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Life is full of choices; every day we come to some kind of crossroads, some twist in the trail that has us choosing between Choice A, and Choice B.  If we go one way, this will happen, if we go the other, that will happen; what happens if we make a mistake?  What happens if we choose the wrong path, and wind up in a worse situation than the one we were in? 

That’s life; life is a series of choices, a walk down the trail to a myriad of possibilities, each one heading us in a different direction!  That’s what makes life interesting; simplicity is boring, normality is not what we think it is; “normality” is living your life, making your own choices, slipping your way past the doorways that fate puts before you, finding your own direction in the world!

We are all at one of those “doorways” now; we have to choose between path A, and path B, and there is no one around to advise us as to which direction to take, as we have to look at our own conditions, and decide the way that feels the most comfortable to us.  The Progressives promise “nirvana”; a place where all of our troubles are supposed to disappear in the smoke of “marijuana dreams”, where peace is the simplicity of surrendering your rights and freedoms to the State, to allow it to dictate your everyday actions, to fit its needs!  Does this sound like a “hateful”, “angry” description of what the Progressives are promising you?  Then, maybe, you need to examine the turns in the road a bit more carefully; every nation that has turned to Socialism has felt that it had the right idea of how to make it work, every nation felt that it had the right leadership to make the “magic” happen!  But they all found one simple fact that has never changed; all forms of Socialism, whether it be “Progressivism”, “Marxism”, or “Communism”, eventually leads to a “one-leader” form of government, a government that controls your lives by dominance and threats of death!  Still think I am wrong?  Germany knew it had the ideal President in Hitler; he had charm, intelligence, and the “dreams of the people” “guiding” him as he governed them.  Then, the moment came when he took command of the nation, got rid of the Parliament, and set down his own rules for German life and, suddenly, it got a lot more “slavish”!  Jews became the target of his, then his nation’s anger, and millions were massacred, simply to show that “Nazism” was right, and the rest of the  world was wrong!

The same thing happened in Russia; Lenin took over, and millions of Russians died, because it was easier to kill them, than it was to retrain them!  Lenin reversed Marx’s order of economics over politics, which allowed for a political revolution, led by professional revolutionaries.  He was responsible for the realization of the Socialist Russian society!  After forming the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Leninism became the ideological structure of Russian Soviet Socialism!   When Stalin took over, he made every effort to reduce Lenin’s contributions to building the Russian State, he began a “one party, one State” form of rule, and he “silenced” all opposition, by murdering them, leaving him with a population base that gave him complete control over the people!  And, those efforts led to the Russian Communistic State that wound up falling before the freedoms of the American nation, because the rights to free speech are stronger than the State’s need to control to voices of the people!

On the other side of your choices, there is the ideal of “Freedom, Rights, and the American way of life!”  It strikes me as a bit childish that those who seek out Progressive/Socialism in our nation, are only able to seek their ideals because America is the exact opposite of  “Socialism”, as it allows the people the right to believe as they wish, with total freedom to express their rights in public, and in the media, with no threat of death if they do not “shut up”!  America was founded on the right for every citizen to believe as he/she wishes, to be able to speak out, publically, and vocalize their ideals, without having to worry about being “beheaded” for not following the “nationalist ideals” of how the people of a nation are supposed to speak, and/or act!  Do these people have no basic ideas of what the Constitution is all about?  Are their lives so filled with the search for power, that they will abandon the rights of other Americans, simply to achieve their own power in this world? 

Our Forefathers were men of vision, men who looked to the future when they wrote the “Declaration of Independence”, the “Bill of Rights”, and the “Constitution of the United States”, and they used every ideal they had to write those documents in a manner that would guarantee the freedoms, and rights, of their children, Grandchildren, Great, Great-grandchildren, and their entire family lines, down through the history of this great nation!  They risked their family fortunes, the lives of their families, and their own lives, to establish a nation that was built on the ideals that every human being has the right to be free, and every American has the right to stand, and fight, for that right, regardless of what some individual might think about our country’s need to seek freedom, over everything else!

So, now, my fellow citizens, you have the right to decide whether to follow the “American” path of individual freedoms, the right to be an individual with a voice, a citizen of a free nation, or to follow the path to Progressivism/Socialism/Marxism that will force those who have a voice against the government in power, to shut up, or die!  And that voice may not be yours, now, but it may be in the future and, when it is, you may be the one that is singled out for criticism, and/or death!  Look to the history of our great nation, and to the history of the Soviet Union, then decide which seems the most logical answer for you!  Don’t listen to those in leadership positions who are pushing you to follow the Lenin/Marx/Stalin ideal of  a “Progressive society”; they are only seeking their own power, and they only need you to sway the government into believing that they are right in their search for personal power, so that they can gain the governmental seats necessary to allow them to control the government!  Freedom is not given, it is earned and, if you truly wish to live in a free, “American” style government, then you must be willing to stand up and fight for your rights of freedom, to make your voice heard, and to work with others to guarantee that our Constitution will remain the guiding principle of our great nation!


Michael J. Kilgus


Gladiator 059

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