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Yesterday, on one of the Sunday Talk Shows, Senator Chris Dodd brought up a very important issue; they were speaking about the “Finance Reform Bill” that the Obama Administration is trying to push through.  And it was all about how Goldman Sachs is responsible for the financial meltdown of 2008, and how they misused information and funds to allow their Corporate leaders to enrich themselves, while the housing marked fell!  And, they talked about how Goldman Sachs misused governmental monetary support funds, like the bailout “Tarp Fund”, to pay bonuses to their top Executive officers, money that was taken from the taxpayers of this nation, to be used to prevent a Financial Meltdown of our banks!  All the while, no one mentioned anything about Congressman Barney Frank’s part in the financial meltdown, or how Congress forced banks to accept loans from unqualified borrowers,  which is the main reason why the meltdown occurred in the first place!

So, now, Senator Chris Dodd is working with Obama on his Financial Reform Bill, to “regulate” how banking is done in this country in future business, but they fail to mention the $5.6 Billion that is being set aside to allow the Big Banks to be able to provide lower interest rates than the small, local banks, which will probably put the local banks out of business!  And he didn’t say anything about how they are using Goldman Sachs as a scarecrow, to divert the anger of the American people, while they manipulate things behind the curtain.  In response to a question about these actions, Senator Dodd said, referring to Goldman Sach’s actions in the financial meltdown; “Here we are, 17 months after someone broke into our house, in effect, and robbed us, and we still haven’t even changed the locks on the doors, and we need to get it done!”

Excuse me?  “Here we are, 17 months after someone broke into our house, in effect, and robbed us, and we still haven’t even changed the locks on the doors, and we need to get it done!”?  How about this:  Here we are, 24 years after someone broke into our house, in reality, and robbed us, and we still haven’t even changed the locks on the door, and we need to get it done!  What am I talking about?  How about when President Reagan “legalized” a ton of illegal Mexicans, telling us that we couldn’t send them all back, so we needed to legalize them, then build up our borders, to protect us from further invasions by illegals?  That didn’t work very well, did it?  Reagan didn’t end the invasion of our nation, Bush I didn’t end the invasion of our nation, Clinton didn’t end the invasion of our nation, Bush II didn’t end the invasion of our nation and, now, Obama is preparing to legalize every single illegal in the US, through a quick policy of making them “legal” within 24 hours of their applying for citizenship!  And, finally, one State, Arizona, has stood up, through State Legislation, to go after illegals within their State borders, and the Obama Administration is openly planning to attack the Arizona legislation, to remove it from Arizona law, even though the majority of the citizens of Arizona want the legislation to stay in effect!

I have heard, today, the argument that this is against the “Civil Rights” of the illegals; I’m sorry, but American Civil Rights legislation is for legal citizens of the US, not criminals and, as Robyn Hamlin, the Missouri 1st District candidate for US Congress, that I am working with, states; “What is it about the word “illegal” that you don’t understand?”  Illegal means “illegal”, and that means that, if you are illegally in the US, you do not have the rights of American citizens!  You do not have the right to stand up and protest any of our laws, then be allowed to walk away when confronted by law enforcement officers!  Al Sharpeton, the Black leader who hasn’t got the same level of support from the Black citizens that he used to, is now turning to illegals within our borders, calling the Arizonan Government’s attempt to protect their citizens from the threat of illegals, an act of “racism”!  C’mon, Al; are you that desperate for attention that you will turn on your own Black supporters, who need the jobs that the illegals take away from them, to get yourself some more “camera” time on the news?  Man; have you ever gone over the edge!  If I were a black man, who desperately needed a job to take care of his family, and I heard that you were fighting for the rights of illegals who take the jobs I need, I would hate you like Global Warming!


If someone like Dodd can lay out a need to “protect our house from robbery, by locking the doors”, on something as unimportant as a useless guise of a “Finance Reform Bill” them, perhaps, Congress should adapt his words to fit the need of our country’s security by “locking the doors” on our borders, and by throwing the “thieves” out!  But that won’t happen, unless we, the true citizens of this great nation, stand up and fight against our own government’s “open door policy” on our borders!  Do you really think that, if Congress wanted the invasion of our southern border to end, it wouldn’t stop within a month?  It’s because they want it open that it remains open, and that makes Arizona’s actions the most dangerous threat to our Congressional needs ever!  I commend Arizona for their bravery in passing this current bill against illegals, and I feel it would be a great idea for every other State in the Union to join with Arizona and stand against Federal influence in State’s Rights!  If they take this case to the Supreme Court, and a majority of the States are fighting them, Congress will not be able to stand against the States, and our nation will be on the path back to the Republic, of the United States of our Forefathers, once again!  Call your State Representatives and tell them that you need them to stand up, to grow a pair of balls, and to join in Arizona’s battle against the illegal invasion of our great nation!  Call now, or fall later!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Tom 57th AHC says:

    I am no financial wizard, but I think that Goldman Sachs is nothing more than a diversionary side show. Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac are the true culprits with Barney Frank at the helm.

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