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We have had a problem with our borders for a long, LONG time; illegals invading our nation, drugs crossing our borders, and terrorists using it as an “open gateway” into our country!  The illegals are taking jobs away from American workers, they are flooding our welfare system, and they commit criminal acts, maim and kill citizens of this great nation, then run back across the border to avoid jail time for their crimes!  The drug dealers of South America have grown excessively rich by selling their addictive chemical mixtures to our children, and to other relatives, making them dangerous slaves to people who look at them only as a profit margin!  And there is the danger of Muslim terrorists, people whose only goal is to kill and maim American citizens, to destroy our great country, and our way of life, in order to establish Mohammed as the “supreme ruler” over all!  They have even brought nuclear materials across our border, to use in future attacks against us!  But our leaders in D.C. do nothing to stop them!  They have turned our southern border into a highway for illegals to use, anytime they want!  And every responsible American is asking “Why?”

Here’s the answer, and it’s true; Someone is making money off of every illegal act of invasion across our borders, someone who doesn’t care enough about the American people to close our borders and remove every illegal, of every nationality, from our country!  Who is it?  It’s the people with the power to close our borders, IF THEY TRULY WANTED TO DO SO:  Congress!  There are members of Congress that are receiving payoffs for not taking action against the invasion of our country!  No; they don’t openly take money from illegals, drug runners, or terrorists, they take campaign contributions from Political Action Groups and Special Interest groups that are allowed to funnel money to our Congressmen and Senators, leaving our officials a way of “denial” of any personal knowledge of where the money really comes from!   But it’s not hard to prove that they know what’s going on, AS THEY REFUSE TO CLOSE OUR BORDERS!  IF THEY AREN’T BEING PAID OFF, WHY HAVEN’T THEY ALREADY DONE IT?  Because they know that the money that is being contributed to them will end, just as soon as they do, so they won’t!   Their wallets are more important to them than the safety of the people they are sworn to “protect and defend”!  And, add to that, the fact that the Republicans want illegals to sneak across to provide low-income jobs for cheating employers, and the Democrats who want the illegals over here so that they can turn them into future Democratic voters!  So, big business pays off  both the Republican side, and the Democratic side, and George Soros pays off his minions on the Democratic side!  We elect them, they pay them; who do you think they are really going to work for?

If you think I am wrong on this, simply do a “1 + 1 = 2” examination of the situation, and you will find out that I am right!  Then start thinking about how important it is that we remove the control of our borders from elected officials who are only interested in the growth of their own wallets, and place it in the hands of newly elected officials who place the needs of the people above Special Interests!  The voters in this country have grown comfortable with voting for names that sound “familiar”, so that they can brag that they “voted”, but neglect to tell anyone that they didn’t even check into the Congressional record of the candidate they voted for!  Then, when that candidate is proven to be a crook, they deny ever voting for him!  That’s why we need to use our voices as tools for educating the voting public; we need to talk to anyone who will listen, to explain to them how our country is being destroyed, how it is being handed over to the UN and Mexico, and how are rights as Americans are being wasted away, one piece at a time!  Don’t be afraid to talk to your neighbors, family, or strangers, as your voice may be the only one that will show them the importance of responsible voting!  Become a “Voice of the People”, do your part, and help us bring our nation back from the edge of the pit of Progressivism!  If you don’t think your voice is important, remember one thing:  Your voice may turn that one, single vote that might change the outcome of the upcoming election, simply because you took the time to explain the necessity of responsible voting to a friend!  Take the time, spell it out to them, and we can bring America back into the hands of the American citizens!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. DaveH says:

    The sad fact is that most people’s yard stick-Does it help my bottom line?
    How they get there is not considered,
    Consider this: Before I left California, I was a Private Investigator. One morning, I made an appointment to meet a person complaining that his car was stolen. The Insurance company I did work for found out from sources in mexico that the car was driven by a person stating he had bought it.
    The location I chose for the meeting was in San Ysidro (Part of San Diego), and less than a mile from the Mexican Border.
    Across the street was an elementary school. I watched as TENS of cars, carrying Baja California license plates, entered the school, and dropped off kids.

    The answer to why nothing gets done about this:
    A.The School Administrators get X amount of dollars per day per student attending from the State.
    Dont Ask-Don’t Tell
    B. Police quickly find that if you take action, you are demonized. Want to know how it goes–Look at Arizona and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

  2. John Ryan says:

    The same goings on here in Texas, Del Rio especially as far as schooling Mexican children and feeding them but for some reason they choose to stay in the Mexican side to live?

    Auto theft galore out of Texas too as well as construction equipment and just about anything for that matter..

    “RoadCop” said it all in a few words.. I might add that some see potential votes in the masses coming over the border as well.. Votes they are not likely to get from those “Paying the Freight”……Legal American Tax Payers..

  3. yussie says:

    Take another look. Its not black and white; “the Republicans do it because they want cheap labor and the democrats want future voters”? Just because you’re a Repbulican it doesn’t mean you don’t want future voters, and show me a Democrat who hasn’t got his hand in the till or at least some cash in the freezer!

    • Gladiator 059 says:

      Yussie; I didn’t exclude either Democrats or Republicans from either action. I simply quoted their “stated” reasons for doing so. Of course both parties have their hands in the till, but most Republicans worry that legalizing the illegals will only add votes to the Democratic numbers. No matter how you look at it, someone is getting money to leave the borders open, on both sides!

  4. Tom 57th AHC says:

    You can thank Obama for the problems. He does not want to do anything about the borders simply because he wants the Latino vote at the countries expense. By all measures, I believe he is violating our constitution, and impeachment proceedings should begin. He and his band of thieves are a disgrace to this country.

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