What exactly is it that our current Administration doesn’t understand about Warfare?  And I am not saying that past Administrations did any better job it, because the Progressives tied their hands to keep them from defending our nation, through Political Correctness and a strong push to weaken our nation, to break our strength as a world leader!  But, now, we have an admitted progressive holding the office of President, with a progressive House and Senate working with him, and they are stepping up the movement to destroy our nation, to break us down into pieces that can be controlled by other governments!  In order to show you examples of how they are intentionally losing the war against Muslim extremists, I will explain five rules of Warfare:  1.  Weaken your enemy.  2.  Build your own strength.  3.  Protect your country, and its citizens.  4.  Allow your military to fight to win.  5.  Expose traitors and prosecute them.

1.  Weaken your enemy:  It is of major importance that our nation does nothing to build the strength of our enemies, to provide them with money and resources necessary to allow them to obtain the weapons they need to attack us, and to work to destroy any facilities used to build said weapons, and to destroy any current military strengths our enemies may have.  And, what have the current, and past Administrations done to weaken our enemy?  Nothing!  In fact; they have refused to allow us to use our own natural resources, to end our dependence on them for Oil, and manufactured goods,  which allows our enemies to use our money to research, and develop nuclear technology, which will give them the ability to attack us with nuclear weapons that we will have paid for!  And, if they want to cripple our country, they can, at any time they wish, jack up the price of their oil, and/or manufactured goods, or quit providing them to us, which will cripple our economy and leave us open for attack!  Our Administration is not working to weaken our enemies, they are, in fact, building their strength, creating a daily danger to the lives of every citizen of America!!

2.  Build your own strength:  It is important that our nation hold in major concern, our abilities to build our own strength through maintaining a high-quality manufacturing base, within our own country!  It was that base that allowed us to move so quickly, after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, to build up our military strength for WWII.  Our current Adminstration, however, is in the process of ending our ability to properly defend ourselves, by ending all work on a “space-based” antimissile system, for our protection against nuclear weapons fired at us, by reducing the size of our nuclear stockpiles, by forcing us to follow UN regulations concerning warfare, and by removing our manufacturing base from our own country, to other nations, where the people may not be so concerned about providing quality levels of manufacturing, concerning the technology that will be used to defend America!  In other words; they have put us in a position where our miltary strengths are weakened, while they strengthen our enemies!  In WWI, WWII, and the Korean War, this would have been looked upon as traitorous activities!

3.  Protect your country, and its citizens:  That means it is the responsibility of the government to keep our borders and the people in this nation safe from intrusion or attack!  Reagan promised us that our borders would no longer be open to traffic by illegals, once he had implemented his “path to citizenship” for the illegals that were in our nation during his Administration.  But he didn’t close our borders, or even attempt to stop the illegals that cross it on a daily basis!  Both Bush I, and Bush II, along with Clinton, did absolutely nothing to protect our borders, and we are now involved in an invasion by anyone who wishes to use Mexico as an inroad into our nation, without having to worry about the legal consequences of doing so!  Our borders are so porous that Muslims have brought nuclear materials across it, and no one was  there to stop them!  And the current Administration has plans for “fast-tracking” all aliens who are in this nation illegally, giving them American rights and privileges, even though they are criminals!  And, Obama has brought over, from Palestine, between 35,000, and 40,000 Hamas members, and has moved them to Detroit, where they were provided homes, and the expenses necessary to live, and those homes and expenses are being paid for by the tax-paying citizens of our nation!  And, anyone who knows the history of Hamas, knows that it is a terrorist organization, one that has attacked Israel over, and over again, and they hate the United States!  So; why would Obama want them here, in our nation, unless he has a need for them?  The only reason that so many illegals, drug runners and terrorists are entering our country, across our southern border, is because politicians in DC are fattening their wallets by allowing them to do so!  Once again; in the past, in our country, these criminal politicians would be charged with traitorous activities!  But the traitors are now running the government, so this kind of activity is not looked upon as “criminal” anymore!

4.  Allow your military to fight to win!  That means that, when becoming involved in a war, the government should allow the military to fight as hard as they possibly can, to defeat their enemies, and to teach all future enemies that attacking the United States will result in the devastation of their country!  It is that fear of overwhelming force,  that has kept our enemies from attacking us, in our past!  But our government has crippled our military by forcing them to conform to political correctness, and is going so far that they are forcing our troops to read Miranda Rights to enemy soldiers captured on foreign soil!  Our government is also forcing our troops to hold their fire, until they have been fired upon!  In other words; they can’t shoot until they have already been attacked, which puts them in grave danger!  And the Administration has been working to close Gitmo, the one safe place we have to imprison extremely dangerous enemy terrorists!  And, now, every American soldier that fires a weapon in combat, has to worry about being arrested and tried for wounding, killing, or “punching” enemy terrorists, while in combat!  Our military has been hogtied and forced to fight a war as if it is a crime fought by the police!  This puts our soldiers in severe danger of harm, and does not allow them to adequately defend themselves, placing them in grave danger of being killed, crippled, or facing prosecution for trying to defend themselves!  By putting these limitations on our own troops, who are in a war because Congress put them there, Congress is committing yet another act of traitorism, by not allowing troops in a war to adequately defend themselves!

5.  Expose traitors and prosecute them:  This means that our government should be seeking out traitors who are working from within our own nation, to aid the enemy in its attempts to destroy our country!  But our current Administration is populated by Muslims, Communists, and Progressives, who have spent their entire lives working to defeat our nation from within!  And Obama, his Administration members, and Congress, have all received huge sums of campaign contributions from our enemies, which takes away their need to do anything to act against them!  THEY HAVE BEEN TAKING CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS FROM OUR ENEMIES!  What is it about that kind of action that Americans don’t see as “TRAITOROUS”?  And Obama has a past history with Bill Ayers, who is the perfect example of this evil form of traitory; he bombed governmental offices during the Vietnam protest era, and he still teaches hate against our nation!  Reverend Wright, and Father Flagler preach about the “evil” of America, and how we need to be “brought down”, to destroy our pride and strengths as citizens of this great nation!  And Obama is working to weaken our military, and destroy the rights of the citizens of this great country, with his efforts to destroy our right to free speech, and our right to bear arms, in order to weaken the Americans who stand against him, his destructive policies, and actions against our government!  And, as our current “Traitor Laws” prove the danger of these kinds of actions, regardless of who is acting in that manner, it is our responsibility, as American citizens,  to go after those who are working to destroy our nation from within, even if they reside in the White House!

It is obvious that those, in our government, who have sworn to protect our nation, and our Constitution, are not working to obey the oaths they swore, but are actually working to destroy our country!  Their main goal is to weaken our military, and to leave us open to a takeover of our country by foreign Progressive nationalists!  And we need to fight their efforts, and to rid our government of these self-important fools, who don’t seem to realize that the only reason they can do the things they are doing, is because they have rights that come directly from our Constitution, the unique document, written by our Forefathers, that so many other Americans have shed blood for!  Let’s rid our government of the poison of the Progressive lies and schemes, by standing up and voting them out!  The time is coming, Americans, to either crap, or get off the pot!  Find the time to fight this now, or look forward to a future where you will have no real freedoms, and you will wind up being slaves to the myth of “Progressive Nirvana”!  If you simply want to sit at home and bitch at your TV, because it is “too hard” to stand up for your freedoms, then you will only have yourself to blame if we cannot regain control over our government in the upcoming elections!  Stand up, now, or bow down later!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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