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I have been listening to the discussions on broadcast TV, and CNN, about the NYC bomber, and I am growing very suspicious concerning our government’s attitude towards terrorists, and the completely different attitude regarding Tea Party members.  The host on one of the shows on CNN the other night, was talking about how the NYC bomber had come over here, “wanting to be an American”, trying to “take on” American values, but had failed in his efforts to be a “free American”!  She said that he met, and married his true love, gained citizenship through the marriage, then found out that he was going to lose his home, because he couldn’t pay for it, and that “would make anyone crack”!   In other words; she was trying to build sympathy towards a terrorist, trying to get us to believe that he was just another “victim” of “American cruelty”!  And all  of this happened after one of the hosts stated, before they found the bomber, that she hoped it would turn out to be a dissatisfied Tea Partier that had attempted the bombing, because she didn’t want another problem where a Muslim was responsible, as that would only add to the anger shown the Muslims who live in the US!  And she wasn’t alone; other news hosts, and members of Obama’s Administration, were claiming that it looked like a “Tea Partier” had planted the bomb!  Even worse; when they found the bomber, one of them stated that she wished it had been a Tea Partier that had tried to blow up NYC!

What is wrong with these idiots?  The terrorist had come over here, legally, had married a naturalized American woman, only to gain citizenship, and bought a home for use as a “cover”, then made no payments on it and began travelling back and forth between the US and Pakistan, where he attended a terrorist training camp!  When he returned from his latest trip to Pakistan ( sorry, Obama; Pak e stan ), he found that his home was going to be repossessed, but it didn’t matter, as he was ready to plant his bomb and leave the country!  And, to the fact that he couldn’t afford to make his payments; his parents are uber-rich, and they could easily have paid for his home, but it was no more than a cover for him!  So; why did the reporters feel sorry for him?  Because they were presented with exactly what they didn’t want to see: not a Tea Party member, just another crazed terrorist from the Mid-East!  Their hearts were broken! 

But, whenever the Tea Party holds a rally, they talk about the “racism” within the membership, the anger and violence shown by the members, and they whine on about the “threat” presented by the Tea Party people, because they want to “destroy” America!  Yet tell me; let me know of one, single instance anyone knows of where a true Tea Party member has instigated any form of violence?  There are none!  They call us “racist bigots”, even though many of our guest speakers are black, even though there are blacks in the audience, yet no one has ever complained of any racist act, except for Progressive members of Congress, who do everything they can to cause a violent situation, but the Tea Party members will not respond in that manner!  They use the “well-known” terms like “Tea baggers”, “Home-grown Terrorists”, and “Racist Bigots” whenever they talk about our rallies, yet all you ever see is Mom and Pop, Grandma and Grandpa, and brothers and sisters, standing and sitting, side-by-side, holding signs, and chatting with each other, and there is no form of violence anywhere, except that which has been instigated by the SEIU union members, against the Tea Party people!

So; why the big difference between the kindness shown a terrorist, and the anger shown innocent Tea Party people?  Simple; they need to get rid of us!  We are the biggest threat to the possible success of the Obama Administration; we are the only ones who are willing to stand against him, to point out his lies, his deceit, and his total lack of honesty, when it comes to the way he is tearing down our nation!  And their desperation to destroy our movement has gotten so intense that they are trying to show the world that we are the ones who are making the “poor Muslims” in our country miserable, that we make them feel threatened, by our strong stand for our country, and we are “driving” them to commit acts of terrorism!  It’s all our fault; they can’t make any sense blaming Bush for everything anymore, so they are blaming us!

Well, I have news for them!  Attacking Tea Party people only solidifies our movement, it only adds to the reasons why we need to speak so loudly, to make our voices heard, to let Congress know that we will not sit idly by while they carve up our rights and freedoms!  There would be no Tea Party movement, on a national level, if it weren’t for the attempts by Progressives to tear our country apart, to destroy our rights as Americans!  Now that they have awakened the citizens of this great nation, they know that their cause may be lost, and they don’t know how to legitimately take us on and work to build a coalition between our ideals, because there are none!  And they intend to come after us, even stronger, and will do everything they can to destroy us!  Just like Hitler turned the anger of the people of Germany against the Jews, the Obama Administration intends to make every possible effort to turn the anger of the American public against the Tea Parties!  They will do all they can to make us look as though we are dangerous, they might even have one of their own people attempt a terrorist act, then claim to be a Tea Party member, just to make us look like we are trying to destroy the country we love!  But no Tea Party member would ever do anything like that, as our love for our country, and our Constitution is so great that we would rather die, than to cause it any damage!

So; be ready people; look closely at how the Obama Adminstration works to ruin our credibility over the coming months!  Keep your eyes and ears open, and be ready for the anger they will be throwing at us!  Always remember that, as true citizens of the Republic, we cannot allow them to remove our rights under our Constitution, to alter any of the amendments in any way, shape or form!  It is amendments like the 2nd amendment that protect our right to stand up and protect our nation against any assault, by any group, that wants to destroy the very freedoms that have built America into the one country in the world that everyone wants to be a part of!  It is our responsibility to stand up and protect our nation from attacks from without, and within, and we need to stand as one, single, strong entity for the rights and freedoms of the American people!  Freedom is not “just a word”, it is the basis of our nation and, as true citizens of the Republic that our Forefathers built for us, we are the ones that will have to stand strong, to protect it! 


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    The “Left” needs to demonize the Tea Party some how and before long will manufacture an incident to do so.

    I don’t know if that will be wise or not but there are other parties out here not so docile as the Tea Party that the Leftists would rather not have to deal with, just waiting for the Tea Party to fail in its mission so they can say, “We tried it their way first”..

    It is a fact that no great strides in this country were made without the shedding of blood so they may have some vision in the matter many at present do not.

  2. DaveH says:

    The Lame Stream Media, which began their crusade for Socialism during Vietnam, has bet on a loser.
    They are trying to convince us that Commander Zero is the equivalent to Kentucky Derby Winner Super Saver.

    You know, Abe Lincoln said: “You can fool some people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.

    Some of us knew who Commander Zero was, even before the 2008 election election. We did our research and found out what is now sensationally revealed by people like Hannity and Glenn Beck.

    Some saw Commander Zero making his Marxist moves immediately after taking office, and witnessed Rahm Emmanuel pulling a stunt at the Inauguration that would have got any U S Police Officer fired.

    It became evident that anyone Commander Zero took into his Cabinet had a potentially indictable felony in their resume. But he took them anyway.

    I know five people who were stone Kool-Aid drinkers that voted for Commander Zero. All five are now disgruntled, depressed, and demoralized.

    The point is that the Media is still covering for Zero and his gang. But, most people do not trust them anymore, and they have credibility only with the 47 per cent.
    The 47 per cent that pays no taxes, but gets our tax money from the government.

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