show the utmost respect to the Muslim leaders, and ignores respect to the military! If the men and women in our military had not volunteered and gone overseas to fight the terrorists, 9/11 would only have been the beginning of a major assault against our nation, which would have resulted in the deaths of, possibly, millions of Americans who could care less about the sacrifices of our miltary! Would I have been happier had Mr. Obama come to the JB Barracks National Cemetary, in St. Louis, to show respect to the men here? NO! Not now, not when our nation is sqaure in the middle of a national crisis, on the financial end, on the oil spill, and with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan! Now is when a President needs to stand up, stand tall, and show the greatest respect for our fallen warriors on the one day set aside for their rememberences! If you have difficulty in understanding this line of thought, I understand. But, then, maybe if you volunteered to fight in Afghanistan, you might see this situation from a whole different light….

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