This has been happening for thousands of years; there has been an anger out there, a rage of violence against a group of people who knew how to change the world, how to bring about true change, to improve the lives of others, to help them find what they didn’t have the courage to seek themselves!  What was the secret that those people had, that they still have now?  Free minds!  They have always had the ability to push themselves beyond the limits of the rest of the world, to stand up and fight for what they feel is right, to push themselves to explore the boundaries of the planet, of space, to examine problems and research answers for those problems!  While the rest of the world languished in servitude, they pushed against the rule of emperors and kings, to break the bonds of “ownership”, and to seek out their own way of life!  Were they always “fair”, were they always decent people to the rest of the world?  No!  But they were no worse than anyone else, and they learned to adapt, to change their way of life to allow for balance, for opportunity for all, no matter the race, no matter the religion!  Who were those people?  They were the Viking warriors, the German Barbarians, the Spanish Conquistadors, and the British, Irish, and Scots who built their own nations, and fought to build them into great Kingdoms!

And, when the Muslims met with the Crusaders, they felt that they were an inferior race, but they found them to be a strong enemy, one that defeated them, then brought their Christian way of life into their countries.  The Chinese Mongols dominated a huge area of the world, they were violent, vicious warriors, but they were beaten by the Europeans that pushed their way into their land, to explore, and to profit off of the Chinese territories!  Then the Europeans moved to the New World, to find a way to live their lives as they wanted to live them, to find freedom from the Kings that ruled their countries!  And they tore through the New World, dominating the native peoples there, destroying their way of life, forcing them to live with hardship; it was the greatest period of expansion and growth of their need to be free, and it was a horrible example of destruction of the societies of others!  And some brought blacks over, and forced them to be slaves; not because they wanted to dominate blacks but, in a white world, a runaway black slave stood out, and could be easily found!  And the black slaves were horribly treated, but there was a battle in America over States’ Rights, and the National Government won, and released, and freed every black slave!  And, over the years, the Americans saw the error of the way they treated the Native Americans, and the Blacks, and they worked to change that mistake and to provide equal rights and protection under the Constitution for all!  And, in a world where Muslims beat, maim and kill their own women, where they behead and cripple anyone who does not follow their way of life, where the Chinese government still forces the deaths of babies, and children, that do not fit their plan for future growth, where South American leaders massacre their own people, Americans bend over and forfeit their own values, just to make others feel “accepted”!  When the rest of the world practices violence against their own people, America stands as the only truth for freedom!

But we let the world infiltrate our great nation, we allowed our beliefs in Christianity to be dominated by other religions, and we sacrificed our freedoms in order to allow foreigners to feel “comfortable” in the nation that our ancestors built, and our military made sacrifices to defend!  And our own governmental leaders allowed themselves to be bought off, to open access to our great nation for an invasion of illegals, drug pushers, and terrorists, closing their eyes to the needs of the American people!  And, now, we are standing upon a precipice, a razor-like edge that divides us from a Progressive-socialist world of domination and control, and we have been given one last chance to stand up and end the national run away from the truth of the Republic that made this nation great!  It is time for the true citizens of America to realize what is at stake, what they truly have to lose, if they don’t stand up and fight for what is right, for the Constitution, and the Republic that are the foundation of freedom in this great land!

And our enemies are large!  There is a true racism in this world, and it is not coming from America; it is coming from the Oriental people, the Islamic people, the Hispanic people, and all other nations of color in this world that hate Americans for their ability to fight for the freedoms that other countries don’t have!  They despise us and seek only to destroy us, and our governmental leaders are assisting them in doing so!  Our own “President”, Obama, bows and apologizes to every other leader of the world, and tells them how arrogant, evil, and vicious Americans are, building up the strength of the hatred that those people have for us!  And China builds the world’s largest, best equipped army, and they have but one goal, to destroy the American people!  The Muslims constantly attack us; they have declared war upon us, even though the present Administration won’t call them an enemy, and they are building nuclear stockpiles that they want to turn into weapons to use against us, and our government does nothing but complain, and allows them to keep building their weapons!  And the South American nations are using the profits from the drugs they pump into our nation, and the profits off of their oil, to build up forces, and weapons, to threaten us!  And, what do we do?  We go to the UN and complain, and ask for sanctions, then do absolutely nothing!  But, now; there is a combined effort by the Chinese and the Muslims, to train South American countries to fight against us, to build their own nuclear weapons, and to plan to attack the US in terrorist strikes, and open warfare!  Look at what the Muslims have done to the European countries, how they have become the dominant force in those nations, making efforts to enforce Sharia law, over national law!  And that will be us, if we don’t stop this now, and stand up to end foreign control over our great nation!

Let’s fact the truth here, my fellow citizens; if we don’t stop acting like pussies, if we don’t stop fearing “being wrong”, or “being racist”, we will wind up being slaves to a world government!  Americans once held great pride in their country, in being American, and we need to bring that pride back into our lives!  We need to stop fearing speaking out in public about how proud we are of America, and how much it means to be a true citizen of this great land!   We can either be free, be proud Americans, or we can bow down to the Muslims, as infidels, and wait for them to draw their swords and chop off our heads!  I don’t know where you stand on this but, being a veteran, I would rather die fighting for the country I love, than to see it handed over to an evil force of foreigners who don’t love America, but want to dominate her freedoms and rights for their own use!  So the time has finally come, my fellow citizens; are you Americans, are you proud of your country?  Are you ready to stand up and do what is necessary to change control of our great nation, to return it to the people of the Republic, or are you willing to sit and watch your freedoms erode into a cesspool of “world control”?  Stand up, or prepare to lay down!  We are Americans, we are good people, and we need to work to bring our nation back to the Constitutional Republic it was meant to be!  So open your mouths and let your words be heard!  Show your pride in being a citizen of this great nation!  And stand against all who fly foreign flags and spout hate against us in our own land!  If our governmental leaders do not have the courage to close our borders, then let’s do it ourselves!  And let’s stop paying for the military and weapons of other nations, and start manufacturing and buying our own goods!  God bless America!  God bless our young men and women in our military, and God guide us on our path to our return to American pride, nationalism, and freedom!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    I feel it is our leaders that have that “Fear” and not us as a majority, the problem being we expect our leaders to act in our best interest and they don’t.

    Getting more Military Veterans in office will help this problem as they are used to solving problems and not debating across tables in universities run by anarchists existing on our tax dollars. Allen West of Florida a prime example of an excellent candidate to run/support from out of state, in today’s political climate he could get elected easily to president, keep it in mind.

    Our votes during the next 2 major elections, 2010 and 2012 will show the direction this country is really headed in and determine whether we will have blood in the streets or not!

  2. Tom 57th AHC says:

    In three words….misery likes company.

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