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When I was in my early ’20s, after I got out of the Service, I needed to provide for myself and get an apartment.  The good thing was that our economy was the strongest one in the world, so there were all kinds of jobs everywhere in America, and it made it easy for me to provide for myself.  Except for technical jobs or Union jobs, I could go to work anywhere and make enough money to pay my rent, buy my food, and keep gas in my car!  And the ideal of the situation in our country back then was that every capable American had to work to provide for themselves, with no governmental assistance, and everyone was fine with that!  Food was affordable, gas was affordable and all personal needs, like clothing, shoes, medicine etc. was affordable and we could go to movies, restaurants, bars and any other kind of entertainment.  But the Progressives wanted to change that, to bring our country down on its knees!  So they started changing laws on a slow basis, to allow them to start taking away our way of life!

As I have said in the past, they started out by doing things like putting laws out to force us to wear seatbelts, which was against our Rights of personal decisions at that time, but they got it changed because they wanted to “protect the lives of every American”.  Then they came out with minor regulations on Cigarette smoking, which kept growing stronger over the years.  They told us all that they really cared about was American lives, so they had to do this to keep us “safe and healthy”.  But it was all crap: they wanted to change the laws about the amount of control the government could have over our lives, so they went after something that many citizens would agree with, so the Republicans would fear looking like they didn’t “care enough” for the citizens, and they got the support they needed to pass the legislation.

Then they started going after our Manufacturing Base to gain control over what they do to provide jobs, so they started claiming that our country was in “grave danger” because of smog!  There were some cities that had a problem with smog and they used them as the proof of how it was destroying the health of our workers, so they pushed for legislation to remove the danger of smog.  Since they scared citizens of the dangers of it, they knew they could force the Republicans to work with them to pass legislation on how Companies ran their businesses.  It was up to the local governments’ responsibility to impose rules on the companies, or force them out of their towns, but the Progressives took that away from them.  And because they got the legislation on smog, seatbelt usage and cigarette smokers, they got the door open for them to overload the people and companies with Government control over their lives!  Over the years they were able to gain control over how Companies could operate, where they could set up their factories and how their taxes kept growing higher and higher!  If the Government felt that the business was making its products with “dangerous chemicals”, they added more taxes to fix the problem, but fixing the problem was the responsibility of the business!  If they felt that shipping their products might be “dangerous”, they raised their taxes, even if the “danger” was a load of crap, but the government said it was, so they had to pay the tax!  If the company’s profits were growing, the Government raised the taxes because it believed that they should share in the profit!  They kept manipulating the costs of running the businesses and kept coming out with new laws that would allow the Government to make more money, and they accomplished what they started back in the ’60s, and it forced our major businesses out of our country!  They went to other nations where the laws and taxes were at a level they could live with, and when they left, the number of jobs for Americans started falling down the drain!  And it reached a point where many other countries, including some of our past enemies, were making billions of dollars on our economy while it was going down the drain!  So the Progressives wound up getting exactly what they wanted:  No jobs for millions of Americans, which meant they needed help to raise their families, which started the Welfare Program growing up to one of the major costs of the American citizens that work to raise their families!

Back when I was young, Welfare was only for people who were seriously unable to provide for themselves. If someone was disabled enough that they could not work to provide for them or their families, they were given the basics needed to allow them to have some kind of home.  They got the basics of food to feed them and their families.  They would get the basic meats and vegetables that would keep them healthy, but they did not have the Government giving them T bones and Pizzas.  They would be put in apartments that had just enough rooms for bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom.  But they got rooms that were big enough to fit the family, but no fancy apartments in good areas of the city, just basics only!  But, when American workers were out of work because the companies were leaving our country, the Welfare system started getting huge amounts of tax money so that those who couldn’t or WOULDN’T get a job could live all over the cities.  And they came out with Food Stamps, which allowed anyone on Welfare to go to any store they wanted to, to allow them to buy whatever they wanted to eat, regardless of cost!  And who wound up paying for it?  We, the working Americans had our taxes raised, over and over again, so that they could live better lives than many of us were!  And the worst part is that they started providing food and homes for any illegal that wanted them, and they did it at the cost to taxpaying Americans!  Here is a graph of the percentage of illegals on Welfare:

This comes from this site, which has a lot more information if you want to view it:


This whole situation was started back when the Progressives took over the Democratic Party in 1968.  They slowly started gaining control step by step.  And every time they gained a bit more power, they would find something else they could do gain even more power!  And the situation we are in right now is the responsibility of the Progressives, and the RINOs that worked with them!  And there is so much more that they have done to our country by raising taxes on every single thing they could to break down our Manufacturing Base, to end up with the United States having to depend on other nations to provide what we need to live our lives!  They have made many of our enemies very wealthy by having our businesses move to them so that they could continue manufacturing the needs of Americans!

Now President Trump wants to bring back our Manufacturing Base to America, to allow us to provide our citizens with jobs and American-made goods!  And Schumer and Pelosi are lying and saying that it will ruin our economy and lives if Trump brings back our businesses by lowering taxes across the board.  And it is all crap!  The same kind of crap they used to force our businesses out of our country!  Yes, for a year, maybe two, we will have to have our government end many of the programs they waste our tax money on, because our tax level will be lower, but once the businesses get back in our country and huge numbers of Americans will get back to work, our taxes paid to the government will raise the level of tax income in our government higher than we have had in a long, long time!  The more jobs, the more taxpayers!  And, even though the tax rate will drop, the number of workers will multiply and the more workers, the more tax income!  And, the more workers paying taxes, the weaker the Progressives will get, so they are fighting against a fair tax with every trick they can!  It’s time for the people of America to see the truth of a criminal-run government!  It’s time that they wake up to the idea that it is our responsibility to bring our country back!  The only reason that the many criminals in our government stay  in office and that’s because many American voters simply vote for the name they recognize, or the Party they like, and that has to end!  We need to vote for good people who want to get into Congress, to bring it back to the voters, not the criminals in Congress!  We don’t need names running our government, we need people who will realize that the citizens put them in office and that the citizens are the people they are working for! The Progressives need to lose power so that we can bring back our country to the power it once was!  This is our country, it is our government, and we need to act like caring voters and bring it back to the values that built this nation into America!  Take part, or lose!  And I am not a loser; how about you!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


I have been listening to all of the information that is finally coming out about the bad actions of our Members of Congress, and none of it is a surprise to me.  The sexual actions to women that they have done is nothing new to anyone in DC!  All of the claims that are coming out now are no surprise to me; the only surprise is that nothing is being heard of the other actions of Congress that would have put any other American in jail, such as violent attacks against people, criminal transactions with money that are not only against the law, but are also banned by the rules of Congress!  I knew that Barney Frank ran a gay whorehouse out of his building when I was there, and I have told you about that.  But the actions of Progressive Members that want to ban gun ownership in America, yet they have been involved in shootings, but the DC Police know that they are not supposed to take any actions against them until the Speaker of the House OKs it!  There is a whole lot more situations involving both male and female Members who have forced themselves on others in unwelcome sexual actions!  And don’t think about just the women who have come out, there are men who have been abused by both Male and Female Members!  Why am I writing all of this now?  Because I was warned by Richard Childress, who knew how much I knew when I was working on the Hill that, if I knew what was good for me, I would never talk about any of it!  But I have a responsibility to my readers to tell them the truth.  And I don’t have all the names, and I wouldn’t print them if I did, but I know what was happening when the Members felt they had a Right to do anything they wanted to!

There is no Member of Congress that became a Millionaire when they were in DC, that was not involved in illegal actions that they were getting paid for!  Anytime a Bill goes through Congress, some Member is getting a kickback, either from “extra money” that was given to them, or from deals with the companies that got the work in the Bill that had to pay a percentage of their profits to the Member!  And, if they went into a bar and got friendly with a member of the opposite sex that didn’t want it, and the cops were called to end it, the Member would be allowed to leave and the victim would be told that, if they knew what was good for them, they would never mention it again!  And all kinds of Special Interest people that get “special interest” when they come to the Member’s office, got that Special Interest because they made sure that whatever contract they got kicked some profits back to the Member!  I could go on and on, because there is so much criminality in DC that is “simply common practice” because Members of Congress are looked at as “special citizens”  who can do whatever they want to!  And why don’t we hear about it?  Because every one of them has so much information on everyone else that, if they cause trouble, everything they have done will be exposed to the Press!  Ask any member of the Press that works in DC “why aren’t they being exposed”, and they will tell you that “nothing gets  out of DC that DC doesn’t want to get out!  So they run their lives by gathering everything they can against their counterparts, so that they can use them to protect their own actions!  Are they all bad?  No, but the majority is!  It’s only a very small part of them that are really innocent!  And just because one of them acts like they only do everything right, that they are not part of the DC machine, you have to be very careful, because they might be telling the truth, but they could simply be lying!  Everything you think you know about them is only a very tiny , very tiny, portion of the real actions of the Members!

The one thing I know to be the truth about the Members of Congress is that they will do whatever will allow them to look “good” to the citizens, but gets them exactly what they want!  I’ve said this before:  When I started working in Biden’s office and I asked his Aide how an average citizen could get something through Congress, this is what I  was told:  Sex, drugs, money or power!  I laughed and said “are you serious?”  And she said, “yes, sex drugs, money or power!”  Then I said; “what about the needs of the people?”  And she said; “they know what they want, we know what they need!”  And that is two of the best known comments by so many Members!  We only matter to them when they need our support, otherwise we are no more than muppets for them to play with!  They don’t care about us, unless they need us to vote for them!  And this is all true!  I am not putting out false information, I was there and I saw it happening all the time!  And I am writing this because I just want you to see the truth from someone who actually worked on the hill, with our Politicians!  If you don’t want to believe it, I could care less!  But if you know me and you do believe it, let it help you see the truth in the future!  That said:  I don’t know the truth about  Moore.  I have no idea as to the lies, or truths about his situation.  But I do know that when someone in Congress wants you gone, they will make every piece of information they can to destroy you.  My only curiosity about Moore is are those women telling the truth, or are they standing up against him now because the Progressives want his office. Who knows?  If he did it, he needs to pay for it.  But, if he didn’t, the true evidence needs to be brought before an investigation Board that has no ties with any Member of Congress.  But, if he is thrown out of office, or if he isn’t, every Member of Congress needs to be investigated for any and all illegal actions they have committed while in Office!  No Member should ever be allowed to violate the very laws they stand up to protect!  A crime is a crime, whether you or me, or every single Member of Congress!  We need to end their “Special Rights” and put them in Jail if they have a history of criminal actions!  And we need to end their control over their own jobs, and put them back to their responsibility to the citizens of America!  The Constitution of America explains the Rights of every American, and they all swear to protect the Constitution, to ensure that they are never changed!  And the same Rights, Laws, and criminal punishments that each, and every one of us have to obey, shall be the Number One requirement to the way they do their jobs!  They either do their jobs and follow the needs of their people, and to protect the American way of life, or they shall be removed from office and be punished for what they do!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


This is not something I have done, but a song that one of our Canadian brothers wrote for all of us!  Please listen to it completely.  All you have to do is press the pointer in the middle.  I wouldn’t put this on my blog if it wasn’t one of the best things I have ever heard concerning the problem of PTSD.


JP Cormier HOMETOWN BATTLEFIELD        Official Video!! – YouTube



Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


The primary responsibility of Congress is to protect and defend the Constitution and to ensure the safety of every citizen from any dangers that could destroy our nation and the citizens’ Right to live free and the safety for their them and their families!  Any actions by Congress that puts our country in danger by setting up any law that can allow our enemies to come into our country without any security checks on them is illegal, and the Members of Congress can be held responsible for any harm done to our country and our citizens because of their actions for doing so!  But our Members of Congress have reached a point where they believe that can do whatever they want to, regardless of what happens to us, because they have lost their sense of responsibility to us and work only for what benefits them and gains them power!  And it is our responsibility to monitor their actions and to expose them to the public for their lack of concern for their sworn responsibilities to us!  And, since the Progressives feel that they are going to take America over and run it the way they want to, they have become very open when they violate their oaths because they believe they have control over us!  The time is here for us to stand up as the citizenship of our nation and to push as hard as we can to have them punished for their actions that are putting us in great danger!

The greatest threat to our country is the muslims that want to destroy America and kill all of us, and they have been openly making that statement of their oath to Islam for a long time now!  All we have to do is look back at all of the deaths they have caused in our country from way back in the ’60s!  And the worst attack ever on our country was 9/11 in New York, which put all of our politicians together to take action against them!  But the thing that doesn’t get the attention it should is that so many of the Progressives have personal contact with muslim leaders and they want to maintain their profitable connections, so they keep saying that we have to be “fair” when we judge muslims!  We used to use our own oil reserves to provide our own gas, which kept our prices down.  I remember when I lived in Florida before I moved up to Missouri in 2005.  The gas prices for regular gas was around 45 cents a gallon.  But the Progressives wanted us to stop “wasting” our oil and “damaging” our environment by drilling for it, so they pushed for us to buy all of our oil from the muslim nations, removing our own national profits by using our own oil.  And it greatly enriched the profits of the muslims as, once they didn’t have to compete with our own prices, they began to constantly raise their prices, making our gas very expensive!  Why were the Progressives standing so strong for oil from the  muslim nations, instead of using our own reserves?  Easy!  They were getting kickbacks from the muslims because they allow them to maintain their dominance over our oil and gas!  If you don’t believe this, check the yearly salaries to Congressional Members.  Here is a link to a site that will explain a lot to you:  https://www.thoughtco.com/salaries-and-benefits-of-congress-members-3322282  The current average salaries to the Members of Congress is $174,000 a year.  That sounds like a lot, but it is expensive to live in DC, and to live in the homes they have there, instead of living in their State that they represent as is supposed to happen under the laws!  So, if you balance out the yearly costs of their lives in DC, they should live good lives, not great ones.  But the Progressives are so crooked that they, and the RINOs, make a lot of money from nations and other groups that want to have some power in DC, so they allow contributions to the Progressives, but it is never listed as money going directly to the Congressmen!  Ask yourself one simple question:  While they live on an income that should allow them good lives in DC, why are so many of them multi, multi millionaires?  Because their paychecks only give them basic incomes, while they enrich themselves by doing things for others that will slip a lot of money under the door to them!  And, according to governmental laws, that’s a violation of several laws in Congress!  But they get away with it because they are the ones that control the laws, so the bandits are running the money!  Here is a link that will show you how rich our Members of Congress are, but it also shows the major differences between Democrats and Republicans:  https://ballotpedia.org/Net_worth_of_United_States_Senators_and_Representatives

Take a very close look at how much Nancy Pelosi is worth.

To protect our nation from attacks in our country by our enemies, the muslims, we have to keep them out of our country or, at least, make sure they are investigated and approved to be safe before they are allowed in!  But the Progressives don’t do that and they, and the RINOs are responsible for every attack in our country by “radical” muslims!  As I have said before, Obama brought 40,000 Hamas members over to Detroit in his first year in office!  And Hamas is listed as a terrorist organization, one that constantly threatens to destroy America and kill all of our citizens!  How could they ever be proven to be “good people”, when bringing 25,000 in at first, then 15,000 in at the end of Obama’s first year, is so large a number that at least 10 percent of them could be terrorists!  And 10 percent of 40,000 is 4,000 terrorists, and 4,000 is a very large army in one section of our nation!  But they are all declared Hamas members and, once again, Hamas is a terrorist organization that hates America!  And, after that large movement of terrorists into our country caused some Congressmen and Senators to push back on the President’s move to bring more terrorists into our country, Chuck Schumer started working to put a “Lottery Immigration” system into effect!  And his great idea was to pick people out “by chance”, with no real research into their possible connection with terrorist organizations, allowing many muslim terrorists to simply smile, and walk right into our country!  The muslim terrorist that mowed down so many innocent people in New York City was one of those “Lottery Immigration” people that brought many members of his own family in with him, before he showed his terrorism!  And, since that happened, Schumer has been pushing for the program to remain in effect, even though so many good Americans want it to end!  And this is what happens when Progressives run the immigration and safety of our country!

The elections coming up next year are extremely important!  We can no longer sit back and let whatever happens in elections happen, then complain afterwards!  We have to make sure that we get rid of every RINO in DC and replace them with new Conservatives that will actually do their jobs and protect us and our nation!  Vote out the RINOs that are in office and replace them with good people!  And we need to work with Blue Dog Democrats that want to replace their Progressives with people that want to work with Republicans to bring back America!  We can no longer sit back and see what happens, we have to bring together good Americans in both Parties that are willing to work together to rid our nation of the deadly poison of the Progressive Democrats!  If you think that letting the government control everything and change our laws to limit us on how we can live and protect ourselves, just take a good look at Chicago!  Chicago is a city that is a government run by Progressives, ‘they have gained full power over the State government and they have removed good citizens’ gun Rights!  They have flooded Chicago with immigrants, many of which are members of MS-13, the most dangerous gang that has come across our southern border and is taking over cities in California and in Chicago!   323 people have already been killed in Chicago by the gangs, and they are expected to be 700 murdered by the end of the year!  Chicago is dangerous and it is run by Progressive politicians!  And every city that is run by Progressives and is declared a “Sanctuary City”, so that any illegal that wants to live there can get Rights from the city, are the most dangerous cities in America now!  And they are the perfect example as to what will happen if our states are run by Progressives!  So the time has come to stand up and make you voice heard!  We don’t have to lie to get attention, all we have to do is use the truth and show the evidence that Progressivism is destroying our country and we need to end it!  The time has come to regain our country and put it back on a true Constitutional basis!  So, please study all you can and get out and spread to truth to everyone that will listen to you!  It’s our country, and that means it’s our responsibility to get it back!  And I am going to do everything I can to help that happen!  How about you?


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059



The tactics used by the Progressives against Conservatives have only one goal and that’s not to work with Conservatives, as they keep saying they  want to, it’s to destroy the Conservative base in our country!  The only way that the can control our Constitution to remove all citizens’ Rights, and to turn America into another Communistic country that removes our Freedoms from our lives, is to destroy our Constitution and to put Communistic Idealism in charge of our lives!  Everything they do and say is a lie!  And they were so sure that they were going to take control of  our country last year that they got very careless of how they ran Hillary’s campaign and all of their lies are starting to come out into the open, and many of their lies are exposed to the truth of what they have been up to!

One of the major tools that the Progressives have used against us is to blame Conservatives for everything that is wrong in our nation!  But, because of their cockiness, the truth is coming out for everyone to see, and they are the ones that are exposing it now!  When Trump was running for the Presidency, they dug into his past and found a recording of him commenting about women he knows, and they tried to make him look like a Sexist and a rapist!  There was absolutely no evidence of any of that happening, all they had was him talking with some other guys about the sexiness of women and how he would  like to have some time with them.  And his comments with those guys was exactly the same as so many of us talk about sexy women, and none of it threatened the women, it was just sexy talk by men about women.  And women talk the same way about men they are drawn to.  But it is all private talk and none of it is meant to harm or threaten the people they talk about, it’s just “I thought she, or he, was very sexy and I wish I could spend some private time with him or her” comments!  No threats or ideas of harming or attacking them!   But now the real truth of the big shots in the Progressive Party has come out and we now know who has been the real “Sexists” in our country!  Harvey Weinstein, one of the major supporters of the Progressive movement had the information of his past of rape and attacks against a large group of women!  And, because he was a major movie producer, even the best known women movie stars kept their mouths shut because they didn’t want any trouble about it!  Here’s a link to the story:  https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/movies/2017/10/10/harvey-weinstein-controversy-more-than-just-one-man/747632001/   And he is only the beginning of many other Progressive men are having their stories coming out now and we will be hearing more  and more stories about the lies of the Progressives, making every Conservative look like Sexists, but the real truth will keep pouring out about the members of the Progressive leadership and their past sexist actions against women!

Hillary Clinton, the Progressive’s biggest “heroin”, the woman who has been “standing up for the equality of all women”, has been exposed for actions like paying all female workers on her campaign lower rates of salaries than the amount that went to the men in her campaign for doing the same jobs!  She has always made very public statements that Conservatives are not treating female workers the same as male workers.  But she never had to show any real truth; the Progressive Party just accepted every one of her claims because it was what they wanted the people to hear, so that they could look like the only people that wanted equality among workers, regardless of sex!  But she was lying, and the Progressive Party knew it!  Now that it has come out, along with more information about the Progressive Party and their actions, the people are starting to wake up and see which Political group treats female workers the same as the male workers, and that Party is the Republican Party!

The Progressives went after Candidate Trump for “colluding with Russians” to take Hillary down.  And it was all a load of crap!  The real truth is coming out now, and that truth is that Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill, were taking money from the Russians to help them with their campaign, and they got the money by giving access to our nuclear supplies to them!  For as long as I can remember, the Russians have been building nuclear weapons to use against us and our allies, and the Clintons gave them a whole lot more!  The amount of uranium that the Russians got was 20% of our stockpile and the amount of money given to the Clintons by the Russians for it was $145 million to the Clinton Foundation!  And now all of the Progressive Press members are blaming us for the stories, stating that there is no proof of the swap between the Clintons and the Russians, but the truth is out there for everyone to see!  And the worst part is that Hillary Clinton was President Obama’s Secretary of State, and her actions with the Russians are a violation of the laws that protect our nation and she may be, and should be by law, arrested and be brought before our Court to face the punishment of our legal system!  If the false Progressive claims against him for what Hillary actually did, he would already be facing the Court for the charges!  But she is “untouchable” because she is “Hillary Clinton”!

Every time the Progressives come out with some phony claim about President Trump having done some despicable actions, more and more truth comes out about the reality that the one group that is doing all of it is the Progressives!  Look at all the crap that Trump has gone through that was started by Progressives, yet he always comes out innocent!  Then the real truth comes out and it is the Progressives that have been doing it!  They keep saying that President Trump lies, but the truth is that all of the lies are coming from Progressives and, yes, RINOS!  But, as long as they keep bringing out new claims, more of the people are exposed for doing what Trump was blamed for!  But they keep doing it to try to take the voters attention off of the truth, and that is their main goal:   To make the voters believe that everything they say is true, that every truth that comes out against them is a lie, even though the investigations into what they have done has exposed that they actually did it!  The legal voters of our country deserve to know the truth and those that have committed those actions need to be held responsible for their actions!  But I can guarantee you that the Progressives and the RINOS will do everything they can to keep the attention off of their actions, and will do everything they can to “prove” that it was President Trump’s fault!  Wake up!  Stop listening to the liars and start following the truth!  If we don’t fix this mess, we will have to fight to maintain our true Constitutional Government and Rights until it finally happens!

When I worked on the Hill, I saw this same mess happening all the time!  The Progressives would always “stand up for the little people” when, in fact, all they were doing was making themselves look like heroes!  And no one really got the Freedom they promised them because, if they truly fixed things, they would have no more claims against the Conservatives to make them look “good”!  And that has always  been their drive:  To keep attacking everything that the Conservatives did, to keep making them look like they were the bad guys, so that they could build votes and power!  And they succeeded!  When Obama took office, he was able to bring 40,000 terrorist Hamas members to Detroit!  And that was only the beginning:  Chuck Schumer worked to begin a “Lottery Citizenship” program to bring muslims into our country with no real search to see if they were actually terrorists, which most of them are!  And we have just had an attack on our citizens by one of those “Lottery” winners!  And, now that this has been show to the citizens, Schumer still wants that idiotic program to stay into effect!  Why?  Because Schumer gets a lot of benefits by doing so!  He looks like the one person that stands up for the Rights of people that want to become immigrants!  Yet, guess what:  Our Constitution has no Rights for non-Americans to become citizens of our nation!  Once you become a qualified citizen, that’s when you gain Rights as an American!  And Schumer has brought a lot of un-verified muslims into our country and many are terrorists, only acting as good citizens!

I am not some person claiming to know a lot about our Government because I read a lot.  I am a person who worked on the Hill for 2 1/2 years, from January 1rst of 1984, through June 31st of 1986.  I have seen the way our politicians protect one thing over everything else, and that their own power!  They do tell the truth occasionally,  but only when it does them good.  They all know how to lie and make it sound like the real truth!  They tell their voters how important it is to them to make sure that their voters are taken care of but, in reality, they only care about what they get for what they do!  DC is their home, supporting the Members of Congress and their Special Interest buddies is their main goal only!  They know how to talk to their voters in a way that makes them sound very serious and caring about their voters issues, but they will turn around and do what they want to in order to gain more power for themselves!  And that is what we have to understand about DC!  And that is why we have to watch what they do, very carefully, to see when they lie and mislead us!  And it is our Right and responsibility to ensure that they keep their promises to us, or we have to get them out of Office and find someone who will do exactly what they tell us they will!  The time is coming, next year, when we can replace the bad guys with serious people!  We have so many men and women that have put their lives on the line to protect us, to keep our nation safe and to allow us to live our lives as we want to!  And those people are Combat Veterans, people who have bled for all of us and would do it again to keep our country a true Free Nation!  So try to find a good Vet to represent you in Congress!  And, if you can’t find a vet, research the candidates’ to find out if they are really willing to work for you, not to build their own power!  It’s up to us!  We are the ones that elect people!  So let’s be smart next year and make damned sure we elect people that love America and our Rights as much as we do!  We either get full control of our government with good people next year, or we can start looking to live under Progressive control!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059



I have been on this earth for a long time now and I have travelled around the world and all over America.  It wasn’t because I wanted to travel, it was because I, like so many of my brothers from the military, couldn’t find a place to settle down in to allow me to build a family or a “normal” life.  When I went to Vietnam, I was respected as a soldier that was fighting for his country, but when I came home from the war, I was called a “Baby Killer”, a “crazy vet” and an “unstable veteran” that was a “possible danger” to all citizens because the war made me “dangerous”.  And none of that was true, but the Progressives wanted to end citizens’ love and respect for those that put their lives in danger to keep them safe, so they kept pushing the “crazy vet” thing and they not only ruined many combat veteran’s lives, they also caused a great number of honorable, courageous veterans to feel so alone and lost that they killed themselves!  And a huge number of vets who served their country, were lost and dead because of the Progressives’ drive to change everything in our country to allow them to take control and destroy true American values!

And, while we were used as an “example” of danger for our nation, the movement of the Progressives, to change our national values, was the real danger built up in our cities because of the Hippie Movement!  The flooding of our nation with Marijuana and other drugs was the Progressives using them to control the young Americans by making them feel that they had the Right to use them, regardless of the major damages they did to the drug users bodies and minds!  And the violence that happened because of people like Manson would never have been allowed to happen in our country before the Progressives started their movement, but it kept growing out of control because the Progressives needed it to steer people over to their idealism.  Here is a CNN link to the Manson cult:  http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/08/us/gallery/seventies-cults-and-crimes/index.html.- as soon as  I published this blog with the link, CNN blocked me from it.  But you can enter “seventies-cults-and-crimes” and get it on your own site.  There was also the Branch Davidians, Heaven’s Gate and many other  Cults back in the late ’60s and ’70s, and they were dangerous to the citizens of our country!  There were also many very dangerous riots that grew from rallies in our cities, and the people that led them were Progressives!  They preached hatred for good Americans and blamed good Americans for the fact that the hippies’ lives weren’t as good as they wanted them to be but, in truth, they didn’t want to work to better their futures back then, what they wanted was more drugs and free everything to make them comfortable.   And that’s how our Welfare and Food stamps went from supporting those citizens that needed real help to build better lives for them and their families, to freebies on every level to those that were taught by Progressives that they didn’t have to work for a good life, all they had to do was go in and “claim their “Right” to freebies”!

And the Progressives opened up our borders to allow any illegal to come into our country and to get the same Welfare and other programs that were meant only for deserving American citizens!  And they kept allowing people to sneak into our country by crossing our borders, and they did it for one reason:  When the illegals came into our country, the Progressives gave them illegal voting Rights, which gave them the support they needed to gain more political positions, and that helped them to build the power they now have!  If you think I am exaggerating on this, all you have to do is read the statistics of the populations in places like California, Chicago and New York, where they have illegal “Sanctuary Cities” that provide voting power and Welfare benefits for every illegal that has gone there!  And the majority of the Political Office Holders in those cities are Progressives!  And they use the Tax Dollars that hard-working Americans pay every year to allow the illegals to live without having to worry about paying for anything!

The thing that really irritates me about this is the fact that the Progressives have brought Muslim terrorists over here to populate areas in many of our cities, with the majority either living off of freebies, or having gained businesses because of the money that the Progressives provide them!  When I got out of the Army, I had a lot of time in my records for putting my life on the line to protect every single American!  Yet I was not allowed a home loan, or a business loan, because I had no “financial history”, so I didn’t qualify to get the loans!  Yet, whenever a muslim was allowed into our country, with no history of banking, or even a real income, they were allowed “special loans” to allow them to buy a business and pay what they could “afford” to keep it!  And, if they wanted to keep the loan going, all they had to do was to bring a relative over here to join in the business with them, and they could get a new loan in the relative’s name to keep the same loan going!  But that never worked for Americans, especially Veterans, who put their lives on the line for their country!  And that is the reason why the muslims now own the majority of the gas stations in our country, and control the prices of gas for the true citizens of America!  And a lot of the money they gain is sent back to muslim nations, to help the terrorists build up their strength and power to build nuclear weapons that they keep saying they are building to attack America and Israel with!

Finally, as I have said before:  In Obama’s first year in office, he brought 40,000 Hamas members to Detroit.  And Hamas is an openly known terrorist group that has done a lot of damage in the Mid East and around the world by attacking when and where they wanted to!  And those people in Detroit have closed their area to everyone but muslims!  The Police are not allowed any access to their community in Detroit!  That has never been considered legal in our country and the only reason they can do it is because Obama brought them over and gave them that section of Detroit!  He gave them homes, businesses and manufacturing companies that allow them to do whatever they want to!  When have you ever heard about a large section of a major city being given to citizens, and the money they need to live there was simply handed to them?  Never!  And, even worse:  Since they were given their citizenship, they now have “legal” weapons of every kind, and they train their people as to how to use them!  So; the “gift” to the American people that Obama gave us by bringing in the Hamas members to Detroit is the great threat of 40,000 Hamas terrorists that are training their own people in Detroit who are very well armed and are growing in strength every single day!  And what did Obama say on his first speech to Congress?  He opened his speech by saying “I want to welcome all of my fellow Progressives!”  He admitted, openly, that the Democratic Party is a Progressive group that want to change our country to fit their needs, instead of doing what they are supposed to, which is protecting our Rights and Safety!  I have a lot more about the Progressive movement’s tearing down our country and I will be putting it out.  We have to wake people up to the Progressives movements to ruin our nation, and to the successes they have had since the takeover of the Democratic Party in 1968!  They are not just another Political party, they are Communists working to take over our nation and turn it into another Communistic nation!  We have to stand up and work against the Progressive Democrats and work to bring our country back to American citizens!  Our nation is not a freebie nation for the rest of the world, at the cost of working Americans tax dollars!  America has always been a nation of the people, by the people and for the people, not a simple giveaway to any foreigner who wants to come in and get it!  If America is going to go back to the true Constitutional nation it once was, we are going to have to stand up and constantly make our voices heard, letting the world know that this is our country, they are our Rights and we won’t let anyone work to take it from us anymore!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059




I remember, from back when I was a teenager, that my History teacher told me that the greatest source of information about what has happened in our past is the older people who have personally seen what happened and have an honest understanding about the truth.  But, since 1968, the Progressives have worked to make older people look senile and crazy, and they have done it to allow themselves to manipulate the truth of our history to make it work for them.  Because of that, we have had many of the actions of the Progressives covered up by twisting the truth of our history to fit their own needs, while the honest truth was simply deleted to protect what they want everyone to believe is the “real” truth!  So I have decided to explain the truth of what is destroying our nation; the past and current efforts of the Progressives to do so.  If you think I am simply “twisting the truth” myself, I suggest that you do some research through legitimate records of our past and please ignore the lies that are played out as “the truth” by the Progressives that want one thing only:  Complete control of our government, to gain total control over our Rights and Freedoms to remove the ones that protect us from them and replace them with more Communistic lies!

I remember when Martin Luther King stood up to fight for the Rights of Black people, to allow them to gain the same Rights and Freedoms that apply to all of us.  I was in my early teens when that all started and I stood up with other students in my school to support his movement.  And, as kids, we were vocally attacked by the Democrats that wanted Blacks to remain in the same life that was forced on them, with no possibility of them having full equal Rights with every other race in our country!  I heard the word “nigger” used by Democrats every time there was a Black person around them and, if that Black person stood against them, he would usually be beaten up and left on the ground!  But, over time, we began to gain movement to bring equality to Blacks and the Democrats were losing power in DC, so they knew they would have to change their actions, or they would be gone from our government.  In 1968 the Progressives, then known as “Socialists”, took over the leadership of the Democratic Party and they said they were going to fix all of the problems of Black citizens, to help them gain their equal Rights as Americans!  But the truth is that all they were really going to do was to build Black leadership, and to use that to gain the power they needed to destroy America as the truly Free Nation it was!

What the Blacks really needed back then was to gain the full education that Blacks would need to get the jobs that would provide them with the ability to have good homes and incomes that would allow them to raise great families and have great futures!  But, if they all got what they needed to allow them to live great lives, they wouldn’t need the Progressives to help them “better their lives”!  And that’s the one thing that the Progressives needed more than anything else; constant dependence by the Blacks on the Progressives, so that the Progressives could maintain control over their futures, when they should have been working to help Blacks learn how to succeed in our country.  The Progressives constantly screamed that “Racism” was the greatest danger to Blacks and their futures!  The word “Racism” became the strongest weapon that they could use against true Conservative Whites, the ones that were on the streets with the Blacks to work with them to gain their Freedoms.  It was all lies used to manipulate the Press to constantly talk about how bad Republican Whites were treating the Blacks and how we were the ones that were working to ruin their futures!  And it worked!  When they gave many of the Black Leadership Members the power they needed to become the leaders of the Black Movement, the power they gained allowed them to become the national voices of the Black citizens, and the movement started growing into a massive power that assisted the Progressives in their effort to take down our nation!

I know that many are now thinking I am a racist, but I am not!  All I want is 100% Equal Rights in our nation for all true citizens, with no more “special Rights” for anyone, anymore!  But those Special Rights were the major need of the Progressives to destroy our nation!  The initial needs of Blacks was some assistance to allow them to begin working for their better lives, so the Progressives said that we should provide them with food and housing for Blacks to help them start their lives.  And that sounded very logical, so the Republicans and the Progressive Democrats put together basic housing and basic food programs that would help them get started.  It was all meant to provide homes and food while Blacks gained the educations they needed and it helped many who needed it, but the ones that wanted more began to protest and riot to get everything they wanted, not just the basics.  And, whenever they protested or rioted, the Progressives would come out and blame every White American for every everything that was “against Blacks”!  The truth is that when Blacks applied for jobs and were turned down, it was almost always the Progressive Democrats that denied them the jobs, because they needed the Blacks to live off of the Government so that they could maintain control over the Black Movement!  The Progressives needed the Blacks protesting and Rioting to allow them to stand up in DC and look like they were the only ones that were concerned about what the Blacks “needed”!  So they pushed for more and more “Special Rights”, which cost our nation more and more tax money to pay for them!  The Food Stamp Program, the Housing Programs and the Medical Programs were put into effect and every change they made while they were in effect cost more and more tax money, paid for by hard working Americans.  Every time some new program was put into effect, the tax money that was needed required higher and higher tax rates, meaning that every American that had jobs, and every manufacturer that provided those jobs was hit for more tax money by the IRS so that they could pay for those programs!  It became so expensive for businesses to operate in our country because the high taxes were more than they could work with in order to keep their businesses strong.  So they began moving out of our country so that they could manufacture their products at a much lower cost, and their need to do so began to destroy our economy!  We were losing our manufacturing base and had to buy our goods from other nations that controlled our prices and diminished the quality of the goods we needed, which wound up costing American Citizens more money, because they had to keep buying the same goods they needed to allow them to maintain their family lives!  And, because of the damage to our economy done by the Progressives, our economy started falling while the Chinese economy began to grow at a massive increase!  China always stood as our enemy, yet we gave them the money they needed to build a massive army, equipped with nuclear weapons and the missiles they needed to fire them at us!  The Progressives were breaking our economy while they built up the power of one of our declared enemies!  And that’s exactly what they wanted to do!  They want a weaker America so that we would have to bow down to our enemies and give them control over the world!

There are many great Blacks in our country that gained a good education and they worked hard to learn as much as possible!  They used their personal talents to build great lives for themselves and their families, and they live the comfortable lives they wanted to gain!  And they used the basic rule of true success for American citizens, and that is to use your own strengths and abilities to allow you to earn a decent life for yourselves and your family!  One of those Blacks was a candidate for President, and I have a deep respect for him!  He is a very honest man who has worked his way up in the world to a point where he should be one of the true leaders of the Black Movement, because he can use his own efforts to show others that any future can be obtained if you are willing to work hard to gain it for yourselves!  He knows that the Progressive push to help Blacks “succeed” is not meant to help blacks succeed, but to keep them down so that the Progressives can keep their power over Blacks!  And that man is Ben Carson!  But many think they are too “stupid” or “unable” to work to provide for themselves and their family in the manner that Dr. Carson has used to reach his personal success.  And the basic reason they believe that is that the Progressive Democrats have destroyed our basic Educational System and has taken it from requiring good grades to graduate, to telling students that it’s “OK” that they are “stupid”!  So they don’t have to actually have to work to pass the tests, because they will no longer require good grades to pass; all they have to do is “attend” the classes and they will move up another Grade because they “Attended” the classes!  How the hell are you ever going to be able to make a good life for yourself if you won’t put the time in to study and learn!  But there are no worries, because “the Government will take care of you”.  So they take away the drive to succeed, and replace it with “freebies” that will take care of you!  And who built this system?  The Progressive Democrats!  If you don’t want to work, you can simply lay back and let Uncle Sam pay for your bills!  Let me ask you one simple question, and I am not referring to all Blacks, just the ones that live off of the Government system.   HOW MUCH HAS YOUR LIFESTYLE IMPROVED SINCE THE PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS BEGAN WORKING WITH YOU TO CONTROL YOUR LIVES?  When I see all of the dangerous problems in all of the cities that have Blacks on Government Systems to provide for their lives, I see a situation where Government control keeps people down!  If you live off of Welfare, are you really living a better life than Blacks did back in the pre-60’s?  If you have not been educated on the true values of American lives, you wind up being a Governmental Puppet, and that’s exactly what the Progressive Democrats have always wanted!  You suffer and they make a lot of money on it!  Please; wake up!  Look around you at all of the successful Blacks in our nation and just how they live comfortable lives and raise their families  to lead good lives for themselves!

The truth of every American who has a good life is that they worked hard for it and did what was necessary to provide great futures for themselves and their families!  When the Government gets involved in your daily lives, the Government controls you and the way you live!  And that is not what we need in our country:  All you have to do is look at the history of Governmental run nations that control the lives of their people!  When the Government controls everything, you have no true Freedoms or Rights; all you can do is what the Government tells you to do, or you can go to prison or be killed!  Look at North Korea or the Women in Iran:  Do what the government tells you to do, or die!  That simple!  And we don’t need our great nation to be under that kind of control!  When our businesses come back to America, we will have more jobs for people to take to allow them to build better lives for themselves!  Our futures, all of them, will begin to bring us back to the true America we all want!  No one can stop you from letting the Government  control you, if that’s what you truly want!  The way you live your life is something you have to want to do personally!  So learn what you need to learn to allow you to find the job you want!  And work hard so that you can reach that life and provide your own children great lives!  Don’t blame everyone else because you’re told to:  Get out and find your own way to your own future!  Nothing’s easy!  It’s all hard!  But, once you get up on your feet and do whatever you have to in order to gain your own great future, you will feel some Pride, because it was you that did it, not the Government!  And bring back the idea that men and women have to work together to build better lives for themselves!  Be willing to do what you have to in order to provide for your families!  The time for fatherless children has to end, and the time for mothers that leave their babies in their mother’s hands has to end!  If you truly want a good life, then you have to learn the truth of how a man and woman that really love each other, and deeply respect each other, can work together to build a good home and a loving family that can raise children that have the desire to succeed in life!  The time has come for things to change for the better, but I can’t change your life, and following Progressive idealism will do nothing but keep you down; it’s up to each and every one of us to build our own lives and to raise good families!  Don’t let the Progressives keep controlling your ideas and ideals; stand up and work for what you want, for the family that you need and the home that will provide a safe and comfortable life for you!  It’s your life, it’s your future; if you want to keep living off of the Government, then you will keep living as you are now!  But, if you are willing to work hard and learn what you need to do in order to have a good life, just like the rest of us, then you will find the comfort and peace you are looking for!  And, when we get the Progressive snake off of our back, we will all see better futures coming our way!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


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